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  • Deploying Windows Server 2016 Hyper-Converged Cluster Platform with NVMe SSD
    Deploying Windows Server 2016 Hyper-Converged Cluster Platform with NVMe SSD
    Howard Lo; Claus Joergensen; David Risser; Vivek Sarath; Motti Beck; Mike Heumann Recorded: Nov 10 2016 58 mins
    Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) is one of the hottest topics in data center architecture today. In the simplest terms, HCI combines computing, storage, and networking components into a single physical instance. These devices, or HCI appliances, are significantly simpler and cheaper to deploy and make scaling of applications easier. This enables IT managers to maximize their data centers efficiency and meet the networking and storage demands of Microsoft’s Software-defined Data Center (SDDC). The greatest challenge with HCI for medium-sized enterprises, however, has often been finding a solution that is not too large (and expensive) for their needs.

    Join speakers from DataON, Microsoft, Intel, Mellanox and EVGA to learn how to meet this challenge head-on by rapidly and cost-effectively deploying a Windows Server 2016 hyper-converged cluster platform with Non-Volatile Memory Express® (NVMe™) SSDs.

    The webcast will explore the following topics:

    • Basic concepts of HCI, including challenges in deploying HCI solutions
    • How to choose the right partners to architect and deploy a hyper-converged cluster platform
    • Technologies that form the nucleus of DataON’s Hyper-Converged Cluster Appliance (HCCA), including Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Intel E5 CPUs and NVMe 3D NAND SSDs, and Mellanox end-to-end RDMA-capable networking solutions.
    • The benefits that EVGA (a leading hardware provider of high-end hardware components for PC gaming and video) realized by deploying the DataON-Intel-Microsoft hyper-converged cluster solution

    Presented by:
    DataON - Howard Lo, VP of Sales and Marketing
    Microsoft - Claus Joergensen, Principal Program Manager, Enterprise Cloud Group
    Intel - Vivek Sarathy, Storage Solution Architect, NVM Solutions Group
    Mellanox - Motti Beck, Senior Director of Business Development
    G2M Inc. - Mike Heumann, Managing Partner
  • NVMe – The Awakening of a New Storage and Networking Titan
    NVMe – The Awakening of a New Storage and Networking Titan
    Mike Heumann, G2M, Inc. managing partner Recorded: Nov 1 2016 48 mins
    NVM Express® (NVMe™) is catching fire in the market and after years of incubation, is poised to become a major player in server, storage and networking implementations. In its recently announced NVMe Ecosystem Market Sizing Report, G2M®, Inc. predicts the NVMe market to be more than $57 billion by 2020[1]. Clearly, the NVMe landscape is dynamic, and if you are investigating, planning, designing, introducing, or actively selling NVMe products, you’ll want to attend this webcast to understand the potential of NVMe to disrupt existing IT architectures, support, and spend plans. Webcast topics include:

    • Key findings of the industry-first NVMe market report
    • Deployment models, use cases and market opportunities for NVMe across enterprise, telco, cloud, IoT and embedded applications
    • Key factors that characterize NVMe product segment leaders
  • Making the Move to Hyper-V: LifeStore Bank’s Transition from VMware ESX to Micro
    Making the Move to Hyper-V: LifeStore Bank’s Transition from VMware ESX to Micro
    G2M Communications Recorded: Aug 23 2016 53 mins
    The costs of running VMWare have risen to unmaintainable levels for companies that are looking to expand and scale operations. The ESX Tax over burdens IT budgets, hindering their ability to scale and manage OPEX. In this webcast, we will show IT managers how Microsoft Hyper- V and Storage Spaces can be a game changer for their organization, providing a cost effective, stable and easy to manage virtualization platform. LifeStore Bank will tell you how they transitioned from an infrastructure based on VMWare ESX and EMC VNXe to Microsoft Hyper-V and DataON Storage's Cluster-In-Box (CIB) storage to scale their capabilities, optimize service level agreements and lower the cost of running virtual environments by 1.5X


    Howard Lo, VP of Sales, Dataon Storage
    Aidan Finn – Microsoft MVP
    Josh Rountree – IT Manager, LifeStore Bank
    Kris Menon - Business Development Manager, HSGT
    Shaun Walsh – Managing Partner, G2M Communications

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