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  • NSA Hacking Tools Exposed... Who's Next? NSA Hacking Tools Exposed... Who's Next? Cody Mercer, Sr. Threat Research Analyst, NSFOCUS Recorded: Sep 7 2016 61 mins
    Every day, the techniques, attack vectors, and tools used by ethical and non-ethical hackers grows exponentially. In lieu of the recent breach conducted by the ‘Shadow Brokers” on the NSA, a new hacking arsenal has been released into the wild. Unfortunately, for the majority who are unaware of this recent breach, they not only open themselves up to being compromised, but also do not possess the skill-set and proper security measures required to combat against these nefarious actors - and their advanced weaponry.

    Join us in this session where we’ll discuss:
    •Black-Hats and White-Hats and the intrinsic life-cycle of the hacking process
    •The real motivations and skills behind state-sponsored hackers, hacktivists, and script kiddies
    •How hackers will use the NSA tools for even more nefarious activities
    •How to combat these highly-sophisticated hacking tools with the right defenses
  • Threat Intel - All Hype or Big Help Threat Intel - All Hype or Big Help Stephen Gates, Chief Research Intelligence Analyst, NSFOCUS Recorded: Aug 11 2016 62 mins
    Over the past few years, organizations of all sizes have been trying to gain more insight into the evolving cyber threat landscape by adding more people and more technologies. As the attack surface widens, threat actors continue to advance their tactics and techniques, and have proven that most organizations’ defensive postures are simply inadequate. At the same time, organizations are drowning in their own “big data”, and adding more data sounds like the pond just got deeper. Most are asking themselves, “will more data really make us more secure?”

    Join this session to gain a firm understanding of:
    • What threat intelligence actually is, where it comes from, and how to get it
    • How organizations use threat intel to gain more insight into the threats they face daily
    • How to make threat intel usable, actionable, interpretable, and distributable
    • How to build a case for the value of threat intel in your organization
  • DDoS Defense-as-a-Service: The New Revenue Stream DDoS Defense-as-a-Service: The New Revenue Stream Stephen Gates, Chief Security Research Analyst Recorded: Jul 20 2016 61 mins
    For many service and hosting providers, protecting against DDoS attacks has become nothing more than a cost center. As such, every provider is looking to deploy the most cost-effective DDoS defense while reducing the operational costs associated with these attacks.

    Today, many forward thinking providers are turning their DDoS investments into a revenue opportunity. By offering DDoS Defense-as-a-Service to their customers, they can increase overall revenue and create competitive differentiation.

    Attend this webinar to learn how to:
    •Deploy DDoS defenses with the lowest TCO
    •Create an ROI with new service offerings
    •Improve or replace your current DDoS detection/mitigation strategy
    •Grow your scrubbing centers beyond your current mitigation capacity
  • Infosecurity Europe '16 Interview: Aftab Afzal, SVP/GM, NSFOCUS Infosecurity Europe '16 Interview: Aftab Afzal, SVP/GM, NSFOCUS Aftab Afzal Recorded: Jun 20 2016 5 mins
    NSFOCUS' Aftab Afzal shares his cyber security perspectives at Infosecurity Europe 2016.
  • The Dark Side of DDoS The Dark Side of DDoS Stephen Gates, Chief Research Analyst, NSFOCUS Recorded: Jun 15 2016 61 mins
    For more than a decade, attackers have used DDoS to disrupt an organization’s operations. Today’s DDoS attacks are being used in combination with a much greater threat. Information breaches and malware planting are being hidden by so called “Dark DDoS” attacks. In order to hide their tracks, attackers overwhelm the security and logging tier with smaller, repetitive attacks.

    Nearly every enterprise is looking for a way to deploy the most effective DDoS defenses; while at the same time reducing operational expenses associated with these attacks. Organizations want to fully manage their risk; while preserving their security effectiveness. Today’s Dark DDoS attacks are easy to defeat with the proper defenses.

    In this educational webinar, Stephen Gates - Chief Research Analyst at NSFOCUS, will show you how:

    •Attackers use DDoS to hide Ransomware and other malicious attacks
    •DDoS extortion campaigns work, and how you can ignore their threats of downtime
    •To protect your security and logging tiers, while maintaining operational effectiveness
    •To eliminate the effects of the smaller, shorter attacks targeting your security layers

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