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Women in Tech

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  • From Photojournalism to Drone Journalism: One Woman's Journey Piloting Drones
    From Photojournalism to Drone Journalism: One Woman's Journey Piloting Drones
    Gail Orenstein Recorded: Mar 13 2019 51 mins
    Gail Orenstein is an award winning photojournalist & drone journalist covering humanitarian areas and conflict zones. She is an FAA and CAA licensed commercial UAV pilot and has droned in 21 countries. She is a speaker and educator and a champion of women's issues.

    Her work is globally recognised and can be seen on CNN, BBC, Time, Aljazeera and The times of London. Join Gail in this live webinar as she discusses:

    - Taking her career from photojournalism to drone journalism and being one of the first females to do so
    - The hero of "fake news" and how drone journalism can save news
    - Why a female perspective is critically needed in the drone industry
  • Women in Technology Role Models: A Global Perspective
    Women in Technology Role Models: A Global Perspective
    Nadine Thomson, Sabah Khan Carter, Judith van de Pas & May Yap Recorded: Mar 8 2019 49 mins
    Having a role model and mentor in your career is extremely important, especially for women in hi-tech careers. Hear from leading industry trail blazers and female leaders as they share why this is important and how to be a role model for future women in tech.

    Join this live panel discussion with experts from around the world as they discuss their career paths as women in tech, challenges they've faced, and key learnings from their experiences.

    About the moderator:
    Nadine Thomson, Digital Technology Consultant and Advisor, leads the transformation of businesses through technology change. She has worked internationally across a range of industries including media, retail, travel and financial services. Nadine has a computer science background and couples business knowledge with deep technical understanding to help businesses evolve. Nadine has recently worked as Group CTO Conde Nast International (Vogue, GQ) and Technology Director for Vue Cinema. She is currently consulting for News UK on their digital technology structure and operating model.

    Sabah Khan Carter, CIO - Global Operations Centre, News Corp
    Judith van de Pas, CIO, Shell Retail Global Marketing & Fleet Solutions
    May Yap, Global CIO, Jabil
  • The State of Women at Work
    The State of Women at Work
    Emma Roberts, Global Program Lead, LeanIn.Org Recorded: Mar 8 2019 29 mins
    LeanIn.Org’s mission is to empower women to achieve their ambitions and get to a more gender equal world.

    Join Emma Roberts, Global Program Lead for Lean In, for a review of the state of women at work in 2018, in terms of the gains made, the inequities that remain, and the challenges that lie ahead.

    In the fight for equality and forging a #BalanceforBetter, we have our work cut out for us. And many women around the world are leading the way.

    Emma will also share practical and research based tips from LeanIn.Org on how everyone can be a better workplace ally for women in the workplace in 2019 and beyond.
  • Tech She Can: Together we can change the ratio
    Tech She Can: Together we can change the ratio
    Wincie Wong & Robyn Howard Recorded: Mar 7 2019 38 mins
    Join this webinar to hear from Robyn and Wincie all about The Tech She Can Charter. Tech She Can is a commitment across industry to improve gender diversity in technology careers with a focus on the pipeline at school level. There are over 80 organisations working together to change the ratio, this action has to be coordinated to help solve an important problem for society. Please join us to hear about how you could get involved to:

    - Influence policy
    - Improve education
    - Give a career in tech an image overhaul

    Wincie Wong, Head of Innovation for Supply Chain, RBS
    Robyn Howard, Marketing and Communications Senior Manager - Technology & Investments, and Women in Tech programme at PwC UK
  • How to Achieve More Balance in your Life as an Entrepreneur
    How to Achieve More Balance in your Life as an Entrepreneur
    Mira Rutter, Work-Life Balance Coach and Strategist, Rutter Coaching Recorded: Mar 6 2019 54 mins
    Are you tired of being tired and spreading yourself too thin all the time while running your business and juggling your home life?

    You love what you do but you feel like your life has become all about work and taking care of everyone else while you’re missing out on taking care of yourself and enjoying life.

    If you’re ready to make a change and get your life back, while running a successful business but are not sure where to start, then this webinar is for you.

    Join Mira Rutter, a Work-Life Balance Coach and Strategist who will share with you her top insights and practical tips on what you can do to achieve more balance in your life by focusing on what’s important to you and freeing up time and energy for what truly matters.

    Key takeaways:

    The two fundamental pillars to leading a balanced life and creating success on your terms
    Simple and effective strategies to reduce overwhelm and get your sanity back
    The number 1 mistake you’re making that’s draining your energy and stealing your precious time
    You will benefit from watching this webinar if you’re feeling overwhelmed with everything you have on your plate and want to lead a more balanced, healthy and fulfilling life while running a successful business.
  • How to Get in Front of your ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and Self-Doubt
    How to Get in Front of your ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and Self-Doubt
    Rosemarie Wilson, Founder, Pragmatica Coaching Recorded: Mar 6 2019 58 mins
    ‘Imposter Syndrome’ is described as an internalised fear of feeling like a fake or a fraud particularly in your professional life, it goes hand-in-hand with self-doubt.

