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  • Privileged Users: Functional. Not Fraudulent
    Privileged Users: Functional. Not Fraudulent
    Martin Jordan, Head of Cyber Response, KPMG LLP; Charles Goldberg, Senior Director, Vormetric Recorded: Nov 14 2013 62 mins
    ESG recently conducted research around insider threats, privileged users and APTs. While the security community remains fixated on advanced malware, tried-and-true insider threats are becoming more difficult to detect and prevent.

    Register for "Privileged Users: Functional. Not Fraudulent" to learn why many organisation are vulnerable to these type of threats in spite of their existing cyber security. Key takeaways will include:

    · Key trends around Insider Threats
    · Major gaps between existing security processes and available technologies
    · Critical components that help to reduce the attack surface
    Join us for this must attend webcast to learn how privileged users can get their jobs done - without viewing or compromising data.
  • This Is How to Secure Data in the Cloud
    This Is How to Secure Data in the Cloud
    Tim Burnett, IT Security Manager at ATOS and C.J. Radford, VP Cloud at Vormetric Recorded: Oct 2 2013 59 mins
    When an outside party owns, controls, and manages infrastructure and computational resources, how can you be assured that sensitive data remains private and secure, that your organisation is protected from damaging data breaches, and that you can still satisfy the full range of reporting, compliance and regulatory requirements?

    Highlights of this session include:

    * How to proactively address security in the cloud so that your organisation isn't next week's data breach headline.
    * How to protect intellectual property and comply with data privacy and system integrity regulations.
    * How to combine context-aware user access, high performance encryption for data-at-rest and operational control into a single system that seamlessly interacts with existing IT systems.
  • The Future of Secure File Sharing: Post PRISM Enterprise Tools
    The Future of Secure File Sharing: Post PRISM Enterprise Tools
    Clive Longbottom: Founder of Quocirca, Jes Breslaw: Director of Cloud Solutions, Accellion Recorded: Sep 10 2013 59 mins
    File sharing whether on a PC or mobile makes workers more productive, that's undebatable, but what does an effective enterprise file sharing platform actually look like? More importantly what will it look like in 10 years time?

    Tune into this upcoming SC Magazine webcast to hear from Clive Longbottom, Founder at Quocirca, Accellion - a top ranked Enterprise File Sharing & Sync supplier according to Gartner, as well as further to be confirmed industry experts.

    Expect cutting edge discussion on:
    * Data Sovereignty: the fall-out from the PRISM
    * Alternatives to cloud architectures for modern file sharing platforms
    * The part mobile devices play in data leakage and how to suppress this
    * What policies you should have in place.

    This session is essential viewing for all IS professionals needing to keep up to date with BYOD and file sharing
  • Security Beyond the Corporate LAN
    Security Beyond the Corporate LAN
    Graham Thomson: CISO, Think Money Group, Justin Somaini: Chief Trust Officer, Box, Mark Brown, Director - Risk Advisory at EY Recorded: Sep 5 2013 60 mins
    An evaluation and dissection of SC Magazine survey: Security beyond the corporate LAN.

    Tune in to hear from Graham Thomson: CISO, Think Money Group, Justin Somaini: Chief Trust Officer, Box, Mark Brown, Director - Risk Advisory at EY. Expect to learn:

    * What fellow infosec pro's currently consider the most serious threats to the cloud
    * Predictions for how these threats will evolve in coming months/years
    * Strategies for minimising the risks posed by such threats
    * Where pressure to implement file sharing tools for outside the corporate LAN is coming from across the enterprise

    This webcast is essential viewing for all information security professionals who need to keep up to date with advancements and trends in threats to data outside the corporate network.
  • The Truth About Vulnerability Management:Compliance Checkbox or Real Protection?
    The Truth About Vulnerability Management:Compliance Checkbox or Real Protection?
    Joerg Weber - Head of Attack Monitoring, Barclays, Lee Barney - Information Risk Consultant, Michelle Cobb - VP at Skybox Recorded: Jul 2 2013 51 mins
    New threats emerge daily, sometimes hourly. But how often are you assessing network vulnerabilities? If it’s less than daily, is your vulnerability management program really protecting your organisation from attacks? Or is it merely a compliance checkbox for auditors?

    How often can you claim to know exactly how vulnerable you are, and in turn what to do about those vulnerabilities?

    Tune into this SC Magazine online panel discussion to hear case studies and tips from industry experts on how to:
    * Actually reduce the risk vulnerabilities pose to your business
    * Prioritise vulnerabilities in a way that makes sense for your specific threat posture
    * Patch effectively and eventually move away from the patch model all together
    * Filter and act on your reams of vulnerability data

    Hear from:
    Joerg Weber - Head of Attack Monitoring, Barclays
    Lee Barney - Information Risk Consultant at Major UK Utility
    Michelle Cobb - VP Global Marketing at Skybox
  • Security Beyond the (Fire)wall
    Security Beyond the (Fire)wall
    Lead Security Specialist,Barclays,(ISC)2 Apps Security Advisory Board; Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse; EMEA CTO, Intralinks Recorded: Jun 19 2013 61 mins
    Only 22% of data breaches are as a result of an external attack on corporate servers . In the vast majority of cases, breaches involve the inadvertent mishandling of information by insiders or third party partners. For example: a confidential document is accidentally sent to the wrong person, an employee drops files into a consumer-grade file sharing solution to access them on holiday, or an organisation terminates a relationship with a partner or supplier after having shared proprietary information with them.

    Enabling your staff to work remotely, on a multitude of devices, and on unsecured networks is essential for many 21st century businesses. However, such a model also has very specific risks, particularly for financial services, life sciences and other IP-intensive industries.

