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  • Protecting Your Applications and Data in AWS with Trend Micro and Sumo Logic
    Protecting Your Applications and Data in AWS with Trend Micro and Sumo Logic
    Saif Chaudhry Principal Architect Trend Micro & Dwayne Hoover Sales Engineering Manager Sumo Logic Recorded: Dec 16 2016 53 mins
    Enterprises are running their workloads across complex, hybrid infrastructures, and need solutions that provide full-stack, 360-degree visibility to support rapid time to identify and resolve security threats. Trend Micro Deep Security offers seamless integration with Sumo Logic’s data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations and reporting of critical security and system data. This enables an actionable, single view across all elements in an environment.

    In this webinar, we will:

    Demonstrate how to leverage Trend Micro Deep Security’s seamless integration with Sumo Logic’s data analytics service to enable rich analysis, visualizations and reporting of critical security and system data
    Illustrate how you can accelerate compliance by using a single tool that meets most compliance requirements when combined with Sumo Logic
    Show a live demo showing how to integrate Deep Security with Sumo Logic Platform in three easy steps.
    Dive into how to leverage out-of-the-box dashboards and saved-searches to improve your security posture
  • Real-time AWS Visibility at Scale
    Real-time AWS Visibility at Scale
    Kalyan Ramanathan VP of Product Mktg Sumo Logic Dave Rocamora Solutions Architect AWS Mark Kelly Director Scripps Networks Recorded: Dec 9 2016 58 mins
    Legacy monitoring and troubleshooting tools can limit visibility and control over your infrastructure and applications. Organizations must find monitoring and troubleshooting tools that can scale with the volume, variety and velocity of data generated by today’s complex applications in order to keep pace with business demands. In this webinar we discuss how Sumo Logic helped Scripps Networks harness cloud-native machine data analytics to improve application quality and reliability on AWS. Sumo Logic allows IT operations teams to visualize and monitor workloads in real-time, identify issues and expedite root-cause analysis across the AWS environment.

    Listen in on this on-demand webinar as we are joined by an expert from AWS and Mark Kelly of Scripps Networks to discuss:

    How to migrate from traditional on-premises data centers to AWS with confidence
    How to improve the monitoring and troubleshooting of modern applications
    How Scripps Networks, a leading content developer, used Sumo Logic to optimize their transition to AWS
  • Baking Security into Digital and Cloud Initiatives: Infor’s Journey
    Baking Security into Digital and Cloud Initiatives: Infor’s Journey
    Mark Bloom Director, Product Marketing Sumo Logic & Jim Hoover CISO Infor Recorded: Dec 2 2016 47 mins
    Continuous innovation and speed to market are mandating dynamic paradigm shifts in how companies conceive, develop and implement IT operations and security strategies. Digital enterprises are migrating mission-critical workloads to the cloud and leveraging advanced AWS infrastructure to reap the benefits of agile development and competitive advantage. However, a lack of real-time visibility inhibits robust and consistent “cloud-first” security strategy… and keeps business executives awake at night.

    In today’s evolving market, advice from the experts is the best way to go! Infor Global Solutions has a long history of building, running and securing workloads in the AWS cloud. Listen in on this interactive discussion in which Mark Bloom of Sumo Logic will be joined by the security experts at Infor – Jim Hoover, CISO, Jim Plourde, VP Cloud Hosting and Durga Dash, Dir. Cloud Operations. We will be covering:

    Expert tips and lessons on the journey to the cloud
    How did the approach to security and operations change from DC to public cloud
    How to extract operational and security visibility from your security stack in AWS
    How the move to the cloud changed the interactions / dynamics between security and applications teams
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for your Application Stack Using MongoDB & S
    Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques for your Application Stack Using MongoDB & S
    Lavanya Shastri Product Manager Sumo Logic & Sam Weaver Product Manager MongoDB Recorded: Nov 28 2016 40 mins
    It comes as no surprise that today’s applications are more complex than ever before. Teams are migrating or architecting their modern applications in the Cloud, and many of these application are leveraging NoSQL databases like MongoDB to power the applications. With the rapid adoption of Agile and DevOps practices, application changes are now measured in release cycles of hours or days.

