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  • Video: What’s the biggest challenge impacting retail in 2019?
    Video: What’s the biggest challenge impacting retail in 2019?
    Caroline Baldwin Recorded: Jun 10 2019 3 mins
    Essential Retail quizzes a number of industry experts at RetailEXPO 2019 – including Alibaba, Mamas & Papas, JML and Michel Roux Jnr – to ask them what they believe is the biggest challenge facing retailers today.
  • The impact of sustainability on retail
    The impact of sustainability on retail
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Caroline Laurie, Tom Berry Recorded: May 16 2019 10 mins
    Essential Retail speaks with Kingfisher and Farfetch to discuss the increasing demand for sustainable retail from consumers.
  • The Customer Whisperer
    The Customer Whisperer
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Kate Hardcastle MBE Recorded: May 15 2019 7 mins
    Essential Retail interviews Kate Hardcastle MBE, aka The Customer Whisperer, on how retailers need to adapt to changing customer habbits.
  • How will technology shape the future of customer experience?
    How will technology shape the future of customer experience?
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Steve Mader, Peter Donlon, Dave Abbott Recorded: May 14 2019 8 mins
    Essential Retail, Dune, Moonpig and Kantar discuss technologies retailers should consider implementing to improve customer experience.
  • Video: Michel Roux Jr talks restaurants and the high street
    Video: Michel Roux Jr talks restaurants and the high street
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Michel Roux Jr Recorded: May 7 2019 8 mins
    Michel Roux Jr talks describes how restaurants can reinvigorate the high street.
  • The store isn’t dead
    The store isn’t dead
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Dave Marcotte, Henry Gregg Recorded: Apr 18 2019 61 mins
    Retailers are right to be concerned by the canabalisation of eCommerce – headlines predicting the coming retail apocalypse just keep coming and coming. But really, the store has a lot more to offer than just a physical presence for a brand. And if retailers think wisely about how they can transform their store estate, they might just survive well into the future.

    Essential Retail examines the store of the future in this webinar entitled: ‘The Store Isn’t Dead’. Join us as we take a look at the most innovative stores and share how technology can push the boundaries of the store even further going into 2022 and beyond.

    In this webinar, you will learn:

    •The top five innovative stores
    •What technology underpins a successful store today
    •What might a store look like in the future and how technology will blend the store and the shopper.
  • The workplace of the future
    The workplace of the future
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Brent Black, Peter Donlon, Andrew Hewitt Recorded: Mar 27 2019 62 mins
    Steve Jobs has a lot to answer for. The humble smartphone has provided connectivity, productivity and entertainment beyond our wildest dreams in little over a decade. But the rate at which this device has come into our lives and changed the way we communicate, watch television, shop, bank and work has had a huge impact on businesses all over the word.

    End users are putting pressure on their IT department like never before, demanding flexibility and a seamless experience on their work laptops, tablets and mobiles. Not to mention that nearly every employee has their own smartphone, so why can’t they use that powerful computer in their pocket to do their job.

    The seamless experience of using apps like Uber, Spotify and Monzo in everyday life has conditioned end users to want that same experience during their hours of work. But IT needs to have a stable, standardised platform to enable these devices to work within the secure perimeters of business.

    In this webinar we address the key issues surrounding mobility and productivity and what the office of the future may look like. We also take a look at the changing role of the CIO and how the job used to be about “keeping the lights on”, but now has wider implications for a retailer’s overall digital strategy.

    We ask:
    • Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) was the hottest buzzword five years ago, but where are we now in terms of employees using their own mobiles to perform tasks within the workplace?
    • What does the workplace of the future look like?
    • How can retailers use solutions such as the cloud and virtualisation to make their employees’ lives easier?
    • How do organisations de-mystify printing in a digital workplace? How can retailers make the simple experience of hitting ‘print’ easy and seamless for their workers?
    • How has the role of the CIO changed in recent years?
  • Demystifying blockchain: a guide for digital retailers
    Demystifying blockchain: a guide for digital retailers
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speaker - Richard Stockley, Samantha Livesey Recorded: Mar 21 2019 69 mins
    The technology industry claims it will fundamentally change how companies do business. It will provide much-needed visibility in the supply chain as well as enable trust between organisations sharing information.

    But what is blockchain, exactly…? “Distributed ledgers than create an unchangeable and shared record of transactions”. OK, sounds interesting, but how does it really work? And most importantly, what does it mean for retail?

    Join this Essential Retail webinar as we demystify blockchain with IBM, retailer and analyst.

    Key takeaways:

    - Demystifying blockchain – IBM talks us through the buzzword, explaining its an "engine of trust"
    - Learn about IBM Food Trust, how its use of blockchain increases transparency within the complex food supply chain, and the pay off for all the participants exchanging data
    - Retailer talks through its experience of rolling out blockchain within the organisation
    - Analyst/lawyer takes a deep dive look at how blockchain could have a serious impact on businesses all over the world
  • Essential Retail & Retail Design World’s 2018 Round Up
    Essential Retail & Retail Design World’s 2018 Round Up
    Moderators - Caroline Baldwin & Matthew Valentine Recorded: Dec 14 2018 47 mins
    Essential Retail and Retail Design World sit down with a mulled wine (or two) to discuss their favourite retail stories of the year and their predictions for 2019.

    Join editors Caroline Baldwin and Matthew Valentine for their Christmas webinar on the 14 December 2018 to discover:
    •What were the hottest trends of 2018?
    •What is coming around the corner in 2019 in terms of the latest technology and design trends?
    •And the answer to the biggest question of the year – is the high street really dying? Is it a terminal disease or can we save our favourite shops?
  • The subscription economy: the opportunity for retail
    The subscription economy: the opportunity for retail
    Moderator - Caroline Baldwin, Speakers - Jim Buckle, Oliver Bridge & Craig Crawford Recorded: Dec 5 2018 61 mins
    Subscription isn’t new. Consumers have been signing up to their favourite magazines for years to ensure they don’t miss a single copy. But in the early 2000s the idea of signing up to get the latest films on DVD sent to you through the post took off and LoveFilm transformed the way consumers rented films… that is until streaming services took hold and transformed the industry all over again.

    But several other businesses have taken hold over the last decade – Graze and Birchbox continue to go from strength to strength, proving customer loyalty is intrinsically linked with a great product and excellent service.

    But what is the opportunity for retailers? In this webinar we will discuss how retailers can capitalise on the subscription economy.

    Former board member and MD of LoveFilm, Jim Buckle will discuss how he delivered 8x subscriber growth and led the business to a successful exit via a trade sale to Amazon in 2011. Now, COO at Feelunique he will also share his thoughts on how retailers can capitalise on the subscription trend. Join Feelunique, Essential Retail and razor blade subscription company, Cornerstone, to learn all about the subscription opportunity.

    We ask:
    •Where has the subscription boom come from?
    •What does a good subscription service look like in 2018?
    •How can retailers use subscription to their advantage?

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