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(ISC)2 APAC Secure Webinars

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  • The Evolution of Vulnerability Management – Program Trends and Solutions
    The Evolution of Vulnerability Management – Program Trends and Solutions Michael Aboltins, Technical Product Manager Tenable Asia Pacific, Tenable Network Security Recorded: Jul 19 2017 61 mins
    Frequent cyber security attacks spreading around the world and affecting systems everywhere has become the "new norm". Recent changes in IT architecture such as virtual, mobile & cloud services, plus increasingly sophisticated cyber threats are forcing enterprise security practices and principles to be re-evaluated. Analyst research data shows that system vulnerabilities are still the largest contributing factor in enterprise data breaches. Thus, identifying vulnerable systems on your network and applying mitigations to them must continue to be a strong priority.

    This webinar will provide you with insight into how successful organisations have evolved their Vulnerability Management programs to gain a deeper understanding of their overall Security posture. The presentation will share ideas to boost the effectiveness of your security program now and in future, taking into account the major new IT paradigms including Cloud, Containers & DevOps.

    Join Tenable and (ISC)² on July 19 (Wed) at 14:00 (Singapore time) to learn more about the evolution of vulnerability management.
  • Research Findings: Quantifying ROI for Application Security
    Research Findings: Quantifying ROI for Application Security Shelly Yao, Security Architect – South East Asia, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise Recorded: Jul 12 2017 53 mins
    Continuous delivery of application is the new norm. Businesses recognize that applications are a competitive differentiator so they are creating and pushing them out at a lightning pace, thus putting a lot of pressure on development and security teams. HPE Enterprise Security, together with Mainstay Partners, studied data collected from a broad set of Fortify customers to quantify the business value they are experiencing by building security into each phase of development.

    Join HPE and (ISC)² on July 12 (Wed) at 13:00 (Singapore time) to learn about the key findings from the research. Discover the ROI of application security practices for your organization to scale confidently for business growth.

    Presenter: Shelly Yao, Security Architect – South East Asia, Hewlett-Packard Enterprise
    Moderator: Clayton Jones, Regional Managing Director, Asia-Pacific, (ISC)²
  • The Evolution of Vulnerability Management 進化を迫られる脆弱性管理
    The Evolution of Vulnerability Management 進化を迫られる脆弱性管理 花檀 明伸 (Akinobu Kadan), Senior System Engineer, Tenable Network Security Recorded: Jun 28 2017 61 mins

    このセッションでは、 IT環境の変化が必要とする脆弱性管理製品の新たな要件についてご紹介します。

    - 包括的な脆弱性管理の重要性
    - 脆弱性管理は定期診断から継続的監視へ
    - 継続的な脆弱性管理の効果 〜 統合化された分析、可視化機能と、コンプライアンス評価
    - 新しいインフラへの対応 〜 モバイル、仮想化、クラウド、コンテナ

  • The Dangers Within: 6 Hidden Signs of Cybersecurity Insider Threats
    The Dangers Within: 6 Hidden Signs of Cybersecurity Insider Threats Jon Piercey, SVP Security & Intelligence APAC, Nuix Recorded: Jun 28 2017 61 mins
    Threats from within the enterprise can pose the biggest cybersecurity risk to the organisation. Whether intentionally or accidentally, users with legitimate credentials can go about the network without triggering suspicion or alert, making their unauthorised activity difficult to detect. Insider threat activity can sometimes hide in plain sight, but what happens when people deliberately cover their tracks?

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    - Where to look for suspicious activity
    - How to set up traps that will catch malicious insiders
    - What finding paths across seemingly disparate data can reveal.

    According to a 2016 industry report, employees cause 77 percent of internal security breaches. Find out who is causing yours.

    Join Nuix’s and (ISC)² on Jun 28 (Wed) at 13:00 (Singapore time) and uncover the six hidden signs that help you detect the presence of insider threat activity.