    Are these feelings hindering your version of success?

    Join Rosemarie Wilson who will be providing practical action steps to recognise the lie that is ‘Imposter Syndrome’ and what you can immediately do to move beyond your self-doubt.

    You will learn:

    - What Imposter Syndrome is
    - How it manifests itself
    - How to identify the triggers that cause your self-doubt
    - How to change your mindset to feel more self-assured
    - How to develop strategies you can build on daily to be more confident
    - What you can start doing differently, immediately
    - What you can do to future proof, if self-doubt shows up

    About the speaker:
    Rosemarie Wilson is the founder of Pragmatica Coaching. She works on the ethos that there are always practical ways to move past your challenges to achieve more of what you want in your life.

    Rosemarie is an International Coach and Speaker who supports and guides who she works with, to achieve the most incredible results.
  • Climbing the Career Ladder: Common mistakes and tips for success
    Climbing the Career Ladder: Common mistakes and tips for success
    Triin Linamagi, Charlotte Allen, Nina Mohanty Recorded: Mar 6 2019 59 mins
    Getting your foot in the door of your dream career or industry is a tough task. Making your way up is an even more daunting one.

    Join this session where our panelists will discuss:
    -Tips for time management, negotiating salaries, interviewing
    -How you can progress your career by moving horizontally rather than vertically
    -Dealing with difficult managers
    -Finding the company culture that works for you
    -The mistakes they made in their careers and what they learned from them
  • Benchmarks for Corporate Cybersecurity
    Benchmarks for Corporate Cybersecurity
    Marilia Wyatt (WSJ Pro Cybersecurity), Lou Celi (ESI ThoughtLab) and Kim Landgraf (Security Industry Association/SIA Women) Recorded: Feb 26 2019 62 mins
    Presented by WiCyS and SIA...

    This webinar from Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS) and the Security Industry Association (SIA) will present the findings of The Cybersecurity Imperative research project produced by WSJ Pro Cybersecurity and ESI ThoughtLab and sponsored by SIA. We will share insights into how 1,000-plus organizations around the globe measure their cybersecurity preparedness and how they are preparing for future cyber threats.

    In this 45-minute program, we’ll also share a new tool that allows you to compare your own organization’s preparedness to the aggregated data of study participants.

    Expect to Learn:
    •Current threats organizations are facing
    •Cyber risk management approaches
    •Where organizations plan technology and staffing investments for cybersecurity
    •The impact of cybersecurity “maturity”
    •The costs of cybersecurity breaches

    •Marilia Wyatt (WSJ Pro Cybersecurity)
    •Lou Celi (ESI ThoughtLab)
    •Kim Landgraf (Security Industry Association / SIA Women in Security Forum)

    •Taly Walsh, Executive Director (WiCyS)
  • Moving the Needle - Women in CyberSecurity
    Moving the Needle - Women in CyberSecurity
    Taly Walsh, Executive Director, WiCyS Recorded: Feb 8 2019 61 mins
    A new study has updated the ratio of women to men in the cybersecurity workforce – from 11% to 20%. Yet more than 300,000 cybersecurity jobs are unfilled today, a number that is exponentially growing into the millions. Let's do something to move the needle to 50% women in cybersecurity!

    Women in CyberSecurity (WiCyS), a non-profit organization with deep roots in academia, government and industry, is driving to increase recruitment, retention and advancement of women in cybersecurity.

    During this engaging webinar for diversity recruiters and women in various stages of cybersecurity careers, we will interview two WiCyS Board Members who offer stats and important guidelines for recruitment and retention of women in cybersecurity.

    Dr. Janell Straach, Chairman of the Board, WiCyS - Director, Center for Engaging Women in Cybersecurity, University of Texas Dallas

    Dr. Costis Toregas, Treasurer, WiCyS - Director, Cyber Security and Privacy Research Institute, George Washington University

    Interviewer: Taly Walsh, Executive Director, WiCyS
  • Survival Skills for Cybersecurity Leaders
    Survival Skills for Cybersecurity Leaders
    Glenn Richardson, Executive Coach, LeaderSages Recorded: Jan 15 2019 60 mins
    Start the new year on the right foot by investing in yourself and improving your leadership skills. Join Glenn Richardson, coach and executive consultant, in this webinar that will explore the principles of leadership. We will review practical tips, supported by real-world examples, from an experienced, successful leader who specializes in coaching and developing new and emerging leaders. Gain confidence in your ability to learn and lead, and, if you’re already in a leadership role or approaching a new position with leadership expectations - congratulations! Join us on this webinar to develop a plan for continue learning, improvement and career advancement.

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