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  • Why Every Sales Team Needs a Sales Acceleration Strategy
    Why Every Sales Team Needs a Sales Acceleration Strategy
    Jorge Jeffery, Director of Research & Analytics, Velocify Recorded: Dec 15 2016 48 mins
    Sales acceleration is launching a burgeoning sales revolution. There are many tools and strategies out there that claim to shorten the sales cycle and make the sales process more efficient, but what’s at the core of sales acceleration? Effective communication and a prescriptive sales strategy are key to significant results.

    In this webinar, you’ll learn:

    · Key aspects of sales acceleration
    · Specific multi-channel communication strategies and benefits
    · Proven prescriptive sales strategies
  • How to Uber-ize Sales
    How to Uber-ize Sales
    Thomas Cox, Director of Sales Operations at Velocify Recorded: Nov 10 2016 27 mins
    The “sharing economy,” with perhaps the best known example being Uber, is fundamentally changing the way the world works. Uber’s transformative business model brings down the cost of transportation and creates a better overall experience for consumers through better utilization of drivers to match consumer demand. The Uber business model is similar to the shift we are seeing in Inside Sales. Buyers want control and convenience whether they are looking for a ride to the airport or purchasing a software product for their business. Join in this discussion as we draw parallels to lessons that Inside Sales teams can leverage to better optimize their own sales processes to meet evolving buyer expectations.
  • 5 Easy Steps for Creating an Account-Based Sales Strategy
    5 Easy Steps for Creating an Account-Based Sales Strategy
    Thomas Cox, Director of Sales at Velocify Recorded: Sep 7 2016 42 mins
    Sales has been targeting contacts at key accounts for decades. So why has account-based selling become the hottest trend to hit B2B sales? Some sales experts believe it is the need for sales and marketing to align around what matters – personally connecting with your buyers. Having a deeper understanding of your buyers goals and objectives and how your product or service can make a difference could help you win more sales.

    In this webinar, walk away with a 5-step account-based sales strategy that you can share with your boss. You’ll gain:

    - Tips on mapping out ideal buyer personas in partnership with marketing
    - Ideas for personalized content to move buyers through the sales cycle faster
    - Key metrics to measure and optimize your approach

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