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Continuum Analytics

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  • Big Data is the Least of Your Problems
    Big Data is the Least of Your Problems Peter Wang, CTO, Continuum Analytics Recorded: Jul 28 2016 54 mins
    In this webinar, Continuum Analytics Chief Technology Officer Peter Wang will discuss new data science technologies and how to leverage all the latest innovations in data, analytics and computation to discover new breakthroughs with an empowered data science team.
    You'll learn how to:
    Maximize your computing power to propel your results to a new level

    Leverage open source to harness the latest machine and deep learning

    Enable your organization to play data science as a team sport and see better returns
  • Journey to Open Data Science
    Journey to Open Data Science Michele Chambers & Christine Doig Recorded: Jun 14 2016 51 mins
    Open data science languages - R and Python - offer tremendous advantages over legacy, proprietary products like SAS and MATLAB. You can embrace modern innovation, attract a new generation of data scientists, and go from ad hoc analysis to production models in one platform that embraces the open source ecosystem.

    But how does your enterprise make this transition without descending into anarchy? How can you embrace open source without entering into a quagmire of technical, process, and legal issues? How can you embrace R, Python, and their thousands of powerful analytic packages without their accompanying governance and legal risks? How do you see through the legacy vendor FUD and make open source work?

    We're here to help - Continuum Analytics VP Products/CMO Michele Chambers and Sr. Data Scientist Christine Doig will help you embark on your enterprise's journey to open data science in this webinar.

    You'll learn how to:
    Drive collaboration and true data science teamwork through open data science
    Mitigate legal risk through indemnification and appropriate package selection
    Democratize innovation through broad access to open data science tools
    Bring advanced analytics to Excel-loving analysts with Anaconda Fusion
  • Open Data Science with R and Anaconda  Edit
    Open Data Science with R and Anaconda Edit Christine Doig, Senior Data Scientist Recorded: May 18 2016 54 mins
    Managing packages and dependencies in R is frustrating. Making other people's R code work is a time-consuming challenge that prevents you and your colleagues from collaborating. Most importantly, these challenges stop your organization from reproducing and benefiting from the insights your analysis has uncovered.

    We're here to help. Anaconda makes package, dependency and environment management with R, as well as other Open Data Science languages, easy. Now your code works on everyone's machine, and Anaconda Enterprise Notebooks make team collaboration effortless while giving both data scientists and analysts a powerful interface to share the entire data science narrative, including analysis and interactive visualizations.
  • High Performance Hadoop with Python: Get 10-100X Faster with Anaconda
    High Performance Hadoop with Python: Get 10-100X Faster with Anaconda Dr. Kristopher Overholt & Dr. Matthew Rocklin Recorded: Apr 28 2016 68 mins
    Anaconda, the leading Open Data Science Platform, delivers high performance Python for Hadoop. You get to leverage your existing Python-based data science investments with your existing Hadoop or HPC clusters. Anaconda bypasses the typical Hadoop performance issues, leverages existing high performance scientific and array-based computing in Python and now leverages Dask, the powerful parallel execution framework, to deliver fast results on any enterprise Hadoop distribution such as Cloudera & Hortonworks.

    In this webinar, you'll learn to:
    Analyze NYC taxi data through distributed DataFrames on a cluster on HDFS
    Create interactive distributed visualizations of global temperature data
    Distribute in-memory natural language processing & interactive queries on text data in HDFS
    Wrap and parallelize existing legacy code on custom file formats

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