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  • Ask the FinTech Expert: Live Q&A on all things Brexit
    Ask the FinTech Expert: Live Q&A on all things Brexit
    David Brear, Jason Bates, Chris Skinner, Simon Taylor, Anna Irrera (WSJ), Sophie Guibaud (Fidor) Recorded: Jul 4 2016 58 mins
    Join this session and get your burning questions answered live by our panel of experts.

    Among the questions they'll be answering will be:

    -Will the Brexit kill London's FinTech scene?
    -Which other cities are prime for becoming FinTech hubs with the new change?
    -What will happen to the newly formed Regulatory Sandbox?
    -Banks will now have other things to worry about and may slow down on innovation -- is this a good or bad thing?
    -How are VCs reacting to the change? Will there be major impacts on the access to capital?
    -Will the payments and money transfer industry take a bigger hit seeing as a lot of money goes from the UK to the third world?
  • The Future of Lending: Is Fintech the main or alternative solution?
    The Future of Lending: Is Fintech the main or alternative solution?
    David Brear (TDG), Kathryn Petralia (Kabbage), Sophie Guibaud (Fidor), Shaun Ledgerwood (Niu), Richard Sunman (Nostrum) Recorded: Apr 12 2016 60 mins
    The lending industry has definitely been disrupted, with P2P lending leading the way. But with recent developments and incumbent organisations trying to play catch up, will Fintech be the main or alternative solution for the lending industry?

    In this panel, we will discuss:

    -Why consumers are choosing fintech lending platforms over more traditional ones
    -What are some of the benefits that banks still offer in this space?
    -What does the lending environment look like in 2016?
    -What are some of the things new fintech companies can do to become the main lending solution?
  • Live Video Panel: Fintech -- A Global Pandemic
    Live Video Panel: Fintech -- A Global Pandemic
    David Brear (Think Different), Chris Skinner (FS Club), Jason Bates (Mondo), Simon Taylor (Barclays) Recorded: Mar 31 2016 58 mins
    Join this live video panel session where the biggest names in Fintech will discuss:

    -FinTech: where are we, how is it expanding, where will we go from here?

    -Challenger Banks: who are the new players in the landscape, who should we watch out for, who are really making moves?

    -Blockchain: what do you need to know, is the hype going to die down, Bitcoin vs. Blockchain, Blockchain for everyday transactios

    -How can banks respond?: Is a partnership model the most sustainable solution, has banking truly been disrupted to the point of no return?
  • Banking Disruption: Behind the Tech
    Banking Disruption: Behind the Tech
    David Brear (Think Different), Chris Gledhill (CEO, Secco Bank), Eugene Danilkis (CEO, Mambu), Paul Rippon (Deputy CEO,Mondo) Recorded: Jan 21 2016 61 mins
    There is much debate on fintech startups disrupting the traditional banking sector. What gives fintech companies the edge over traditional banks and how can they focus their business to do more of it? Join our panelists as they discuss the technology and processes that set fintech startups apart and how these companies can add value to the traditional/challenger banking ecosystem.

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