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illusive networks

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  • Advanced Attacker Deception: Taking Action on the New Threat Terrain
    Advanced Attacker Deception: Taking Action on the New Threat Terrain Dave DeWalt – Vice Chairman, illusive networks and Ofer Israeli – CEO, illusive networks Recorded: Jul 18 2017 51 mins
    As businesses advance their use of emerging technologies, they also create new openings for cyber attackers. The key to protecting your organization from APTs and other sophisticated threats is to detect intrusions as early as possible in the attack cycle. But this is easier said than done. Using valid credentials to move around the network, attackers can often evade traditional controls and detection mechanisms. Dave DeWalt, from his broad perspective as a recognized leader in cybersecurity, will share his perspectives on why deception technology is essential in turning the tables on the attackers.
  • Post-RSAC 2017: Understanding Honeypot Architecture vs. Deception Technology
    Post-RSAC 2017: Understanding Honeypot Architecture vs. Deception Technology Chad Gasaway Recorded: Mar 28 2017 30 mins
    Despite the increasing effort that organizations put into keeping intruders out of their networks, once sophisticated attackers zero-in on a specific company or information source, there’s a good chance they’ll find a way in. We talked to hundreds of people during the RSA Conference and we noticed there was a lack of information and education on the difference between passive honeypot architecture and active defense deception technology. Register for this webinar as Chad Gasaway, Director of Sales Engineers at illusive networks, will explain the differences between the two architectures and help you understand what type of solution is best for your environment. Please join us March 15th for this live webinar event.
    THE FUTURE OF RANSOMWARE Bob Bragdon - VP and Publisher of CSO, Ofer Israeli - Founder, VP of R&D illusive networks Recorded: Aug 11 2016 31 mins
    Advanced Ransomware Threats (ART) have emerged as the newest significant cyber concern. Our expert panel – including CSO’s Bob Bragdon and the founders of illusive networks—will explore what the threat looks like today, where it’s headed and what you need to shore up your network.
    A JOURNEY THROUGH THE DARK MATTER OF YOUR NETWORK Hanan Levin - illusive networks VP Product Recorded: Jun 30 2016 31 mins
    The threat landscape is evolving beyond traditional defense measures at an alarming rate. By 2020, Gartner predicts that 60% of enterprise IT Security budgets will shift towards rapid detection and response approaches. But identifying the weaknesses in your network and detecting the threat before sensitive data is compromised is a challenge. Join Hanan Levin, illusive networks VP of Product for a private tour of the places on your network you've never seen before: the hidden cyber attack paths used by Advanced Attackers, cyber criminals, and malicious insiders. You will learn:
    - How Fortune 500 enterprises used Attacker View to map their network and identify hidden threats they didn't know were there
    - Post-breach remediation strategies and tactics used
  • CYBER WAR: Lessons learned and a framework for defense
    CYBER WAR: Lessons learned and a framework for defense Major General Brett Williams and Chad Gasaway Recorded: Jun 23 2016 41 mins
    We learn from our mistakes but when it comes to the cyber battlefield, there is no room for error.  Poor planning and poor execution could result in a catastrophic event exposing valuable digital assets to attackers.  As former Director of Operations at U.S. Cyber Command, Major General Brett Williams was responsible for the global operations and defense of DOD networks and knows firsthand how to build a defense framework ​​to counter the most advanced attacks.  The hackers are moving much faster than the defenders and the cost of a breach makes cybersecurity a strategic business issue.  Just because your network has been penetrated, does not mean you have to suffer a breach. Join us as he shares insights and experiences from the front lines, and walk away with an innovative post-penetration framework and strategy.

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