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  • Provide Better Customer Experience & the Right Content with a Modern PIM
    Provide Better Customer Experience & the Right Content with a Modern PIM Doug Lavelle, IT Management Consultant at School Specialty,Inc. Recorded: Nov 1 2017 25 mins
    As enterprises move towards a unified commerce paradigm, moving products faster and improving customer experience across channels has never been more important. The foundation for your competitive differentiation is not just trusted content, but also delivering relevant information to the micro-segments and gathering insights for improved customer loyalty. A modern PIM (Product Information Management) system is what integrates product content across the purchase lifecycle of a customer. School Specialty Inc. (SSI) has embarked on a customer-focused transformation experience and streamlined internal processes with a modern PIM platform as their foundational elements in aligning digital transformation with business strategies.

    Speaker Bio:

    • 20 years of IT/IS management and technical experience

    • MDMCenter iImplementation for School Specialty

    • Lead implementation of a full ERP (Infor M3) solution for OtterBox

    • Over 9 years with Staples/Corporate Express as the Director IS Contract Systems,
    responsible for leading the development and architecture groups of e-Commerce,
    PDM, ERP, SFA, Process Architecture and Technical Architecture
  • Webinar: Product Content Drives Brand Loyalty
    Webinar: Product Content Drives Brand Loyalty Featuring Guest Speaker George Lawrie, Vice President, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Aug 2 2017 39 mins
    Retailers and brands today face more challenges than ever before in terms of collecting, normalizing, editing and syndicating consistent product content across channels and partners. The penalties for inaccurate or inconsistent content are severe.

    The webinar will discuss best practices for using connectors to deliver product content consistency across a network of partners and to drive customer satisfaction and long term profitability. We will examine some of the challenges of synchronizing content with partners and at the connectors from GS1 to product data feeds that help ensure a consistent rich experience for customers across channels.
  • Webinar: MDM – From Master Data to Data Mastery
    Webinar: MDM – From Master Data to Data Mastery Featuring Guest Speaker Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research Recorded: Jul 26 2017 49 mins
    To achieve digital transformation means businesses need to be data driven, insight rich, and intelligently powered. Companies that strategically invested in MDM consistently out perform both digital and non digitally focused organizations. Why? Because MDM brings understanding to the data across a complex hybrid ecosystem of data silos and platforms allowing digital enterprises to gather, orchestrate and syndicate data and insights anywhere at any time. The best practices, skills and technologies needed to power master data, are the foundational skills to scale the broader investment in information and analytic architecture. Michele Goetz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, will share how digital transformation is shaping MDM and how businesses are rethinking their MDM strategies for competitive advantage.

    • How MDM is at the center of driving stronger business outcomes
    • How MDM competencies lay the foundation for data mastery and deeper insight
    • How MDM technology is evolving to meet the new digital age and how to select your MDM capabilities
  • Best Practices in Digital Innovation for PIM and MDM in the Cloud
    Best Practices in Digital Innovation for PIM and MDM in the Cloud Featuring Guest Speaker Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research Recorded: Jun 1 2017 35 mins
    The necessity of high quality product information that is exchanged between manufacturing and retail is essential for efficient operations of business processes.

    Join Mark Smith, CEO and Chief Research Officer at Ventana Research who will provide his expert insights and latest market research on product information management (PIM) and master data management (MDM). The rapid growth in cloud computing is enabling manufacturing and retail to operate more effectively by supporting the product processes that share the information necessary to streamline the interactions to distributors and customers. Assessing what your organization can do with cloud computing to improve can significantly optimize your efforts and increase the outcomes you should expect.

