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  • You've Lost That Creative Feelin’
    You've Lost That Creative Feelin’
    Brent Bird (Senior Solutions Marketing Manager at Workfront) and Sarah Dawood (Deputy Editor at Design Week) Recorded: Nov 18 2016 57 mins
    5 reasons your team's creativity is lacking and how to revive it

    Do you want to be creative? Of course. That’s what you’re paid to do. But chances are, after meetings, emails, project planning, administrative work, and general chaos, your team has only a fraction of the day left for creative work.

    So how do you get your creative time back? How do you tap into your team’s creative potential that’s currently being suppressed because of a lack of time? How do you make sure you’re spending your day doing what you were hired to do?

    In this Design Week webinar, in association with Workfront, learn what’s keeping creative teams from being more creative and how to get your creativity back. Learn:

    How poor processes = poor creativity
    What to do when your team gets attacked by ad hoc tasks
    How to make meetings the exception, not the rule
  • 7 Things Every Designer Should Know Before Becoming a Creative Director
    7 Things Every Designer Should Know Before Becoming a Creative Director
    Sarah Dawood (Design Week), David Lesué (Workfront) Recorded: Oct 13 2016 63 mins
    In this Design Week webinar, in association with Workfront, join former Adobe UX designer and current Workfront creative director, David Lesué, as he shares seven lessons he learned the hard way when he made the leap from graphic designer to creative director. This session will give you a crash course in how to:

    Balance quality and quantity
    Prioritize your team’s work
    Hire and retain talent
    Resist the urge to micromanage
  • How to design the perfect interactive retail experience
    How to design the perfect interactive retail experience
    Tom Banks (Design Week), Mary Wallace (Senior Managing Consultant - IBM), Kent Deverall (Fluid) Recorded: Sep 28 2016 61 mins
    Fashion retailers are using digital technologies to create new shopping experiences. "Retail theatre” – creating exciting experiences in physical stores – has become a standard expectation for shoppers. These customers are integrating information and behaviours from a variety of new tools such as cognitive services as well as Snapchat, WhatsApp and Boomerang into their shopping experience.

    This is why a 21st century retailer cannot just be a merchandiser; they must be an orchestrator for each shopper, by helping to design the right experience at the right time and in the right place. This encourages customers to not just purchase but to return and keep purchasing.

    In this Design Week webinar - in partnership with IBM - we will look at how we:
    Harvest the right data at the right time in order to serve these continually connected shoppers
    Design a contextually appropriate shopping environment which continually accompanies the customer
    Understand not just the customer profile, but the triggers for their behaviour in real time
    Anticipate and serve these needs with each customer interaction
  • From Tennis to Toys: How Cognitive Design is reshaping the User Experience
    From Tennis to Toys: How Cognitive Design is reshaping the User Experience
    Patrick Burgoyne (Creative Review), Matt Candy (IBM), Sam Seddon (IBM), Don Coolidge (Elemental Path - Cognitoy) Recorded: Jun 28 2016 61 mins
    Cognitive design is an artificial intelligence principal, which uses data to understand customer behaviour and intentions resulting in an experience that is tailored to an individual.

    Customers are demanding more of products and services from companies. They expect their core needs to be served as a basic requirement and they expect this to be covered by the entry level price point they pay.

    As a consequence, marketers and designers are having to harness technology to design experiences that are more contextually relevant, timely and human.

    This Design Week webinar, in partnership with IBM, will:

    • Explore how data and technology is being used to design better, more human customer experiences
    • Talk to two organisations – Wimbledon, who are just starting to use cognitive to inform an enhanced fan experience and CogniToy, whose business revolves around cognitive as the driver of user experience
    • Consider what the next generation of wearables and connected home products might look like, if designers can harness more cognitive principles
    • Discuss how experiences can be designed, so that customers still have a level of choice and control as products and services get smarter
  • Agile is Dead
    Agile is Dead
    Tom Banks (News Editor - Design Week), Richard Whitehead (Senior Director Solutions Marketing - Workfront) Recorded: May 25 2016 54 mins
    That's right, Agile is dead. The concepts of Agile are very much alive, but the terminology used in traditional agile (scrum, minimum viable product, etc.) don't typically resonate with creative teams and can even scare them away from adopting agile practices. So how can you get your team on the Agile path - the path to a producing high quality work faster? In this Design Week webinar, in association with Workfront, we will give you actionable tips and tricks and explore ways that you can ultimately bring Agile back to life.

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