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  • How to Fight Massive IoT DDoS Attacks with Multi-Layered Defense
    How to Fight Massive IoT DDoS Attacks with Multi-Layered Defense Daniel Keidar, AVP of International Pre-Sales at Allot Recorded: Jun 20 2017 48 mins
    The rapid growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to a major increase in threats to network security. The proliferation of weakly secured connected devices has enabled recent DDoS attacks to become some of the largest and most destructive on record. They have significantly compromised network services, disrupted the quality of experience for millions of users, and threatened data security.
    Existing network security solutions have not proved effective enough to mitigate such large and aggressive attacks. Operators need to fight this phenomenon with a new, comprehensive, multi-layered solution. So join us to learn:
    •The impact of massive IoT-driven attacks
    •How service providers can protect their assets and their users
    •How multi-layered solutions provide networks with the strongest defense
    •The opportunities for operators to sell security as a services to customers
  • When Things Misbehave: How to Mitigate Massive DDOS Attacks
    When Things Misbehave: How to Mitigate Massive DDOS Attacks Moshe Elias, Director of Product Marketing and Scott Poretsky, AVP Solutions Architect Recorded: Dec 13 2016 45 mins
    The Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack launched Friday, October 21, against Dyn - one of the largest managed DNS infrastructure providers - was the most destructive attack to date launched from an IoT botnet. The threat of mega attacks launched from infected connected devices is now a reality that dramatically changes the paradigm for mobile and fixed operators whose core infrastructure is susceptible to global attacks that are large enough to significantly disrupt subscriber quality of experience (QoE).

    Join us in this webinar to learn:
    •The impact of IoT driven DDoS mega attacks
    •Architectural approaches to volumetric DDOS mitigation
    •How to measure and maintain subscriber quality of experience during an attack
  • Maximizing Profitability by Monetizing Network Assets in Emerging Markets
    Maximizing Profitability by Monetizing Network Assets in Emerging Markets Jonathon Gordon, Directing Analyst, Expert Market Insight and Leith Welsford, Solutions Architect, Allot Communications Recorded: Oct 18 2016 47 mins
    Intensified competition and increasing user demand for value-added services are making business tougher than ever for CSPs. Combined with challenging usage trends and sustained pressure on margins, CSPs are operating in an increasingly testing environment. For example, in emerging markets, between 75% and almost 99% of subscriptions are prepaid, the ARPU is very low and usually does not rise beyond $5 per month .

    To respond to these challenges and increase their revenue, CSPs must create new monetization opportunities. In spite of the highly competitive landscape, developing countries currently still offer the biggest opportunities for mobile and converged operators to grow their profitability by increasing ARPU and reducing OPEX and CAPEX. Allot Communications will share field-proven use cases that cover Policy Control & Charging, Security and Analytics solutions in such emerging markets. In this webinar, you will learn how you can increase your revenue in these markets by monetizing your network assets. Find out how one CSP in particular achieved great growth results by deploying one of these use cases.

    Join us to discover:
    • What opportunities and challenges for your business are typical in emerging markets?
    • How you can address them and benefit from them?
    • What assets, products and services are most in demand in these territories?
    • How telcos' network assets can be best monetized in developing countries?
  • Tackling Mobile Security Threats: Lessons from UEFA Euro 2016
    Tackling Mobile Security Threats: Lessons from UEFA Euro 2016 Yaniv Sulkes, AVP Marketing Allot Communications and Ido Naor, Sr. Security Researcher, Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Jul 12 2016 40 mins
    Major events such as this summer’s UEFA Euro 2016 soccer tournament present special challenges for CSPs and end-users. The mobile traffic they generate boosts engagement but also poses increased risks to their online activity. Join Allot Communications and Kaspersky Lab to discuss the findings of the latest Allot MobileTrends Report, which has analyzed mobile internet users’ activity during UEFA Euro 2016 . Learn
    •How big global events can influence users' online activity
    •How and why are security threats intensified?
    •What kind of behavior / usage increases security risks for users?
    •Who is most vulnerable, and why?
    •What measures can be taken to mitigate threats?
    •What revenue-generating opportunities arise for CSPs from such major events?
  • Actionable Analytics by Allot
    Actionable Analytics by Allot Allot Communications Recorded: Jun 28 2016 3 mins
    As the leader in traffic visibility and classification, Allot helps you extract and leverage granular usage data from your own network so you can make data-driven business decisions that create new opportunity for customer engagement and service monetization. From Streaming Data Records to Smart Data Source, Allot Data Science professionals save you time and money by curating exported data to the needs of your use case, BI system, big data or regulatory project.
  • Elevate your Productivity with Cloud Access Optimization
    Elevate your Productivity with Cloud Access Optimization Allot Communications Recorded: Jun 28 2016 2 mins
    Assure application Quality of Service (QoS) and improve user productivity by overcoming the performance degradation challenges associated with cloud data centers and application delivery. Our Cloud Access Optimization solutions enable you to allocate dedicated resources to users, tenants and applications in the cloud – each with their own defined SLAs – that are individually monitored, controlled and secured.
  • Taking Care of Your Customers with WebSafe Personal
    Taking Care of Your Customers with WebSafe Personal Allot Communications Recorded: Jun 28 2016 2 mins
    Allot WebSafe Personal enables rapid rollout of value-added parental control and anti-malware services that increase customer loyalty, and generate incremental revenue for fixed and mobile service providers. Enterprise cloud services also use Allot WebSafe Personal to protect user endpoints and enhance business productivity.
  • Secure the Digital Experience
    Secure the Digital Experience Allot Communications Recorded: May 17 2016 2 mins
    Allot’s network-based security-as-a-service allows you to rapidly implement network based protection and also offers your users a set of pre-integrated protection value-added-services.
    These include Parental Controls, Web Filtering and Anti-Malware services, all easily activated and personalized on any device.
    Wherever you are, network-based security services are updated automatically and transparently around the clock, without consuming battery resources or internal storage.

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