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  • Top 2 Technologies Behind the Hottest Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions
    Top 2 Technologies Behind the Hottest Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Solutions Michael Haag, Group Manager Product Marketing, VMware; Kristin Hansen, Director, Solutions Marketing, Intel Recorded: Nov 1 2017 43 mins
    In this webinar, we’ll deep dive into how Intel and VMware have worked together to deliver the first HCI offering in the Intel Select Solutions program. Based off of VMware vSAN, the vSphere-native storage that powers scalable and high performance HCI systems, these solutions are available in multiple configurations to meet different business needs. We’ll look at how these new hardware and software technologies come together to help enterprise seamlessly transition to HCI during key infrastructure refresh cycles. In addition, we’ll explain the savings customers see in both operations and capital costs, and then explore specific use cases and performance to validate why HCI powered by vSAN has become the go to solution for many Fortune 500 companies.
  • Regain Business Agility and Control of Hybrid Cloud IT using OnCommand® Insight
    Regain Business Agility and Control of Hybrid Cloud IT using OnCommand® Insight Don Bourque, Technical Marketing Engineer, NetApp Recorded: Oct 31 2017 62 mins
    Learn how OnCommand Insight (OCI), a leader in Hybrid Cloud infrastructure analytics, provides end to end visibility and data analysis across large scale private, public and multi-cloud data center environments. OnCommand Insight provides detailed business insights helping organizations accurately trend and forecast capacity and performance demand, optimize service level offerings while controlling cost and alert to risks in availability, best practice governance and underutilized assets. Come learn how OCI’s analytics and proactive machine learning technology help to rapidly determine root cause and improve “mean time to innocence” across vendor technology silos and IT teams.
  • ThinkAgile VX Series: The World of HCI Just Got Easier
    ThinkAgile VX Series: The World of HCI Just Got Easier Tony Harvey, Sr Product Manager, vSAN Hyperconvergence, Lenovo; Robert Campbell, Technical Alliance Marketing Manager, Vmware Recorded: Oct 24 2017 56 mins
    Imagine you went to a restaurant and ordered fish and your server came back with a Patagonian Toothfish, a pile of random spices and vegetables, a knife and a frying pan and told you to cook it yourself. Hhhmmm, you thought. So you asked for help. The response: a badly photocopied sheet of paper with a website URL to learn the ingredients for a “Chilean Sea Bass” and a few recipes to boot. This is how we build infrastructure today.

    VMware vSAN based hyperconverged solutions from Lenovo revolutionize how you can deliver your datacenter infrastructure. The set-up is simpler, it costs less and easier to use than traditional IT solution. It allows you to focus on running your business rather than on building your infrastructure. Join this webinar as VMware and Lenovo introduce the new ThinkAgile VX Series. The result of this offering: ability to focus on the true business value of hyperconvergence. You will see how vSAN ReadyNodes and ThinkAgile VX will help re-engineer Enterprise IT to be flexible and responsive, enabling more time delivering business value rather than integrating IT infrastructure.
  • Modernizing Data Management with Converged Infrastructure and Intel® Processors
    Modernizing Data Management with Converged Infrastructure and Intel® Processors Lee Howard, CTO Cisco Alliance Recorded: Oct 23 2017 50 mins
    The new Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors created an Intel-driven inflection point for data management.  Now’s the time to explore what this new architecture means for your current and future storage environments.  NetApp, a data management industry leader, shares how Intel Xeon Scalable processors coupled with a converged systems strategy is proven to help you perform at full capacity, do more with less, and optimize your full stack.  Tune in to learn about:
    • The opportunity with converged systems based on early Intel Xeon Scalable processor results
    • NetApp’s multi-cloud strategy with respect to convergence
    • Specific workloads that will benefit from enhanced processor power and a converged infrastructure
  • Supermicro vSAN Hyper-Converged Solution Accelerates Software Defined Storage
    Supermicro vSAN Hyper-Converged Solution Accelerates Software Defined Storage Sim Upadhyayula, Supermicro; Vivek Sarathy, Intel; Jase McCarty, VMware Recorded: Oct 18 2017 59 mins
    Supermicro has introduced its latest new All-Flash NVMe X11 BigTwin™ solution with Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and revolutionary Intel® Optane™ Technology. These offerings join an already diverse and robust portfolio of vSAN Ready Nodes from Supermicro that are easy to order, deploy and manage in wide ranging workload situations.

    BigTwin vSAN solution is designed for maximum density with 4 dual-processor nodes in a 2U rack space to support many virtual machines, and with up to 3TB of DDR4 memory per node, up to six all-flash NVMe drive bays per node, and a wide selection of Supermicro’s flexible onboard SIOM networking modules.

