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  • 2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders
    2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights for Leaders Alex Tilley, Counter Threat e-crime lead and Daniel Eden, Senior Incident Responder, SecureWorks Recorded: Mar 8 2017 59 mins
    Partnering to Fight Cybercrime

    In our “2017 Cybersecurity Threat Insights Report for Leaders ” report, we shared several key findings and observations from our client engagements and about the security industry. This webcast will cover our findings and observations but will also provide you with clear direction on where you need to focus your resources to evoke positive action in your security program.

    During this webcast our Counter Threat Unit™ e-crime lead, Alex Tilley, and Senior Incident Responder Daniel Eden, will give their perspective, observations and guidance through responses to a series of questions led by a moderator.

    You Will Learn About:

    - Our observations from our engagements and findings
    - How you need to rethink core security processes and operations
    - Whether the current nature and behaviors of the threat are evolving or staying constant
    - What the common attack vectors are and how to protect your organization against the fundamentals of cyber-attacks
    - How to focus your resources from a tactical and strategic perspective
  • Risk Based Security in a Hyper-Connected World
    Risk Based Security in a Hyper-Connected World Dr. Pierre Tagle, Head of Governance and Risk for SecureWorks for Asia South Recorded: Oct 24 2016 61 mins
    For many organisations, investments in new processes and technologies is on top of the priorities list. From behavioral analytics, big data solutions, and "one touch" processes that require no manual intervention, companies are always on the lookout for technology innovations that can achieve a considerable return on investment. When companies consider cybersecurity in such a technology dependent world, most ask, "How can we secure our business and comply with the changing legal and regulatory standards?" instead of, "How do we make business focused, intelligent investments given the cyber security risks we face?"

    In this webcast, Dr. Pierre Tagle, Head of Governance and Risk for SecureWorks for Asia South, will discuss the risk-based cybersecurity operating model to help companies identify and protect their most critical information assets and business processes. Dr. Tagle will focus on the most critical actions for any organisation building a risk-based security program.

    Key topics covered include:

    - Prioritising information assets based on value to the organisation
    - Identifying and prioritisng risks to the assets
    - Reduce risks with quick wins
    - Build and deliver a security plan that aligns business and technology
    - Ensure continuous business engagement on the topic of cyber security
  • Insight to the Underground Hacker Marketplace
    Insight to the Underground Hacker Marketplace Alex Tilley, SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Recorded: Jun 16 2016 50 mins
    Customer service is the motto. Hackers are now extending their service hours, guaranteeing their work, and expanding their offerings to keep customers coming back.

    Imagine a marketplace where illegal vendors offer a wide range of goods, tools, and training to enable a hacker to exploit or breach unsuspecting individuals, groups or organizations. Furthermore, imagine the walls of this marketplace lined with advertisements offering services and information.

    The point is, the underground marketplace is booming and only getting bigger, more sophisticated, and competitive. Knowing what you and your organization are up against and where your information could potentially be going and what it’s worth is a great way to help prioritize what you protect.

    Alex Tilley of SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit Intelligence team and former Australian Federal Police Senior Technical Analyst, will walk us through the Underground Hacker Market Place and discuss the important issues and what it means to Australian organisations. This unique look into the market place will show you how threat actors organise and resource themselves for the tasks they set. Furthermore we will be looking at the kind of data they are selling on after it has been stolen. This eye opening topic will leave you informed about a place not too many people get to see.

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