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Women in Tech

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  • Climbing the Corporate Ladder… in (Tasteful) High Heels Climbing the Corporate Ladder… in (Tasteful) High Heels Jo Stewart-Rattray (BRM Holdich) & Theresa Grafenstine (US House of Representatives) Recorded: Feb 16 2017 62 mins
    For many years, women have represented roughly half of all university graduates. Yet, there is a lingering imbalance of women that progress to senior leadership positions.

    Join two industry trailblazers, Jo Stewart-Rattray, the first woman to serve as CIO with responsibility for both operational and business IT in the Australian utilities space and Theresa Grafenstine, the first woman to serve as the Inspector General of the US House of Representatives, as they discuss how they cracked through the proverbial glass ceiling.

    Attendees will get practical advice on becoming a trusted advisor, building your personal brand, joining the “Old Boys Club,” and the art of gaining influence.

    Jo and Theresa will also reflect on their careers and share lessons learned on the bumps and bruises they encountered along the way with “What they wished they knew 20 years ago…”

    At the end of what will surely be a spirited discussion, attendees will have a chance to pose questions to these two role models who blazed a trail for women in the IT profession.
  • From Board Books to Boardroom: Tales from the Hi-Tech Working Mom Trenches From Board Books to Boardroom: Tales from the Hi-Tech Working Mom Trenches Jen Holtvluwer, Director of Digital Marketing, Cherwell Software & Elisabeth Thomas, President, Launch Product Marketing Recorded: Feb 16 2017 60 mins
    There is no question that being a working mom is a challenge. You never feel like you’re actually giving 100% to your family or your work. How do you manage everything amidst exhaustion and not feel guilty? Hear from two, hi-tech mommy marketers on how they have achieved a healthy balance of succeeding in the boardroom and on the home front. For entrepreneurs, learn how to find the right balance required to manage your own business. For women determined to climb the corporate ladder, hear tips on how to keep yourself and/or your team motivated.
  • Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator Let’s Go Kick Some Glass – How to be an Empowered Woman Leader & Negotiator Pattie Grimm, Author, Speaker, Trainer & Coach, Advantage Training, LTD. Recorded: Feb 10 2017 60 mins
    When it comes to women in leadership positions, statistics show that about 15% of C-suite Execs are women and about 50% are managers. So by definition, most employees are led by male-dominated executive teams.

    Statistics also show that men are 3x more likely than women to succeed in salary negotiations, despite the fact that women ask for them just as frequently but receive them less often. Women are more reticent than men to negotiate, but why? Is there a correlation between less negotiation and less women leaders? More women are taking on more high-powered tech jobs, but still struggling with self-promotion.

    During this highly interactive and informative session, you’ll …

    - Learn what makes a great woman leader and how to use your unique talents to be successful women leader in any endeavor you chose
    - Understand your strengths and how to leverage your strengths to excel at any job
    -. Create your own personal vision statement to use as a guide for your career and life
    - Learn how to stand out and be valuable, visible, and vocal to get that job or promotion you deserve
    - Understand how to “pay it forward” and raise brave girls and supportive boys
    - Understand the skills and tactics to be a powerful woman negotiator
    - Learn the five biggest mistakes most women make when negotiating
    - Practice the steps for a successful negotiation
  • Why Women Should Speak at Tech Conferences Why Women Should Speak at Tech Conferences Poornima Vijayashanker (Femgineer) and Karen Catlin Recorded: Jan 24 2017 60 mins
    To grow your career, you know what you need to do: improve your public speaking skills.

    Public speaking provides the visibility and professional credibility that helps you score the next big opportunity. But even more important is the fact that it transforms the way you communicate. Improved confidence and the ability to convey messages clearly will impact your relationships with your managers, coworkers, customers, industry peers, and even potential new hires.

    In this one-hour presentation, Poornima Vijayashanker and Karen Catlin will cover the importance of speaking at conferences and events, along with strategies to get started. They'll share some favorite tips from their book "Present! A Techie's Guide to Public Speaking," along with some embarrassing stories that are just too good to keep to themselves.

