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  • Platform Requirements for CI/CD Success—and the Enterprises Leading the Way
    Platform Requirements for CI/CD Success—and the Enterprises Leading the Way James Ma, Pivotal and Jay Lyman, 451 Research Recorded: Jun 28 2018 60 mins
    All enterprises want to increase the speed of software delivery to get new products to market faster. The means for achieving this is often through the practice of continuous integration/continuous delivery. But speed alone isn’t enough—teams also require the ability to pivot when conditions change. They must ensure their software is stable and reliable, and be able to roll out patches and other security measures quickly and at scale.

    A cloud-native platform coupled with test-driven development and CI/CD practices can help make this a reality. In this webinar, 451 Research’s Jay Lyman presents the results of his research into cloud-native platform requirements for enterprise CI/CD and DevOps success. Pivotal’s James Ma joins Lyman to discuss best practices from DevOps teams charged with running and managing cloud-native platforms, including applying CI/CD to the platform itself.

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  • Simplified Machine Learning, Text, and Graph Analytics with Pivotal Greenplum
    Simplified Machine Learning, Text, and Graph Analytics with Pivotal Greenplum Bob Glithero, PMM, Pivotal and James Curtis Senior Analyst, 451 Research Recorded: May 24 2018 55 mins
    Data is at the center of digital transformation; using data to drive action is how transformation happens. But data is messy, and it’s everywhere. It’s in the cloud and on-premises. It’s in different types and formats. By the time all this data is moved, consolidated, and cleansed, it can take weeks to build a predictive model.

    Even with data lakes, efficiently integrating multi-structured data from different data sources and streams is a major challenge. Enterprises struggle with a stew of data integration tools, application integration middleware, and various data quality and master data management software. How can we simplify this complexity to accelerate and de-risk analytic projects?

    The data warehouse—once seen as only for traditional business intelligence applications — has learned new tricks. Join James Curtis from 451 Research and Pivotal’s Bob Glithero for an interactive discussion about the modern analytic data warehouse. In this webinar, we’ll share insights such as:

    - Why after much experimentation with other architectures such as data lakes, the data warehouse has reemerged as the platform for integrated operational analytics

    - How consolidating structured and unstructured data in one environment—including text, graph, and geospatial data—makes in-database, highly parallel, analytics practical

    - How bringing open-source machine learning, graph, and statistical methods to data accelerates analytical projects

    - How open-source contributions from a vibrant community of Postgres developers reduces adoption risk and accelerates innovation

    We thank you in advance for joining us.
  • InfoSec: Evolve Thyself to Keep Pace in the Age of DevOps
    InfoSec: Evolve Thyself to Keep Pace in the Age of DevOps Fernando Montenegro, 451 Research, Justin Smith and Jared Ruckle, Pivotal Recorded: Apr 26 2018 60 mins
    Companies going through digital transformation initiatives need their IT organizations to support an increased business tempo. While DevOps practices have helped IT increase their pace to keep up with market dynamics, security teams still need to follow suit.

    InfoSec practitioners must modernize their practices to realize efficiencies in some of their most burdensome processes, like patching, credential management, and compliance.

    By embracing a ‘secure by default’ posture security teams can position themselves as enabling innovation rather than hindering it.

    Join Pivotal’s Justin Smith and guest speaker, Fernando Montenegro from 451 Research, in a conversation about how security can enable innovation while maintaining best security practices. They will examine best practices and cultural shifts that are required to be secure by default, as well as the role processes and platforms play in this transition.

    Guest Speaker: Fernando Montenegro, Senior Analyst, Information Security, 451 Research
    Justin Smith, Chief Security Officer for Product, Pivotal
    Jared Ruckle, Product Marketing Manager, Pivotal
  • Overcoming Data Gravity In Multi-Cloud Enterprise Architectures
    Overcoming Data Gravity In Multi-Cloud Enterprise Architectures Mike Gualtieri, Forrester and Jag Mirani & Mike Stolz, Pivotal Recorded: Apr 3 2018 73 mins
    Enterprise architectures never sleep because cloud-first strategies must also become multi-cloud-first strategies. Public cloud providers such as Microsoft Azure are providing compelling services and pricing. And, most enterprises now consider their own datacenter a private cloud.

    This is not a one-cloud playing field and enterprise architects must develop strategies, standards, and policies about how their data is being used, moved, and created across multiple cloud infrastructures.

    Join Pivotal’s Jag Mirani and Mike Stolz along with guest, Forrester Vice President and Principal Analyst, Mike Gualtieri, as they examine the trends driving multi-cloud adoption and more importantly how to architect technical solutions to make data free to roam among them safely.

    Mike Gualtieri, VP, PRINCIPAL ANALYST, Forrester
    Jag Mirani, Product Marketing, Data Services, Pivotal
    Mike Stolz, Product Lead, GemFire, Pivotal
  • The Math Behind (and Beyond) Digital Transformation
    The Math Behind (and Beyond) Digital Transformation Guest Speaker Jon Erickson, Forrester and Dormain Drewitz, Pivotal Recorded: Feb 27 2018 67 mins
    Measuring the value of a platform on your organization can be difficult, and communicating it can be even more so. The first step is figuring out what you should measure, next is evaluating the impact of the platform using quantifiable and qualifiable results, and finally, communicating the tangible outcomes to your organization.

    Understanding this, Pivotal commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study that examined both the quantifiable and qualifiable results that Pivotal Cloud Foundry (PCF) has had on customer organizations.