    Presenter: Jon Piercey, SVP Security & Intelligence APAC, Nuix
    Moderator: Ir. Tejinder Singh, Senior Development Expert,T-Systems Malaysia SGA Security Engineering
  • Collective Security – Prairie Dogs vs Humans
    Collective Security – Prairie Dogs vs Humans Duncan Thomas, Director of Sales for APAC, PhishMe; Chuan-Wei Hoo, Technical Advisor, Asia-Pacific, (ISC)² Recorded: Jun 21 2017 61 mins
    As the security industry has continued to underinvest in the human element of security, phishing has become the top attack vector for cyber criminals. Breaches continue to occur in record numbers, identification takes an exorbitantly long time, and the most preferred target is an organization’s human assets. Empowering human assets to provide vetted intelligence into your incident response teams is often overlooked. Every organization has these human sensors, and there’s a natural desire for these employees to want to help.

    In this presentation, you will learn:

    • Why the cybersecurity industry is broken
    • How to reduce susceptibility to human-targeted attacks
    • How to empower users to become human sensors to recognize and report suspected attacks

    Join PhishMe and (ISC)² on Jun 21 (Wed) at 13:00 (Singapore time) and learn how you can empower your team and protect your organization from phishing attacks.
  • 互联网现状/互联网安全现状报告——最新DDoS及Web App攻击趋势概览
    互联网现状/互联网安全现状报告——最新DDoS及Web App攻击趋势概览 马俊 James, 阿卡迈中国高级售前工程师, 阿卡迈中国; Moderator: 阎光, (ISC)² 上海分会 会员主席, 德勤风险咨询, 副总监 Recorded: Jun 7 2017 60 mins

    Akamai每天都承载了全球 15%到30%的Web流量,因此可以观察到大量的互联网攻击,从包含SQL注入的恶意HTTP请求,到规模高达650Gbps的DDoS攻击。我们的安全专家会对此信息进行分析,对相关趋势和发现进行分享,这些信息都包含在我们按照季度发布的互联网现状/互联网安全现状报告中。我们将在本系列在线研讨会中发布相关信息。

    - 互联网现状报告中的全球网络流量概况
    - APJ区域的网络攻击情况
    - IoT(物联网)僵尸网络是如何改变APJ地区网络攻击的拓扑结构的
    - IoT的安全责任

    参加Akamai 和 (ISC)² 在06月07日下午2:00至3:00的在线论坛《互联网现状/互联网安全现状报告——最新DDoS及Web App攻击趋势概览》,获取DDoS及Web应用攻击的流量和趋势的概览及深度分析,还等什么?赶紧加入我们吧。
  • 전세계 인터넷 보안 현황 보고서를 통해 살펴보는 최근 DDoS 및 웹 보안 공격 트렌드
    전세계 인터넷 보안 현황 보고서를 통해 살펴보는 최근 DDoS 및 웹 보안 공격 트렌드 인승진 (Howard Leen), 이사 (Enterprise Security Senior Architect), 아카마이코리아 Recorded: May 31 2017 61 mins
    아카마이는 방대한 양의 데이터를 분석하여 전세계 인터넷 보안에 대한 가장 정확도 높은 가시성을 제공하는 인터넷 보안 현황 보고서(State of the Internet Security Report)를 매 분기마다 발표하고 있습니다.

    해당 보고서를 통해 살펴보면 인터넷 상의 위협 트렌드가 최근 크게 변화하고 있다는 것을 알 수 있으며, 무엇보다도 IoT 기반의 봇넷을 활용한 DDoS 공격의 등장으로 최대 650Gbps에 이르는 대형 공격들이 벌어지고 있음을 확인할 수 있습니다.

    본 웨비나에서는 가장 최근에 발표된 인터넷 보안 현황 보고서를 기반으로 아래와 같은 내용들을 중점적으로 살펴볼 예정입니다.

