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Spring by Pivotal

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  • Full Stack Reactive NoSQL: Spring Data and Couchbase
    Full Stack Reactive NoSQL: Spring Data and Couchbase Matt Ingenthron and Subhashni Balakrishnan, Couchbase Recorded: Jul 13 2017 71 mins
    While Spring Framework 4.0 includes limited support for reactive programming, Spring Framework 5.0 emphasizes reactive architectures—it's time to learn how to take this full stack! From inception, Couchbase has been designed for event oriented programming. Currently Spring Data Couchbase builds on its reactive programming using RxJava 1.x while project Reactor is coming to Spring Framework 5.0

    As a developer you can powerfully build Spring Framework apps and microservices with Spring Data Couchbase since the implementation behind the API is scalable and efficient. Spring Data Couchbase also allows you to dive down to the native reactive interfaces when you want to optimize the last mile. Being reactive-ready, Couchbase fully embraces reactive support in Spring Framework 5.0, providing a repository with reactor types.

    In this session, Matt Ingenthron of Couchbase will first review the capabilities of Spring Data Couchbase showing how the implementation makes it easy to leverage a reactive core for your apps. Then Matt will demonstrate how you can directly work with Couchbase's reactive interface in apps built on Spring Framework 4.0 and give you a sense of how Couchbase plans to go even further with Spring Framework 5.0's reactive interfaces.
  • New in Spring Framework 5.0: Functional Web Framework
    New in Spring Framework 5.0: Functional Web Framework Arjen Poutsma, Pivotal Recorded: Jun 14 2017 64 mins
    In Spring Framework 5.0, we introduced a new, functional web framework, next to the existing annotation-driven programming model. In this talk, we will discuss this new framework: how it is used, what its goals are, how it compares to the annotation model, and other related topics.
  • Continuous Deployment to the Cloud
    Continuous Deployment to the Cloud Marcin Grzejszczak, Pivotal Recorded: May 30 2017 79 mins
    “I have stopped counting how many times I’ve done this from scratch” - was one of the responses to the tweet about starting the project called Spring Cloud Pipelines. Every company sets up a pipeline to take code from your source control, through unit testing and integration testing, to production from scratch. Every company creates some sort of automation to deploy its applications to servers. Enough is enough - time to automate that and focus on delivering business value.

    In this presentation we’ll go through the contents of the Spring Cloud Pipelines project. We’ll start a new project for which we’ll have a deployment pipeline set up in no time. We’ll deploy to Cloud Foundry and check if our application is backwards compatible so that we can roll it back on production.
  • Spring Boot Under the Hood
    Spring Boot Under the Hood Nicolas Fränkel, Software Architect at Hybris Software Recorded: Apr 13 2017 63 mins
    With the Spring Boot stack you can kickstart your Spring project in a matter of minutes. For both developers using Spring and microservices adopters, Spring Boot has been a resounding success.

    Favoring Spring Boot over the traditional Spring Framework comes at a cost, you have to let Boot be in control and it might hurt when you decide to get back in the driving seat.

    Come to this 60 minute webinar and discover how auto-configuration and the different flavors of conditionals work through the creation of a Spring Boot starter. You’ll come away with an understanding of Spring Boot internals, how to debug better, and be able to develop your own starter.

    Speaker Nicolas Fränkel is an IT architect focusing on Java, Java EE, Spring and their surrounding ecosystems, a trainer, book writer, speaker and blogger.

    We thank you in advance for joining us.

    The Spring by Pivotal Team
  • Strategic (Domain Driven) Design with Spring Boot
    Strategic (Domain Driven) Design with Spring Boot Michael Plöd, Principal Consultant, InnoQ Recorded: Mar 29 2017 64 mins
    This talk will focus on one of the most precious parts of Domain Driven Design, the concept of Strategic Design, as well as Bounded Context, the Context Map and the patterns that are being documented in the Context Map.

    An explanation of these principles as well as practical usage scenarios such as migrating a monolithic landscape to microservices is planned for discussion. And, using a hands-on approach, we will demonstrate the concepts surrounding Strategic Design with an application landscape of various Spring Boot Applications.

    We thank you in advance for joining us.

    The Spring by Pivotal Team
  • Spring Boot 1.5 and Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    Spring Boot 1.5 and Pivotal Cloud Foundry Pieter Humphrey, Pivotal and Madhura Bhave, Pivotal Recorded: Feb 28 2017 62 mins
    Spring Boot and Pivotal Cloud Foundry users won’t want to miss Spring team’s Madhura Bhave and Pieter Humphrey as they tour through the Spring Boot 1.5 release.

    Inspired in part by cool community open source work from Ordina JWorks, one of the hottest new directions that the two teams are working on is the integration of Spring Boot Actuators with Pivotal Cloud Foundry.

    Attendees will be given direct linkage to product management - this is your chance to influence future integration direction! You’ll also walk away understanding all the highlights of the Spring Boot 1.5 release, including exciting improvements in Kafka and JPA support.
  • Awesome tools to level up your Spring Cloud architecture
    Awesome tools to level up your Spring Cloud architecture Andreas Evers, Principal Consultant, Ordina Recorded: Dec 8 2016 73 mins
    Getting up and running with Spring Cloud is a breeze. But once the initial setup is done, it needs to be complemented with an ecosystem that can cope with the extra operational complexity and quality concerns. While running Spring Cloud in production for over a year, Pivotal has integrated some interesting tools for documentation, operations and testing.

    During this talk you will see a demo of an integrated platform based on Spring Cloud, including tools like Spring Cloud Contract, wiremock, saboteur, ELK, Spinnaker, Spring Boot Admin and more. One of these tools is a dashboard for visualising Pivotal’s Spring Cloud microservice architecture, which has recently been open sourced.

    Documenting, testing, troubleshooting, and monitoring highly distributed systems in microservice architectures are hard. Finding quality, complementary tools in the wilds of open source can be even harder. Join this webinar for a pragmatic look at taming some of the challenges of running microservices in production.

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