    For customers looking for even higher storage performance and lower price/performance, Supermicro’s vSAN portfolio also includes Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X validated systems.

    Join this webinar to learn how you can enhance the efficiency and performance of your datacenter environments with Supermicro vSAN All-Flash NVMe with Intel® Optane™ SSD DC P4800X and understand the “behind the scenes” configuration, optimization, and benchmarking efforts that went in with our partners – Intel and VMware to ensure a seamless deployment with utmost confidence.
  • Using the NetApp Portfolio for Virtualized Environments
    Using the NetApp Portfolio for Virtualized Environments Karl Konnerth, Product and Partner Engineer and Doug Chamberlain, Senior Product Marketing Manager Recorded: Oct 16 2017 52 mins
    Greater visibility and control for individual VMs, along with enhanced storage efficiency and QoS controls, allow customers to streamline management and ensure optimal performance for their virtualized infrastructure. This session will review the NetApp virtualization solutions portfolio before focusing on current ONTAP and NetApp tool capabilities for vSphere.
  • Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage
    Power-up Your Cloud with Insanely Fast Storage Boyan Ivanov, CEO, StorPool Storage Recorded: Sep 27 2017 39 mins
    Building or running a cloud?
    Attend this webinar to explore the great impact which an outstanding storage solution can have on your entire public or private cloud. Intel and StorPool have created a production tested solution, which you can use to build faster, safer and more efficient clouds.

    Join us to learn how:
    •an outstanding storage solution can improve your entire cloud;
    •reduce costs and eliminate vendor lock-in by using software-defined infrastructure on standard hardware;
    •solve IOPS or latency issues of your applications;
    •get a storage solution capable of delivering 450,000+ IOPS and 0.25 ms latency at less than $40,000;
    •boost your business' margins and agility.
  • Bridging the Memory-Storage Gap to Accelerate Fast Data Analytics
    Bridging the Memory-Storage Gap to Accelerate Fast Data Analytics Ali Hodroj, VP Products & Strategy at GigaSpaces Recorded: Sep 20 2017 50 mins
    The convergence of analytical and transactional workloads, through a unified fast storage and memory infrastructure, is giving way to a new breed of fast data architectures that support real-time analytics and just-in-time data science. To enable this vision, organizations are capitalizing on recent innovations in fast storage that combine volume, velocity, and variety facets of big data all in one data tier. The combination of in-memory data grids and storage-class memory solutions (such as Intel Optane SSD/NVMe) delivers performance that removes the need for competing operational and analytical strategies for accessing data.

    In-memory data grids that leverage multi-tiered storage with SCM empower businesses with the capability of unlocking high-value insights from real-time and historical data. In this webinar, we discuss the forces driving this insight-centric trend as well as reference architectures using Apache Spark and GigaSpaces XAP to address particular design challenges for streaming analytics, fast data lakes, and continuous machine learning data pipelines.
  • Implement a Container Orchestration Platform
    Implement a Container Orchestration Platform Srihari Angaluri – Lead Architect, Lenovo ThinkAgile Solutions Recorded: Sep 19 2017 55 mins
    DevOps is streamlining the delivery of applications in the Enterprise. Container technology is transforming the packaging of these applications. Together, true agility is achieved. Red Hat OpenShift and VMware Integrated Container platforms are changing cloud services, and Lenovo works closely with both to maximize container execution.

    Container technology is maturing as a way to quickly package and deploy application workloads without the need for re-purposing hardware or operating systems. Containers enable a self-sufficient runtime environment that is light weight compared to a full blown operating system or virtual machine. In addition, containers provide a way to securely compartmentalize applications and to run them side-by-side on the same machine for efficient resource utilization. In this session, we will describe how enterprises can take advantage of container technology with an integrated hardware infrastructure solution from Lenovo.

    Join this webinar to learn how Lenovo helps you scale your micro services, synergizes total management, and transforms your containerized applications, infrastructure, and processes.
  • Creating Platform Agnostic Packages with Habitat
    Creating Platform Agnostic Packages with Habitat Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Sr. Software Development Engineer at Chef Software Recorded: Aug 30 2017 37 mins
    One of the dreams of development is to build a software package once - and deploy it anywhere. With current open source projects, this dream is even closer than ever. Join Nell Shamrell-Harrington, Senior Software Development Engineer at Chef as she discusses how to create software packages that run (almost) anywhere with Habitat. You'll see how the same application can be run on bare metal, on a virtual machine, or in a container - with everything needed to automate that application already built into the package itself. Also learn how to build and deploy these packages with the intelligence to self-organize into topologies, without needing a central orchestrator. See how the dream of platform-agnostic and self-organizing packages is fulfilled today, and how it will evolve in the future.

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