    In the webinar, learn the following:
    • Gain insight on the digital advancements on the growth of cloud computing with MDM and PIM.
    • Learn how to establish a business case for using cloud with MDM and PIM.
    • Assess best practices for supercharging MDM and PIM investments with cloud computing.
  • Retailers Rely on Product Data Experience - Featuring Forrester Research
    Retailers Rely on Product Data Experience - Featuring Forrester Research Featuring Guest Speaker Ananda Chakravarty, Forrester Research Recorded: May 18 2017 41 mins
    Digital leaders continue to ask the question – How much product information do I need to provide for eCommerce delivery? In today’s customer obsessed digital universe with information overload, the answer is not obvious. Join us for an overview of how product data impacts the digital customer experience in retail eCommerce and omnichannel environments. Learn about the importance of product data and upcoming advances in mediums that will change the shape of product information.
    • Learn about how digital customers view product information
    • Understand the crossover of product data for omnichannel retailing
    • Look at the consistency of product information and examples of product information in action
    • Find out how new technologies will introduce new product information
  • Can Business Process Management and Master Data Management work together?
    Can Business Process Management and Master Data Management work together? Featuring Guest Speaker Ramesh Dontha Recorded: May 5 2017 39 mins
    Master Data Management (MDM) and Business Process Management (BPM) are two significant investments that enterprises usually undertake to realize tangible business benefits by streamlining business processes and leveraging data as an asset. Wouldn't it be great if both these programs can align on people (stakeholders), processes, and technologies so MDM-enabled processes become simpler? Yes, it is possible by focusing on Data Governance and stewardship for the benefit of MDM and BPM. This webinar will cover basic aspects of MDM and BPM, potential conflicts in implementing both, and identify possible solutions to align BPM and MDM. The webinar will also cover how data governance and stewardship can play a pivotal role in facilitating the implementation of BPM and MDM.

    Webinar Contents
    - Overview of Business Process Management (BPM)
    - Overview of Master Data Management (MDM)
    - Potential conflicts in BPM and MDM implementation with respect to
    people, processes, and technologies
    - Options for aligning BPM and MDM
    - Role of Data Governance in aligning BPM and MDM
  • Branded Manufacturers Race To Invest In B2C eCommerce – Featuring Forrester
    Branded Manufacturers Race To Invest In B2C eCommerce – Featuring Forrester Riversand, Featuring Anjali Yakkundi, Senior Analyst, Forrester Research Recorded: Mar 16 2017 35 mins
    Today, there's a race around who owns the customer relationship, and branded manufacturers are getting into the game. Many branded manufacturers have been aggressively pursuing the channel of selling directly to customers in addition to traditional partner channels. This shift represents not only a huge business strategy shift for manufacturers but also a significant shift in technology. Manufacturers must consider not just their B2B, but also their B2C eCommerce investments.

    In this webinar, Forrester analyst Anjali Yakkundi, will discuss:

    - Strategic investments as branded manufacturers become B2C
    - B2C technology investments critical to B2C eCommerce
    - The role of product data and content in the B2C commerce ecosystem
  • The evolution of MDM and why next generation MDM is needed?
    The evolution of MDM and why next generation MDM is needed? Gene Leganza,VP, Forrester Research and Omer Farooque, VP, Product Strategy Riversand Technology Inc. Recorded: Sep 1 2016 61 mins
    In this webinar guest speaker Gene Leganza, Forrester Research and Omer Farooque, Riversand Technologies will present the case for evolution of MDM, the characteristics of what next generation MDM (MDM 2.0) needs to look like and discuss why capabilities segments like context, graph and insight are critical for MDM initiatives to succeed in the digital age.
  • How Enterprise Data Management Enables Unique Device Identification
    How Enterprise Data Management Enables Unique Device Identification Kelle O’Neal, First San Francisco Partners Recorded: Aug 9 2016 67 mins
    A PIM Data Hub enables centralization of all UDI product information from various systems, creating a single view of product information. Having a centralized place to manage and govern UDI data ensures you can manage continually changing data which is critical to UDI compliance. To learn more about UDI compliance and how MDM / PIM can help, replay our webinar below.
    Compliance issues can impact organizations in many ways. For medical device companies, this can be in the form of the FDA's Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements. These requirements, a result of the passage of The FDA Amendments Act of 2007, stipulate that most medical devices carry a UDI. This webinar is targeted at medical device companies who are required to comply.
  • Achieving ROI with Master Data Management
    Achieving ROI with Master Data Management William McKnight,President of McKnight Consulting Group Recorded: Aug 1 2016 59 mins
    Master data refers to the significant entities of the organization where there is considerable interest in and potential controversy over the build of an enterprise view. Many companies today are codifying efforts to focus on master sets for customer, product, supplier, and other subjects.
    The value of all data goes up exponentially when it can be coupled with corporate master data and MDM is one of the best means to compound the value of any data, including big data. Learn about the major facets of MDM and how MDM is fundamental support for big data and the many other components of the emerging information ecosystem which includes many ways to manage information.
    This webinar is recommended for shops in learning, justifying and measuring modes with MDM. The framework and resultant mindshift will help you appropriately champion MDM and get it moving to the benefit of the organization.

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