    - 최근 인터넷 보안 현황 보고서를 통해 알아보는 글로벌 주요 보안 이슈들
    - 아시아 지역에서 발생한 보안 공격 통계
    - IoT 봇넷이 아시아 지역의 보안에 가져온 영향
    - IoT 보안 대비의 중요성
  • State of the Internet/ Security Report–Latest DDoS and Web App Attack Trends
    State of the Internet/ Security Report–Latest DDoS and Web App Attack Trends Nick Rieniets, Senior Security Specialist, Akamai Technologies Recorded: May 24 2017 60 mins
    As an organization that delivers and protects 15-30% of the world’s web traffic on a daily basis, Akamai is uniquely positioned to observe a large amount of attacks ranging from 20 malicious HTTP requests containing SQL injection to DDoS attacks up to 650 Gbps. Our security experts analyze this information and share trends, observations, and findings in our quarterly State of the Internet / Security Report. We will present this information and associated insights in this webinar series.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    • A summary of global findings from the State of the Internet Report
    • Attack statistics for APJ
    • How IoT botnets have changed the attack topology in APJ
    • The responsibilities for security of IoT

    Join Akamai and (ISC)² on May 24 (Wed) at 13:00 (Singapore time) for an overview and analysis of traffic and trends from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) and web application attacks.
  • 商业化犯罪软件猖獗  亟需新Threat-centric漏洞管理方案
    商业化犯罪软件猖獗 亟需新Threat-centric漏洞管理方案 Presenter: Glenn Tan, Solutions Architect, East Asia, Skybox Security; Moderator: 毛宇, (ISC)²官方授权讲师, 普华永道风险及控制服务 高级经理 Recorded: May 17 2017 55 mins

    据2016年高德纳公司的报告(Gartner report)显示:诸多组织采取“逐步降低风险、特定时间内进行漏洞与补丁管理”的方针。比如,许多漏洞管理程序把风险分为 “低、中、高和高危”四等级风险值的“通用漏洞评分系统(CVSS)”的分数,通常这些程序将成千上万的漏洞评为“高危”并需要即时修复。但此方式常常无效,因为诸多风险发生在与组织网络断开或未知区域中。

    最新研究报告显示:大多数被黑客攻击或反复攻击的漏洞,已经在暗网(Dark Web)上进行交易了。通过识别这些漏洞(未知的或已知的),结合“通用漏洞评分系统(CVSS)”信息以及组织IT环境的逻辑关系,安全官们可以改变这一态势。他们能真正理解潜在威胁、严重漏洞,当然还有漏洞攻击的可能性。此Threat-centric漏洞管理方案考虑到组织内外的多种因素,从而逐步降低风险。这套崭新方案需要管理者理解组织受攻击的优先级:潜在的、紧急的、产生实际威胁的。采用这种方式,安全官们能够提高综合防御优势,了解对手及入侵者真正要攻击的漏洞、以及伪装的潜在威胁。
  • Commercialized Crimeware and Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management
    Commercialized Crimeware and Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management Kevin Flynn, Worldwide Director, Product Marketing, Skybox Security Recorded: May 10 2017 60 mins
    In recent years, cybercriminals have organized, automated and outsourced fraud techniques, resulting in an increase in commercial packages of complex threats. This productization of cybercrime is making it harder for organizations to keep up: the tools that overworked security teams rely on to discover and mitigate vulnerabilities don’t match the exploit tactics used by the criminals. So, what is the best approach in light of this dynamic threat landscape? How should security leaders stand up to the growing threat of industrialized cybercrime?

    Recent reports show that the majority of successful breaches are executed by threat actors that use and re-use a subset of old vulnerabilities whose exploits are being commercially exchanged in the “Dark Web.” By identifying these vulnerabilities — those for which exploits exist in the wild and are being used in attacks — and combining this information with CVSS scores and contextual intelligence of an organization’s IT environment, security leaders can change the game. They gain a true understanding of not only the potential impact and severity of a vulnerability but also the probability of exploitation. This threat-centric vulnerability management augments gradual risk reduction by considering multiple factors inside and outside the organization. It’s a new approach to vulnerability management that requires comprehensive understanding of an organization’s attack surface combined with the prioritization of vulnerabilities by potential, imminent and actual threat levels. Using this approach, security leaders gain the advantage of integrated intelligence, including what vulnerabilities are truly being targeted by adversaries and threat actors in the wild.

    Join Skybox Security and (ISC)² on May 10 (Wed) at 12:00 noon (Hong Kong time) to learn more about Commercialized Crimeware and Threat-Centric Vulnerability Management.

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