    The dynamic nature of these new applications poses new management challenges, such as:

    End-to-end application to database to infrastructure visibility
    Complete monitoring of application and database health
    Security of database services
    Listen in to this on-demand webinar with experts from MongoDB and Sumo Logic who will be diving into how teams trying to solve these challenges leverage machine data analytics to get visibility. We will be discussing:

    Basics of MongoDB NoSQL database and the key use cases supported by MongoDB
    Deep discussion of how Sumo Logic provides complete visibility into modern applications and MongoDB
    A hands-on demo of the Sumo Logic App for MongoDB that provides out-of-the-box MongoDB analytics
  • Effective Management of Docker Containers | On-Demand Webinar
    Effective Management of Docker Containers | On-Demand Webinar
    Kalyan Ramanathan VP of Product Marketing Sumo Logic & Jason Bloomberg President Intellyx Recorded: Nov 20 2016 52 mins
    What is all the buzz around containers and Docker? This new technology definitely is the solution to all the ills of distributed computing. After all, the combination of instant startup and reliable execution makes Docker containers ideal for delivering and running successful apps at scale.

    However, Docker introduces new challenges that require new ways of management. The deployment complexities and security concerns in Docker environments challenge even the most advanced IT teams.

    IT personnel need real-time answers to questions like:

    How many Docker containers are currently running?
    When have these containers been created or stopped?
    What are the key operational container metrics (CPU, memory, network usage)?
    What are the containers consuming most resources?

    Listen in on this on-demand webinar as our experts, Intellyx President Jason Bloomberg and Kalyan Ramanathan, VP of Product Marketing at Sumo Logic, dive into the complexities of Docker and how you can manage your Docker environment most effectively. We will discuss:

    Trends that are driving the explosive adoption of Docker
    The pros and the cons of containers
    Key challenges in managing Docker environments
    How Sumo Logic can provide deep metrics to manage Docker performance and security effectively
  • How Hudl and Cloud Cruiser Created the Ultimate PB&J with Sumo Logic
    How Hudl and Cloud Cruiser Created the Ultimate PB&J with Sumo Logic
    Ben Newton, Principal Product Manager Sumo Logic, Jon Dokulil VP of Engineering Hudl, Ben Abrams Lead DevOps Engineer Cloud Recorded: Nov 14 2016 60 mins
    Logs and metrics go together like peanut butter and jelly. The combination is essential for proving incredible insights into the performance and health of your application and infrastructure. However, you need peanut butter and jelly in the same sandwich to get that great taste, and analyzing log and metrics with multiple solutions doesn’t work either. You get frustrating swivel chair management, inefficient troubleshooting, the high costs of multiple tools, limited DevOps collaboration, etc.

    To address these challenges, leading companies have adopted Sumo Logic’s Unified Logs and Metrics (ULM), the industry’s first machine data analytics platform to natively collect and analyze metrics and log data together in real-time. With Unified Logs and Metrics, teams no longer need to juggle between multiple tools to monitor their modern applications or troubleshoot when things go wrong. With all their machine data in one place, teams are finding that they can troubleshoot issues much more quickly and efficiently.

    Listen in on this on-demand webinar to learn how Hudl, a leading software company revolutionizing the way coaches and athletes prepare for and stay ahead of the competition, and Cloud Cruiser, a cloud-based financial management analytics software provider, are leveraging the Sumo Logic ULM platform to improve application health and management. We’ll discuss:

    The current challenges in managing application and infrastructure with disparate log and metrics tools at these leading IT organizations
    The benefits of adopting a unified log and metrics analytics solution
    Best practices in improving application and infrastructure availability and performance
  • Does Cloud Equal Better Security and Compliance?
    Does Cloud Equal Better Security and Compliance?
    John Mutuski, Director of IS – Teladoc, George Gerchow, Director of Security Products - Sumo Logic Recorded: Jul 21 2016 62 mins
    We're sure you've asked yourself this at least once in the last week...or maybe more. #TheStruggleIsReal

    Agile development, speed, application-uptime, modern apps – the list of needs and wants from teams supported by security goes on and on. To help enable these teams meet these challenges quickly and efficiently, the cloud seems like the perfect fit. Yet, the thought of moving to the cloud makes some people a little uncomfortable – kind of like online dating.

    This is where we come in! We’ve brought together two security industry experts and a leading security professional to talk about the pros and cons of moving to the cloud.

