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  • The Global Impact of Brexit The Global Impact of Brexit Jaspreet Sehmi, Senior Economist at Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Sep 29 2016 3 mins
    Listen to our Senior Economist, Jaspreet Sehmi analyse the global impact of Brexit on business confidence and future economic growth.
  • A Case Study in Master Data A Case Study in Master Data Nick Triantos, Sr. Director, NetApp, Inc.; Noam Reininger, SVP, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Sep 20 2016 43 mins
    Did you know master data is the most important data you have? It’s fundamental to getting real value from your MDM program. Please join NetApp’s Sr. Director of Enterprise Reporting & Data Management, Nick Triantos, and Dun & Bradstreet's SVP of Master Data, Noam Reininger, to learn how to make the most of your MDM program and avoid common pitfalls as you develop your strategy.
    You’ll learn:
    •How NetApp established its enterprise data management and master data program
    •The critical components that went into making NetApp’s program a success
    •Best practices you’ll need to create a foundation to drive data governance and a master data strategy across the enterprise
    •The critical role a trusted data foundation plays in improving business operations
  • Beneficial Ownership - Why the Devil is in the Detail Beneficial Ownership - Why the Devil is in the Detail Melaine B. Campbell, Managing Director of Global Compliance Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Sep 20 2016 36 mins
    Do you really know your customers, your vendors, and your third parties? Melaine Campbell, Dun & Bradstreet's Managing Director explains why it's important as ever to know who you are really doing business with.

    Beneficial Ownership and Ultimate Beneficial Ownership (UBO) identification and verification are critical requirements for combating everything from financial crime, tax evasion and corruption, fraud and money laundering, to trafficking and terrorist funding.

    In this essential D&B Perspectives Webinar you will learn:
    - The most important regulations and challenges are around Beneficial Ownership
    - Which are the best practices to safeguard your business
    - How accurate data can keep your business safe
    - How to accelerate customer and third party due diligence
    - How D&B can help you uncover who you really are doing business with

    Melaine Campbell is a global authority and writer on business compliance. An experienced lawyer and former prosecutor in the US legal system she has an extensive background in Global Anti-bribery / Anti-corruption and Anti-money laundering and is a widely regarded industry subject matter expert speaking regularly on compliance issues around the world.
  • How to Keep Calm and Carry On in a Post-Brexit Vote World How to Keep Calm and Carry On in a Post-Brexit Vote World Bodhi Ganguli, Senior Economist and Country Risk Analyst, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jul 27 2016 59 mins
    The outcome of the recent EU referendum has sent shockwaves across the global business environment. But what does this ultimately mean for you and your company?

    In light of Dun & Bradstreet’s downgrade of the UK’s country risk score from DB2a to DB2c, our team of expert economists have made recommendations on navigating the evolving post-Brexit vote landscape.

    Join the webinar to learn more about:

    •The immediate global effects of the referendum and why they matter to you;
    •The short-term impact on companies, and how to minimise the effect;
    •Dun & Bradstreet’s predictions for the most likely medium- to long-term scenarios in a post-Brexit vote world;
    •Our top 5 recommendations for navigating the changing landscape.

    About Us: Dun & Bradstreet’s Country Insight economists specialise in analysing data to identify the risks and opportunities to be found in the business environments of 132 countries across the globe, creating commercially relevant and decision-ready recommendations.
  • Human Trafficking Risk Index: Whiteboard Video Overview Human Trafficking Risk Index: Whiteboard Video Overview Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jul 21 2016 2 mins
    This classic whiteboard video concerning Responsible Business Analytics, introduces Dun & Bradstreet’s Human Trafficking Risk Index solution (HTRi) as a way to shine a light on the dark corners of the supply chain and address the hidden risks associated with modern slavery.
  • Human Trafficking Exposed:  Protecting Your Supply Chain with Data and Analytics Human Trafficking Exposed: Protecting Your Supply Chain with Data and Analytics Geoffrey Farrell, Global Leader - Supply Management Solutions at Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jun 30 2016 63 mins
    Human Trafficking - What It Is, Why You’re Vulnerable To It, and How to Keep it Out of Your Supply Chain.

