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  • MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting Webinar
    MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting Webinar Sceaf Berry, UnaVista Regulations Business Analyst Recorded: Mar 1 2017 37 mins
    During our recent "MiFIR: Beyond the Reporting" webinar, we highlighted some of the ancillary parts of MiFID II that firms are looking into in order to stay ahead of the regulatory reporting curve.

    Some of the ancillary reporting obligations have not been talked about much by the industry resulting in firms not knowing enough about how they will be affected by these regulations.

    Join UnaVista at this webinar on Wednesday, 1 March as we shine the light on MiFID II Commodities Positions Reporting.
    You'll learn :
    What requirements you have as part of the commodities position limits regime
    If your firm is subject to commodities position reporting requirements
    If your firm can be exempted from the MiFID II commodities regime
  • MiFIR: Beyond the reporting
    MiFIR: Beyond the reporting UnaVista, TRADEcho Recorded: Jan 31 2017 62 mins
    MiFIR goes live in just over 365 days, leading firms are now moving past trade and transaction reporting and focusing on remaining requirements. UnaVista and TRADEcho invite you to this webinar where we will be talking about the ancillary parts of MIFIR reporting.

    How will your firm address RTS 23 Reference Data Reporting? Are you required to do Commodities Position Reporting? How are you going to acquire LEIs and ISINs for your reporting?

    Find out more on this webinar.
  • How to optimize and reconcile regulatory reporting
    How to optimize and reconcile regulatory reporting UnaVista, London Stock Exchange, FTFNews Recorded: Nov 22 2016 61 mins
    How do you develop a regulatory reporting and data reconciliation strategy that allows your firm to not only comply but become more efficient?

    In the wake of the financial crisis, global regulators have created a conundrum of overlapping regulations with challenging data demands to be delivered in multiple formats. In order to comply with these regulations in time for the tight deadlines, firms often rely on separate tactical solutions, leading to further operational and technical challenges down the line. Firms also have the additional task of integrating data integrity controls to confirm the accuracy information throughout their data workflow.

    In this webcast, experts discuss strategies for incorporating optimal regulatory reporting and reconciliation processes.

    The 60-minute webinar drills down on:

    An overview of current and upcoming reporting regulations
    Which data points can provide harmonization
    How to create operational efficiency across multiple global reporting regimes.
    A regulators view of what reporting best practice looks like
  • UnaVista MiFIR Update Webinar
    UnaVista MiFIR Update Webinar David Nowell, Industry Relations & Regulatory Compliance, UnaVista; Tom Wieczorek, Product Mgt and Marcus Jeffery, Pre-Sales Recorded: Nov 15 2016 51 mins
    UnaVista is hosting this webinar to help firms with their preparations for MiFIR reporting. On 10 October ESMA released the final guidelines on MiFIR transaction reporting, we will provide a summary of the changes and details of how your firm can make the most of MiFIR reporting by illuminating best practices.

    We will also demonstrate UnaVista’s MiFIR service, which is now available for clients to test in , and showcase a few services that will help your business not just comply but thrive because of MiFIR.

    - Details of the final guidelines for MiFIR transaction reporting
    - Demo of the new UnaVista MiFIR ARM
    - Turning MiFIR into an opportunity
  • UnaVista announces G20 Reporting Support for SIX FinFrag reporting
    UnaVista announces G20 Reporting Support for SIX FinFrag reporting Sceaf Berry, Business Analyst, UnaVista and John Cummins, Senior Business Manager, SIX Group Recorded: Oct 26 2016 49 mins
    UnaVista and SIX Group have formed a partnership to help make reporting for this regime as simple as possible. Using your connection to UnaVista, you can route trades to SIX’s derivative trade repository allowing you to have one view of all your regulatory reporting.
    Join us at this webinar to hear from our UnaVista and SIX experts on how the regulation affects you and get an overview of the solution for Swiss reporting.
  • Everything you need to know about the revised EMIR RTS
    Everything you need to know about the revised EMIR RTS UnaVista Recorded: Jul 6 2016 47 mins
    **please note since broadcast of this webinar the implementation date of the regulation has been delayed. Please check www.lseg.com/unavista for more information**

    EMIR trade reporting is going to go through some fundamental changes in the beginning of 2017. ESMA are introducing a large addition of new fields, changes to position reporting, collateral reporting and asset class specific fields. These EMIR trade reporting changes are far more complex and onerous than the Level 1 and Level 2 validation changes – if you are not already planning for these changes, you need to start now.

    In this webinar we will help get you up to speed about what to expect and how to prepare.
  • Addressing your data integrity for upcoming regulations
    Addressing your data integrity for upcoming regulations UnaVista, LSEG Recorded: May 25 2016 47 mins
    Firms are changing the way that they perform reconciliations. The large amounts of regulation affecting firms has placed data integrity high up the priority list. Reconciling across systems internally and externally, whilst having access to the correct reference data sources is an issue.

    In this webinar CEB TowerGroup will present their new research into financial services and why firms are looking differently about how they reconcile their regulatory data.

    UnaVista will provide a regulators perspective on what they look for in reported data, and some insight into how technology can help firms put the correct systems and controls in place. There will then be case study from a large buy-side firm on how they address their data integrity for regulations.

    - CEB Market Analysis 2016 - Gert Raeves, CEB TowerGroup
    - Regulators perspective - Tom Wieczorek, UnaVista, LSEG
    - Technology's role in assisting firms with data integrity - Tom Wieczorek, UnaVista, LSEG
    - Industry case study - Tom Wieczorek, UnaVista, LSEG
    - Q&A
  • MiFID II for U.S. Firms
    MiFID II for U.S. Firms UnaVista, DTCC and Charles River Development Recorded: May 18 2016 46 mins
    MiFID II is going live in January 2018 and many U.S. based firms will have a reporting obligation. This webinar details who will need to report and what data needs to be included.

    – Key points of MiFID II for US based firms – Tom Wieczorek, UnaVista, LSEG
    - Overview of what MiFID II is
    - Who is impacted
    - What is reportable
    - Key challenges
    – MiFIR Connectivity via DTCC - Mark Steadman, DTCC
    – Charles River - Alun Cutler, Charles River Development
  • UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Programme
    UnaVista MiFIR Accelerator Programme UnaVista, LSEG Recorded: Oct 6 2015 55 mins
    In this webinar we will educate firms on how MiFIR regulation will expand from the current MiFID regime, as well as introduce firms to the UnaVista MiFIR accelerator programme.

    We will be providing all of the details of the new Regulatory Technical Standards (RTS) that ESMA released on Monday 28 September. We will also explain how UnaVista’s MiFIR accelerator programme can help firms get ready in time for go-live.

    UnaVista’s MiFIR Accelerator Programme allows firms to assess their state of readiness and assist in preparations for MiFIR reporting. The programme includes an online tool which allows for the upload of non-production sets of MiFIR data and identifies gaps in content and format, allowing firms to focus on their data readiness initiatives.

    – Tom Wieczorek, Head of Product Management
    – Marcus Jeffery, Head of Pre-Sales
    – David Nowell , Head of Industry Relations and Regulatory Compliance

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