    - Poornima Vijayashanker, Founder of Femgineer
    - Karen Catlin, Advocate for Women in the Tech Industry, Author
  • Women in Tech Entrepreneurs & Founders Women in Tech Entrepreneurs & Founders Vinita Rathi, Systango, Tamsin Fox-Davies, HiBob, Marija Butkovic, Women of Wearables & Marie-Clare Fenech, Next Tech Girls Recorded: Jan 19 2017 64 mins
    What is it like in today's day and age to be a female entrepreneur? How do you successfully launch a tech startup or co-found a company as a woman in the industry? As the leader of such organizations, how can we continue to decrease the amount of gender imbalance and increase employee morale and retention? Tune in to our live, dynamic panel discussion moderated by Vinita Rathi, Co-founder and CEO of Systango and former Executive Director & VP at Goldman Sachs for a look into company culture and success from a female entrepreneur point of view.
  • How To Be Known and Great in Tech How To Be Known and Great in Tech Alyssa Nicoll, Software Engineer at WeaveUp Recorded: Jan 17 2017 25 mins
    There is no set path to tech fame, but the doors that being known opens are obvious and desirable.

    Being known in the tech industry, having a following and a name, does not just happen overnight. It takes a lot of work along with continuous attention.
    We only have so much energy to give, so many hours in the day; so the steps we take towards our career goals need to be very intentional.

    In this webinar, Alyssa Nicoll is going to go over the two paths she has discovered to creating a name for yourself and being awesome at what you do.

    2 quick paths to becoming known:
    - Technology
    - Psychology

    2 pitfalls on your way to greatness:
    - Fear
    - Time Management
  • Fearless Female Founders on Succeeding in the Tech World Fearless Female Founders on Succeeding in the Tech World Elisabeth Thomas, Erica Brescia, Casey Cohen, and Kirsten Liston Recorded: Jan 12 2017 61 mins
    Do women have fewer opportunities to advance in tech because of their gender? How can we change this?

    Our panel of fearless founders and leading women in tech will discuss the challenges of launching your tech company, how to succeed in a male-dominated field and recommendations for others considering starting their own business.

    - Elisabeth Thomas, Founder of Launch Product Marketing

    - Erica Brescia, Co-founder and COO of Bitnami
    - Casey Cohen, Co-Founder at SALIDO
    - Kirsten Liston, Managing Partner at Rethink Compliance
  • How to Launch a Successful Career as a Woman in Marketing Technology How to Launch a Successful Career as a Woman in Marketing Technology Cindy Cardinal, Isabelle Dumont, Liz Bullock and Aya Fawzy Recorded: Dec 13 2016 55 mins
    What are the skills and techniques needed to be successful in tech? As roles in technology are continually shifting, discover what you need to know in order to advance in your tech career.

    Join our panel of experts as they discuss the following:
    - How do you pivot your career to a tech path?
    - What tools/experiences do you need to get into tech?
    - How do you deal with people who have more experience than you and how do you get them to respect your opinions?
    - Many vendors and organizations are offering certifications and badges. Worth it? If you decide to pursue one, how do you decide which organization to get your additional education from?

    Cindy Cardinal, Owner of CC Communications

    Isabelle Dumont, Head of Marketing at BlueTalon
    Liz Bullock, Director Digital & Paid Media at Rackspace
    Aya Fawzy, Marketing Manager at Captora
  • Building Your Career Resilience Building Your Career Resilience Christine Brown-Quinn, Career Expert, Author & Thought Leader- Women in Business Recorded: Dec 7 2016 51 mins
    Does it feel sometimes like you're being stretched in a million different directions and that you're close to a breaking point? You're not the only one! Unfortunately, this is not an unusual experience given the current business climate combined with our demanding personal lives.

    In today's hyper-busy world it's not only about career progression, but also importantly about career resilience. According to a 2013 Gallup poll, only 13% of 180 million people considered themselves "happily engaged at work." Many studies have confirmed what we know instinctively - being happy and motivated has a huge impact on our effectiveness and resiliency.

    In today’s webinar we’re going to uncover which strategies result in high performance AND well being in our careers and our lives.
  • How Can You Inspire Girls to Explore the Possibilities of Technology How Can You Inspire Girls to Explore the Possibilities of Technology Sarah Johnson, National Outreach Manager for TechGirlz Recorded: Nov 30 2016 20 mins
    Only 25% of technology professionals are female. Girls are opting out of STEM classes in HS. Fewer women earn degrees in Computer Science now than 30 years ago. The numbers are bleak but you can help!

    TechGirlz can help you organize a technology workshop in your community and inspire girls to explore the possibilities of technology. Learn how you can use TechShopz in a Box (TM) free workshop curriculum to introduce middle school girls to topics such as website design and development, game design and development, mobile app design, media editing, robotics, computer hardware, and much more!

    All materials are free for you to use and TechGirlz is here to help you get started in your community. Be sure to ask some friends to help - it's more fun together!

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