    This webcast addresses the technological challenges of maintaining full control of your most sensitive information - even once it goes beyond the firewall - while maintaining the freedom and flexibility necessary to allow your staff and other stakeholders to work as efficiently as possible.

    Speakers include:
    Stewart Room, Partner, Field Fisher Waterhouse
    Nick Harwood, Lead Security Specialist, Barclays
    Bola Rotibi, Founding Member, (ISC)2 Application Security Advisory Board
    Richard Anstey, EMEA CTO, Intralinks
  • 2013’s Invisible Network Threats: Identify And Respond
    2013’s Invisible Network Threats: Identify And Respond
    James Lyne, Director of Technology Strategy, Sophos; Richard Thomas, Labs Manager, West Coast Labs & Dan Raywood, SC Magazine Recorded: Jun 11 2013 57 mins
    In a recent SC survey, when asked ‘Do you think your current network is secure?’ 43% of IS professionals said Not Sure.

    At first glance, this appears a surprisingly high figure – but a closer look at today’s threat matrix soon tells us why. Technology developments such as multi-point cloud solutions, consumerisation, BYOD uptake and even Windows 8 are a major headache in network security for IT leaders. Plus organisations face a growing number of ‘invisible threats’ that they are often not aware of, and which present a very real risk to corporate security.

    So what can be done to identify, monitor, respond and report these network security threats in real time?

    SC’s latest webcast will share expert advice, practical testing regimes and examples of proven results in overcoming invisible threats. Insights include:

    -Detailed analysis of the evolving threat landscape including the top 3 network security threats you don’t know about
    -The knowledge you need to know when choosing a bespoke unified threat management solution for your business
    -Real life examples showing why a rigorous, real-time testing environment is needed to make well-informed buying decisions
    -Take-home advice on how to make sure the product you use protects against network security threats
  • Employee File Sharing: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Employee File Sharing: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    Information Security Officer, Atos; VP Global Marketing, Ipswitch File Transfer Recorded: Jun 4 2013 57 mins
    In a recent SC Survey of information security professionals 99% of those asked said it was ‘important’ that their organisation has secure file sharing. But 50% said they had ‘no real visibility’ of how data is being sent within and outside the company.

    That said, even IT security professionals resort to using insecure file transfer systems so they can get their job done, with many saying they have used the following to transfer sensitive information:

    · Email – 82%
    · USB device – 64%
    · Consumer cloud service (e.g. Dropbox) – 28%

    If IT professionals – who know the risks – are prepared to use such systems, what are employees not versed in security prepared to do?

    Tune in to hear our experts discuss these and the other quite surprising results, plus a look at how best to protect files shared inside and outside your organisation, while benefiting from the productivity boost such sharing can allow.

    Tim Burnett, ISO, Atos
    Jeff Whitney, VP Global Marketing, Ipswitch File Transfer
  • The Human Factor: Why IT Security is more than just skin deep
    The Human Factor: Why IT Security is more than just skin deep
    Head of IT Security, TNT Express, Global CIO, Fujifilm, Organisational Psychologist Recorded: May 28 2013 44 mins
    With SC’s annual conference taking place later in the year, we have invited some of the speakers to run the rule over a few of the key human factors affecting information security risk.

    •Where do human factors rank in relation to other security risks?
    •Is it feasible to identify key human risk factors and if so, how can they be successfully integrated into an IT risk matrix?
    •Is it true that people value the security of data differently to tangible goods? If so, what can be done to change perceptions?
    •To what extent is IT security seen as a board level issue - what steps can be taken to effectively communicate IT risk to the Board?
    •Train the trainer – when it comes to communicating, does your average IT security professional err towards Martin Luther King or Hal from 2001? How important are communication skills to the IT security professional
    •Spread the love – or at least, the message. Why do staff consistently ignore IT security messages and what can you do, to hit the message home?
    •Pa$$word5! Digestible take home tips you can share with your staff on how to choose and remember multiple secure passwords

    Phil Cracknell, Head of Information Security, TNT Express
    Stephanie Daman, Chief Executive Officer, Cyber Security Challenge UK
    Pamal Sharma, Global CIO, Fujifilm
    Sarah Lewis, Organisational Psychologist, Appreciating Change
  • Data Protection in 2013 - Regulation Versus Reality?
    Data Protection in 2013 - Regulation Versus Reality?
    Former Information Commissioner; Partner at Duane Morris; Officer at Met Police; Group Security Governance at Virgin Media Recorded: May 2 2013 54 mins
    It has been a year since the European Commission (EC) published the first draft of its updated data protection law but critics have claimed the regulation is overly prescriptive and out of touch with the rapid change in digital communication (SC Magazine Online, January 2013).
    SC's upcoming editorial webcast will:

    - Take a hard look at 2012's data breaches, trends and developments to see if the regulations are realistic to cope with today's threats

    - Reveal how the regulations affect your particular business and how you need to adapt everything from employee behaviour to business processes to avoid scrutiny

    - Ask why the same data protection breaches stemming from human error are still being made, and what can we do about it?

    - With data breaches continually on the rise due to BYOD, cloud platforms and social networks setting such a furious pace of change - what does the rest of 2013 hold in terms of staying compliant and ultimately keeping your data protected?

    Speakers include:
    Richard Thomas CBE, former Information Commissioner; consultant at law firm Hunton & Williams
    Jonathan Armstrong, Partner at Duane Morris
    Mike Hurst, Officer - Economic Fraud Unit at The Metropolitan Police
    Stephen Kerslake, Group Security Governance Manager at Virgin Media

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