    No company wants its suppliers to use forced labour. Yet somehow 21 million people around the world are in modern slavery. How does this happen? And how can you make sure you’re not inadvertently supporting it?

    Join our webinar, where a panel of experts will explore the answers to the above, as well as other vital questions that companies of every size, shape and industry must consider.

    You will learn:
    1) If your company is among the thousands impacted by recent international regulations combatting human trafficking

    2) If your supply chain is operating in geographic hot spots for forced labour

    3) How to ensure that your data and analytics approach to supply management is sufficient in protecting your company from the risks of human trafficking

    Plus a live Q&A session with our panel, including:

    Mike McDonnell, Intel
    Sr. Manager Supply Chain Sustainability

    Phil Berry
    Former Director of Sustainability for Nike and Stora Enso

    Paul O. Hirose – Perkins Coie
    Co-Chair of Perkins Coie LLP’s Supply Chain Compliance & Corporate Social Responsibility practice group.

    Venus Rodriguez - Not For Sale
    Leader of Not For Sale’s Reinvent Program, aimed at giving a fresh start to survivors of human trafficking

    Geoffrey Farrell – Dun & Bradstreet
    Global Leader - Supply Management Solutions
  • Driving Growth with Analytics Driving Growth with Analytics Jaap Vink, EU Leader - Data & Analytics Solutions, Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jun 29 2016 43 mins
    Best Practice on Leveraging Analytics to Improve Business Outcomes

    How important are analytics in driving opportunities for your company?

    It's a question more and more organisations are asking themselves as they struggle to transform their data into actionable insights in order to drive growth. And while businesses of all shapes and sizes aspire to make decisions based on data and analytics, most cannot visualise how best to achieve this. Our 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study explored the state of analytics maturity across today's leading organisations and uncovered the main challenges organisations are facing in their quest to become analytically driven.

    Whether you're using analytics for finance, marketing, compliance, or supply, attend our webinar to learn more about:

    1) The key findings from our 2016 Enterprise Analytics Study
    2) The main challenges faced in using analytics to deliver a competitive advantage
    3) A better understanding of how your analytics function compares
    4) How you could be better leveraging analytics as a driver for growth

    Plus a Q&A session with Dun & Bradstreet's own Chief Analytics Officer, Nipa Basu.
  • Master Data: Uncovering Opportunities for Growth Master Data: Uncovering Opportunities for Growth Scott Taylor, Market Development & Strategy, Dun & Bradstreet M-DaaS : Master Data as a Service Recorded: Jun 23 2016 46 mins
    Are you a true master of your data?

    Discover best practices for gaining real value from your MDM strategy from the master himself.

    Master Data: Uncovering Opportunities for Growth

    Why settle for being for “data-driven” when you can be “data-inspired”? This interactive webinar will help you understand how to:

    •Uncover MDM value across your enterprise & link it to your company’s core strategic initiatives
    •Evaluate your MDM maturity level in light of market megatrends
    •Leverage proven “best practice” approaches for mastering customer & vendor data

    Register now to become a master yourself.

    Moderated by Adam Leslie, European Sales & Marketing Solutions Leader, Dun & Bradstreet
  • Growing Supplier Relationships with Data Growing Supplier Relationships with Data Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jun 1 2016 4 mins
    Today's Chief Procurement Officers rely on thousands of suppliers and deep, reliable data insights to meet customer expectations in efficient, profitable ways. Increased regulation, new levels of transparency driven by social media and increased pressure to be part of the strategy to grow the business have further motivated supply chain professionals like you to build strong strategic partnerships internally and externally.
  • Introducing D&B Supply Solutions Introducing D&B Supply Solutions Dun & Bradstreet Recorded: Jun 1 2016 2 mins
    How can senior supply chain and procurement executives effectively leverage data to mitigate corporate risk, maintain growth, and protect public perception of the brand? Introducing D&B Supply solutions.

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