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MapD: GPU Database & Visualization Platform

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  • The Most Underappreciated Element in Analytics The Most Underappreciated Element in Analytics Jim McHugh, VP & GM at Nvidia and Todd Mostak, Founder & CEO of MapD Recorded: Dec 13 2016 56 mins
    The vast majority of reviews on analytical applications are feature driven but this misses a critical component – usability. No matter how many chart types, how many governance features or what types of row level security is offered, if the application is slow, it won’t get used properly. Join Nvidia’s Jim McHugh and MapD’s Todd Mostak to talk about why speed, and in particular speed at scale, is the defining capability for analytics in the petabyte economy. The webinar will cover current research, the latest hardware advancements (NVIDIA P100 and DGX-1), and what techniques innovative companies are using to harness the parallel processing power of Nvidia GPUs.

    Jim McHugh is vice president and general manager at NVIDIA with over 25 years of experience as a marketing and business executive with startup, mid-sized, and high-profile companies. He currently leads DGX-1, the world’s first AI supercomputer in a box. Jim focuses on building a vision of organizational success and executing strategies to deliver computing solutions that benefit from GPUs in the data center. He has a deep knowledge and understanding of business drivers, market/customer dynamics, technology-centered products, and accelerated solutions.
  • Why are GPUs Winning the Enterprise: A Story of Speed, Visualization & GIS Why are GPUs Winning the Enterprise: A Story of Speed, Visualization & GIS Sam Madden & Todd Mostak Recorded: Sep 22 2016 60 mins
    From game consoles to supercomputers and now the datacenter, GPUs are permeating more and more of the computing ecosystem. By boasting order of magnitude performance improvements on key tasks and exhibiting massive cost of ownership advancements these once specialized chips are writing a new chapter in enterprise computing.

    Sam Madden, professor at MIT's Computer Science and AI Lab, will cover the evolution of compute and why it impacts databases along the dimensions of speed, memory and scalability. Madden will detail those insights with a case study from Cambridge Telematics where he is a founder and the Chief Scientist.

    The evolution of compute, particularly GPUs, needs software to harness its promise. The second part of the webinar will feature one of Sam’s former students, founder and CEO of MapD, Todd Mostak.

    Todd will address what software optimizations MapD has employed to harness the parallel processing power of GPUs: LLVM, backend rendering, and memory management. There will be a live product demonstration using the 1.1B row NYC taxi/limo/uber dataset.

    Ample time will be left for Q&A.

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