    Join this unconventional webcast to:

    Learn how to bake security in from the beginning of the application lifecycle
    Focus on securing the data and ease storage location concerns
    Realize your compliance checklist doesn't equal security
    Learn how the Director of Information Security from Teladoc, Inc., made the decision to secure his PCI compliant data in the cloud with Sumo Logic
  • Security Approach to Baking Security into Your Digital and Cloud Initiatives
    Security Approach to Baking Security into Your Digital and Cloud Initiatives
    Mark Bloom Director Product Marketing, Compliance and Security Sumo Logic Recorded: Jul 21 2016 56 mins
    A move to the cloud can help your team scale faster, innovate, and also provide users continuous delivery. And taking a cloud first, security first approach allows you to work tight knit security features and controls into cloud initiatives from the ground up - including AWS security.

    Learn how to build your sound security strategy by attending our webinar where we will cover:

    How the cloud is changing the security paradigm
    Cloud security analytics and best practices
    How digital disruption is changing the market landscape
    How to get deep visibility into AWS Logs
    Leveraging threat intelligence in the cloud
    Managing SaaS-based business applications
    Sure the thought of putting sensitive company data in a public cloud can be scary - #crazyscary! Kind of like online dating. But the good news is that it doesn't have to be scary or expensive!
  • The Benefits & Challenges of Building Cloud-Native
    The Benefits & Challenges of Building Cloud-Native
    Robert Mahowald Group Vice President IDC, Christian Beedgen CTO & Founder Sumo Logic, Inc. Recorded: Jul 21 2016 61 mins
    Have you ever found yourself wanting to build something new and innovative, but struggling with where to start or how to overcome the obstacles? Is your company trying to push towards cloud-native architecture and you’re unsure of how to begin that journey?

    More often than not teams see great tools but aren’t sure how the developers of those tools got there. Enter stage left our two modern technology experts. Robert Mahowald, Group VP at IDC, brings to the table more than 20 years of technology expertise and has a track record of understanding trends and “the next big thing.” Christian Beedgen, founder and CTO of Sumo Logic, is a technology veteran who has spent his career building innovative applications that are able to scale leveraging the latest tools available. We’ve pulled their brain power into a single webinar to dive into the ins and outs of building cloud-native.

    Listen in on this webinar as our experts engage in an interactive discussion on how to build an innovative, cloud-native application. In this conversation, they cover off on:

    The aftermath of the latest wave of digital disruption and what it means for modern applications
    How to build a solid foundation for an application that will scale
    Tips and tricks to combat common challenges when building a modern application
    Best practices for ensuring that your application will remain healthy and competitive throughout its lifecycle
  • Break the Silo: Transform Logs and Metrics Into Real-time Insights
    Break the Silo: Transform Logs and Metrics Into Real-time Insights
    Ben Newton, Principal Product Manager Sumo Logic, Inc. Recorded: Jul 21 2016 48 mins
    You know the feeling – it’s 4:00AM, your app is down, and you’re on the hook to fix it. The last thing your tired eyes need are multiple tools to sift through for insights to get you answers. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have all your machine data – your logs and metrics – correlated in a single tool?

    We all know the world is changing – as businesses make the move to the digital world, software is now the primary source of innovation and engine for business growth. This increasing rate of innovation comes with a laser focus on agility on modern applications to drive the business. It’s clear today’s app ain’t your daddy’s app. Teams have become cross-functional and collaborative, but the tools available for monitoring and troubleshooting apps simply can’t keep up – and that’s where we come in.

    Sumo Logic recently announced the industry’s first cloud-native machine data analytics platform powered by machine learning technology, that can natively ingest and analyze both structured metrics data and unstructured log data together in real-time. What does this mean? Now, you can have instant access to the full analytics breadth for modern applications – from code to end-user behaviors to move with the speed and agility necessary to compete in today’s digital business world.

    Don’t believe it’s possible? Listen in on our on-demand webinar as we take a closer look into this breakthrough platform and discuss:

    How the rise of the modern application is changing the way we all work
    Why you can’t afford to use siloed tools for monitoring and troubleshooting
    How integrating logs and metrics data can lead to real-time continuous intelligence for richer operational, business and customer insights
    A live demonstration of the first ever unified logs and metrics platform

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