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  • CSM South East Lunch & Learn | Acorio
    CSM South East Lunch & Learn | Acorio Adam Mason, Brian Uhelski, Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Mar 28 2017 50 mins
    Adam Mason, one of Acorio's Vice Presidents, will walk you through Customer Service Management business challenges - All you need to do is enjoy your pizza!

    Additionally, within this webinar, we will showcase a demo of ServiceNow’s unique power to address these challenges.

    Webinar Outline:

    - The Problem: Getting Customer Service Wrong is Expensive
    - Here's What you can Achieve Doing it Right
    - Deadly Sins of Customer Servie Management
    - Not Contextual
    - Major Benefits
    - What do we mean by Light Speed?
    - The Next Level: Mining Customer Support to Drive Revenue (Account Insight, Upsell Cross Sell, New Products and Upgrades)
  • Are You Missing the Asset Management Revolution?
    Are You Missing the Asset Management Revolution? Carleen Carter Recorded: Mar 14 2017 33 mins
    Today’s competitive business and regulatory climate requires an intelligent, integrated platform to dramatically reduce costs and eliminate regulatory risk. A new single system of record offers real-time visibility into your company’s physical assets, contractual obligations and software licensing agreements.

    Asset management is about cost savings, risk, and audit than ever before. Learn how thousands of companies saved millions last year by:
    Dramatically reduce software licensing and hardware costs
    - Avoid regulatory headaches
    - Get real visibility into your entire asset lifecycle – and identify the assets your firm actually owns and uses
  • 5 Rules to Create a User Experience Your Team Will Love.
    5 Rules to Create a User Experience Your Team Will Love. Adam Mason, Jeremy Mandle, and Meghan Lockwood Recorded: Feb 16 2017 33 mins
    Every company wants a modern, easy-to-use Service Portal. Using ServiceNow, companies can offer the same kind of internal support and portal experiences that users would get as consumers.

    Acorio experts will showcase how your company can deploy modern web technologies (including mobile) to streamline your internal IT portals, to create an IT interface your employees will use and love.

    At the end of this webinar, you will know how to:
    Use design to improve Portal Adoption
    Create an Amazon-like experience in your Service Portal
    Ensure your website can pass a blink test?
    Streamlining your site design and navigation to meet individual user needs
    Deploy five psychological tricks to improve engagement
  • What to know about ServiceNow for 2017
    What to know about ServiceNow for 2017 Ellen Daley Recorded: Jan 17 2017 59 mins
    Are you prepared to maximize ServiceNow in 2017? Register today to be a part of a virtual round table where our ServiceNow Experts discuss their predictions for 2017.

    What to expect:

    - Learn our 8 key predictions for ServiceNow and Service Management in 2017

    - Submit your own questions you want the panel to answer

    - Network with industry peers online and get key insights on what other companies are predicting and prioritizing for 2017.
  • New Year Prep Class: Plan Your ServiceNow Journey for 2017 (and beyond!)
    New Year Prep Class: Plan Your ServiceNow Journey for 2017 (and beyond!) Marci Parker Recorded: Nov 30 2016 32 mins
    With just over 30 days left in the year, most IT leaders have their ServiceNow budgets and general goals laid out by now.

    How confident are you that you have the journey prepped, and your team set up for success? Have you incorporated the latest trends and insights into that planning?

    Join us for our 2017 Prep Class

    The prep session will include:
    Practical recommendations on finding your biggest ServiceNow wins
    5 tips for best-in-class rollouts
    Reveal some exclusive predictions for what’s in store for ServiceNow in 2017.
  • CMDB – When Failure is Not an Option
    CMDB – When Failure is Not an Option Adam Mason and Terrell Pursley Recorded: Oct 25 2016 33 mins
    Join two of our CMDB experts on Tuesday, October 25th for an exclusive web clinic, and learn our secrets for getting CMDB right the first time.

    You invest significant time and resources on your CMDB, and failure is not an option. Sign up today and learn how to guarantee success.
  • Building a ServiceNow Vision and Roadmap - Why Your Roadmap Could Crash
    Building a ServiceNow Vision and Roadmap - Why Your Roadmap Could Crash Ellen Daley Recorded: Sep 29 2016 34 mins
    Learn how to set up and socialize a ServiceNow roadmap that will save your team time and money.

    You’ll also have the chance to download a 2-page free Vision and Roadmap template that can be used to stimulate discussion and decisions in your organization.
  • Customer Relationship Bootcamp: Five Expert Ways ServiceNow Accelerates CSM
    Customer Relationship Bootcamp: Five Expert Ways ServiceNow Accelerates CSM Adam Mason Recorded: Aug 9 2016 33 mins
    According to Forrester Research, Exceptional Customer Service in 2016 demands customer obsession.

    Unfortunately, most High Tech companies approach customer service management backwards today – starting with reactive, ticket-oriented Customer Service Management (CSM) systems rather than comprehensive, interconnected data management.

    There’s a better way! Join Acorio’s Director of Product & Innovation, Adam Mason, as he leads an expert panel to demystify CSM and breaks down the right way to approach your ServiceNow CSM technology.

    - Make the your CSM process as high tech as your products, and save money as a result

    - Get a few quick tweaks to improve CSAT scores

    - Learn how other high tech peers approach customer support

    Join the best in the ServiceNow business as our experts show you how to make your CSM process a simple, well-oiled machine.
  • Finding Your Stride: Transform Change Management with ServiceNow
    Finding Your Stride: Transform Change Management with ServiceNow Eric Smith and John Jones Recorded: Jul 14 2016 30 mins
    Unify your change management process and ensure your team gets the most out your technology to bring your business to the next level, and give you all the visibility you crave.

    Join Acorio for an Expert Web Clinic on Thursday, July 14th @ 12 PM ET and see how a cohesive approach to change management execution helps you eliminate confusion and streamline the often-fragmented pieces of your change management process.

    You will learn how to pinpoint process improvements, optimize ServiceNow for Change Management, and avoid common pitfalls. We will:

    - Identify the most common critical process gaps
    - Prepare for common change management “gotchas” – and how to address them
    - Review how best-in-class organizations approach their change processes today – even in regulated industries.

    Bring even more sanity into your IT change process and focus on high-value activities to move your business forward.
  • Throwback to the 80’s – Run IT as a Just-In-Time (JIT) Business
    Throwback to the 80’s – Run IT as a Just-In-Time (JIT) Business AnneMarie Fernandez, Director Business Innovation Recorded: Jun 9 2016 57 mins
    Concepts from lean manufacturing of the 80’s are back in a big way. In the 80’s, companies were implementing ERP/Supply chain systems to reach the almost mythical philosophy of Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing - that meant zero lead time, zero inventory and zero failures. It was a radical approach to running a business that carried with it skepticism and confusion. When Dell announced that they had Zero stock on hand it was big news. But it inspired others. It raised the bar for companies, competitors and their suppliers to up their game. In order for JIT to work it meant high quality machines, reliable suppliers and flexible resources – and most of all insight into all nooks and crannies of the supply chain. We find ourselves in this same trial and error phase, similar philosophies and yearning to be lean and mean with IT (and all Enterprise) Services. Louder than ever is the call to provide great customer service and for IT to execute ruthlessly to provide the fuel that powers the business – and have to execute as such. JIT concepts in IT put its focus on customer results in a way that minimizes waste and time. In this talk we’ll explore specific approaches to transform to a JIT IT organization and the benefits of that.

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