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  • Stop Problems Bouncing Between Support Teams
    Stop Problems Bouncing Between Support Teams
    Paul Offord Recorded: Apr 19 2017 27 mins
    The demand for increasingly sophisticated IT applications is leading to complex systems that are interconnected with other complex systems. This in turn is driving an increase in the number of difficult performance and stability problems.
    The cause of such problems is often hard to determine, which makes it difficult to allocate the problem to the correct technology team. Consequently, the problem bounces from team to team, as each in turn ‘proves’ that their technology is not at fault.
    More often than not, some of the technical support teams involved are from service providers, and so rather than a problem just bouncing between internal teams, it bounces between commercial organisations. This can result in disputes with circular behaviour driven by the need to avoid reputational and commercial damage.
    Unfortunately, problem management doesn’t provide the solution. Whilst problem managers may coordinate the troubleshooting activity of multiple technical support teams, these teams operate in silos. This paper explains why a siloed approach is ineffective when investigating difficult performance and stability problems.
    Some organisations are aware of these potential issues and are tackling them by creating service-orientated Cross-technology Troubleshooting Teams (CTT).
    In this webinar, we outline the need for a CTT, the benefits it delivers, its structure and strategies to optimise its effectiveness.
  • Skype for Business - The Path to Network Success
    Skype for Business - The Path to Network Success
    Marc Thach, Problem Analyst at Advance7 Recorded: Feb 8 2017 35 mins
    Advance7 has undertaken a number of studies into the implementation of Skype for Business and other UC systems in med/large enterprises.

    Using the experience gained from these studies, we believe that Skype for Business can bring headaches to the network.

    This presentation is aimed at network implementation and support staff and their managers, and we hope it will help you avoid some of the pitfalls, and highlight what it will mean to you.

    It outlines how the voice and video calling features of Skype for Business will impact the network and how the support model may present extra challenges to the network team.

    Increasing numbers of corporates are adopting Skype for Business. Although an organisation may already use an enterprise-wide VoIP solution, a smooth deployment of Skype for Business and the planning for good call quality is a challenge.

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