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  • Introduction to the SS8 BreachDetect UI Introduction to the SS8 BreachDetect UI Sanjana Chand Recorded: Oct 4 2016 6 mins
    A brief introduction to the SS8 BreachDetect solution. Featuring a simple, visual UI, SS8 BreachDetect allows analysts to quickly view automated threat alerts, drill deeper into what triggered those alerts, and create custom queries and dashboards to investigate suspicious network activity and devices of interest.
  • Breaches are Coming! What To Do When They Go Beyond the Wall Breaches are Coming! What To Do When They Go Beyond the Wall Tony Thompson, Vice President; Rajdeep Wadhwa, Product Management Recorded: Aug 10 2016 39 mins
    Cyber threats are more sophisticated than ever, slipping past perimeter defenses and hiding in the normal flow of network communications. For all you GOT fans, it’s a lot like Wildlings slipping past The Wall.

    Data breaches are going undetected for more than 200 days, and in most cases, the breached company learns about the breach from outside their organization. What’s the common denominator? The Network. Much like the North, the network remembers.

    A lack of high-definition network visibility has extended the breach detection window and prolonged data breach investigations. New methods of network visibility, learning analytics and automation are now available to accelerate and simplify the breach-hunting journey – past, present and future.

    In this webinar, we will examine:
    • Why IT and cyber security organizations today struggle with breach detection and investigations
    • Why legacy approaches to analyze network traffic (SIEM, packet recorders, network forensics) are extending and complicating cyber investigations, and
    • A new “time machine” model of network security analytics that accelerates the breach detection and incident response workflow

    This event will also look at the architectural considerations and investment required for implementing this new model of network-based breach detection, as well as examples of the types of threats that can be discovered after the threat slips past preventative security measures, such as firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion prevention.
  • SS8 BreachDetect Demo: Total Network Visibility SS8 BreachDetect Demo: Total Network Visibility Sanjana Chand Recorded: Aug 1 2016 2 mins
    Dive deeper into SS8 BreachDetect to learn how to strengthen your breach detection portfolio with total network visibility.

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