    Using a stringent methodology, Forrester highlights some of the benefits that Pivotal customers realized in areas such as:

    - Operational efficiency
    - Increased developer productivity
    - Decreased downtime / higher quality software
    - Shortened release cycles

    Join Pivotal’s Dormain Drewitz, and special guest Jon Erickson, vice president and director of Forrester's Total Economic Impact practice, as they dig into the metrics and results of the TEI study about Pivotal Cloud Foundry.
  • Building a Big Data Fabric with a Next Generation Data Platform
    Building a Big Data Fabric with a Next Generation Data Platform Noel Yuhanna, Forrester, Jacque Istok, Pivotal Recorded: Dec 13 2017 57 mins
    For more than 25 years IT organizations have spent many cycles building enterprise data warehouses, but both speed to market and high cost has left people continually searching for a better way. Over the last 10 years, many found an answer with Hadoop, but the inability to recruit skilled resources, combined with common enterprise necessities such as ANSI compliant SQL, security and the overall complexity has Hadoop relegated to an inexpensive, but scalable data repository.

    Join Noel Yuhanna from Forrester and Pivotal’s Jacque Istok for an interactive discussion about the most recent data architecture evolution; the Big Data Fabric. During this webinar you will learn:

    What a Big Data Fabric is
    - How does it leverage your existing investments in enterprise data warehouses, data marts, cloud analytics, and Hadoop clusters?
    How to leverage your team’s expertise to build a Big Data Fabric
    - What skills should you be investing in to continue evolving with the market?
    When is it appropriate for an organization to move to a Big Data Fabric
    - Can you afford to divert from your existing path? Can you afford not to?
    The skills and technologies that will ease the move to this new architecture
    - What bets can you place that will keep you moving forward?
  • Analytical Innovation: How to Build the Next Generation Data Platform
    Analytical Innovation: How to Build the Next Generation Data Platform James Curtis, Senior Analyst, Data Platforms & Analytics, 451 Research & Jacque Istok, Head of Data, Pivotal Recorded: Sep 14 2017 63 mins
    There was a time when the Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) was the only way to provide a 360-degree analytical view of the business. In recent years many organizations have deployed disparate analytics alternatives to the EDW, including: cloud data warehouses, machine learning frameworks, graph databases, geospatial tools, and other technologies. Often these new deployments have resulted in the creation of analytical silos that are too complex to integrate, seriously limiting global insights and innovation.

    Join guest speaker, 451 Research’s Jim Curtis and Pivotal’s Jacque Istok for an interactive discussion about some of the overarching trends affecting the data warehousing market, as well as how to build a next generation data platform to accelerate business innovation. During this webinar you will learn:

    - The significance of a multi-cloud, infrastructure-agnostic analytics
    - What is working and what isn’t, when it comes to analytics integration
    - The importance of seamlessly integrating all your analytics in one platform
    - How to innovate faster, taking advantage of open source and agile software

    We look forward to you joining us.
    The Pivotal Team
  • Five Pitfalls When Operationalizing Data Science and a Strategy for Success
    Five Pitfalls When Operationalizing Data Science and a Strategy for Success Guest Speaker Mike Gualtieri, Forrester, Dormain Drewitz and Jeff Kelly, Pivotal Recorded: Aug 2 2017 64 mins
    Enterprise executives and IT teams alike know that data science is not optional, but struggle to benefit from it because the process takes too long and operationalizing models in applications can be hairy.

    Join guest speaker, Forrester Research’s Mike Gualtieri and Pivotal’s Jeff Kelly and Dormain Drewitz for an interactive discussion about operationalizing data science in your business. In this webinar, the first of a two-part series, you will learn:

    - The essential value of data science and the concept of perishable insights.
    - Five common pitfalls of data science teams.
    - How to dramatically increase the productivity of data scientists.
    - The smooth hand-off steps required to operationalize data science models in enterprise applications.
  • Microservices Approaches for Continuous Data Integration
    Microservices Approaches for Continuous Data Integration Jurgen Leschner, Pivotal and Matt Aslett, Research Director, 451 Research Recorded: Jun 8 2017 64 mins
    How can businesses modernize their existing data integration flows? How can they connect a rapidly evolving number of data services? How can they capture, process, and generate new event streams? How can they leverage advances in Machine Learning to enhance real time interactions with their customers?

    Join Matt Aslett, Research Director at 451 Research, and Jürgen Leschner from Pivotal for an interactive discussion about continuous data integration applications, trends, and architectures.

    In this webinar you will learn:
    - How traditional data integration approaches like batch ETL can be improved
    - Why microservices support continuous data integration in a scalable way
    - How to incorporate DevOps practices in your data integration teams
    - What benefits microservices and DevOps practices bring to data integration
  • The Bright Ops Future: Reinventing Operations In The Age Of Cloud-Native IT​
    The Bright Ops Future: Reinventing Operations In The Age Of Cloud-Native IT​ Guest Speaker Dave Bartoletti, Forrester Principal Analyst and John Allwright, Pivotal Recorded: May 18 2017 61 mins
    In the whirlwind of digital business where web, mobile and now line-of-business app growth is exploding across every industry, how should operations teams respond? Do you add more people, automate what your experts already do, or is there another way?

    Join​ ​​guest speaker​ Forrester Principal Analyst Dave Bartoletti and John Allwright from Pivotal for an interactive discussion of how leading companies have successfully transformed their operations function​s to accelerate digital transformation.​​

    They will share​ ​data and research on how operations​ ​​teams are moving from being cost centers to the engine powering modern app development -- and how modern apps delivers value to the business beyond infrastructure efficiency.​

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