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BlueVenn Marketing Technology Solutions

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  • Intervening in the Customer Journey Intervening in the Customer Journey Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant at BlueVenn Recorded: Jun 30 2016 53 mins
    A successful relationship between a marketer and the customer has always been a two way interaction over a period of time. Modern real-time personalization capabilities now provide the platform for marketers to have a live conversation with their customers. They can intervene in the customer journey by personalizing the experience with relevant suggestions and continuous learning of the customer’s desires and choices.

    Whereas the customer journey once began at the point of purchase, the use of anonymous data can now drive the customer experience earlier than ever possible. In this webinar Marketers, CRM and eCommerce professionals will learn:

    - The 4 ways of intervening in the customer’s journey to optimize purchases.
    - How to combine batch and realtime capabilities to drive personalization.
    - Key considerations for a personalization project.
  • Intelligence vs Wisdom Intelligence vs Wisdom Jim Kelly, Principal Consultant at BlueVenn Recorded: Jun 16 2016 46 mins
    Marketers are all gathering large volumes of customer data and business intelligence. However, simply gathering data to power intelligence isn't enough, the data must be able to better inform the marketer to make business-changing decisions - it must provide wisdom!

    This webinar is suitable for Marketing & CRM professionals to learn:

    - How to transform data into marketing-ready data.
    - How to effectively progress from data to decisions to campaigns.
    - How to understand customers from different perspectives.
    - How to build a journey towards a single view of your customers.
    - Key considerations for creating a data-driven organization.
  • Blue Group - Closed-loop Marketing Blue Group - Closed-loop Marketing Blue Group Recorded: May 12 2016 4 mins
    At Blue Group we reinvent the way marketers connect with their customers. Working with organisations from the retail, travel, leisure, hospitality, gaming, finance and media sectors, we inspire more intelligent, informed and effective marketing decisions.

    Our data analytics and Single Customer View solutions offer greater customer insight, empowering marketers to discover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and respond intelligently to changing marketing conditions, while our closed-loop marketing methodology enables relevant, real-time and multi-channel communications on a one-to-one basis.

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