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  • The Power of Identity2: Delivering end-to-end Identity Access and Governance
    The Power of Identity2: Delivering end-to-end Identity Access and Governance Ron Piovesan, Business Development, Okta Collin Perry, Director of SaaS Solutions, SailPoint Recorded: Jul 12 2018 55 mins
    With the demise of the traditional enterprise network security perimeter, enterprises are leveraging the power of identity to secure and control access to all applications, systems, and data. All this IT infrastructure is housed both on-premises and in the cloud, and must be accessed by authorized local and remote employees as well as a growing web of partners, contractors, and suppliers.

    Join us to learn how the Okta Identity Cloud coupled with SailPoint Identity Governance can help you securely and effectively authenticate, provision, and govern access to all applications and data across the hybrid cloud and on-premises enterprise.

    Join the two leaders in Identity for this informative webinar and learn how to:

    · Achieve unified access, control, and IT efficiency
    · Mitigate the risk of a security breach and enforce corporate and compliance policies
    · Provide seamless identity access and governance
  • How Identity Can Integrate Office 365 with HR and Security Systems
    How Identity Can Integrate Office 365 with HR and Security Systems Arun Desouza, CISO at Nexteer Automotive, Sibrina Subedar, Director, Product Marketing at Okta Recorded: Jun 28 2018 53 mins
    Over their 100-year history, Nexteer Automotive welcomed technology advancements and innovations. They continue this journey in the era of digital transformation to fuel productivity, efficiency and innovation.

    While modernizing IT led to automation and productivity gains it also significantly increased their attack surface in a time when cyber threats are all too common. The complexity of legacy infrastructure, on-prem apps, and adoption of cloud apps, produced a multitude of end-user entry points. This complicated both security and user lifecycle management.

    Join CISO Arun Desouza from Nexteer to learn how they used identity as the lynchpin to connect disparate systems and applications. He will discuss how they used identity management to:

    - Reduce reliance on servers and complex architecture requirements of AD FS and MIM while deploying O365 with Azure AD.
    - Improve user lifecycle management by provisioning employees into all on-prem and cloud apps using HR-as-a-Master.
    - Integrate identity with network security infrastructure to reduce breaches and gain immediate visibility to when and where threats take place.

    Don’t want to miss this opportunity to hear how Nexteer used identity architecture to connect everything and improve ease of use, scalability, automation and productivity.

    About the speakers:

    Arun Desouza is Chief Information Security & Privacy Officer at Nexteer Automotive Corporation. Previously, he served as CISO and Director, Strategic Planning and Information Security at Inergy Automotive Systems. Arun’s expertise includes security strategy, risk management, identity management, cloud and privacy.

    Sibrina Subedar is a Director of Product Marketing at Okta. She spent 12 years at Cisco in many roles including Customer Advocacy & Product Management and working across many technologies like routing, switching, security, VoIP. The following 3 years at NetApp she started with product management on security products.
  • Optimizing Identity Access Management in a Cloud-First World
    Optimizing Identity Access Management in a Cloud-First World Nick Fisher, Group Manager, Product Marketing, Security, Okta Jervis Hui, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Netspoke Recorded: Jun 14 2018 39 mins
    As organizations move to the cloud and adopt productivity suites like Microsoft Office 365, they’re presented with new risks around user access and authentication, data security, and cloud threats.

    In this webinar, attendees will learn:

    - How Okta and Netskope provide additional security controls for your cloud deployments.
    - Hear about top use cases around identity management and cloud security.
  • The Evolution of Zero Trust Security: Next Gen Access
    The Evolution of Zero Trust Security: Next Gen Access Nick Fisher, Security Product Marketing at Okta Recorded: Jun 7 2018 28 mins
    As breaches fill the headlines, more organizations are adopting a Zero Trust security model and its key principle of "never trust, always verify." Modern implementations of this model are focusing on "Next Gen Access," where identity and authentication can greatly enhance your security posture with less complexity than network-based solutions.

    Join Nick Fisher of Okta where we’ll discuss how companies today are having success taking a Zero Trust approach to security.
  • "Yes" to Identity. "No" to Parrots.
    "Yes" to Identity. "No" to Parrots. The Onion Recorded: Mar 15 2018 2 mins
    #BeforeOkta, Jim went to extreme lengths to keep up with IT requests.

    Learn more: okta.com
  • "BooBoo" Made Identity All Better
    "BooBoo" Made Identity All Better The Onion Recorded: Mar 14 2018 1 min
    #BeforeOkta, Jess’ app got hacked. Twice.

    Learn more: okta.com
  • Want Security in the Cloud? Look to Identity First
    Want Security in the Cloud? Look to Identity First Krystal Wang, Senior Manager, Security Solutions Michael Paiko, Director, Product Marketing, Identity Recorded: Mar 13 2018 34 mins
    Cost savings, storage, ease of updates. The allure of the cloud is hard to ignore, with some reports citing over 90% of organizations using cloud services in some manner. But all the benefits of the cloud disappear if you can't keep your data and users safe. In a perimeter-less world, it's identity that becomes the heart of security. Join us to discover why modern security starts with identity first and how identity can help overcome cloud frustrations.
  • Accelerating Agency IT Modernization
    Accelerating Agency IT Modernization Dr. Ronald Ross, NIST, David Hogue, NSA, Joe Diamond, Okta Recorded: Mar 8 2018 63 mins
    The White House’s American Technology Council and Office of American Innovation on modernizing federal technology published specific recommendations to jumpstart a new wave of modernization efforts by accelerating cloud adoption, consolidating networks and prioritizing key applications for needed upgrades.

    In this webinar, originally hosted by i360Gov, leaders from government and industry provide an overview of current initiatives and solutions to the many IT modernization challenges agencies face, such as:

    - Maintenance that often requires immediate attention and runs the risk of breaking integrations and upgrades
    - Legacy solutions that are unable to properly communicate between on-premises, mobile, and the cloud
    - Citizen facing services not designed for today’s technology environment

    You will also learn about Identity, the hidden accelerator to IT modernization, and how by creating a single solution for identity, agencies can speed up digital and cloud programs.
  • Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with Better Identity Management
    Accelerating Your Digital Transformation with Better Identity Management Morgan Reed, State of Arizona, Nadav Benbarak, Okta, Bob Woolley, Center for Digital Government Recorded: Mar 7 2018 61 mins
    If you’re a government IT leader, you’re no doubt looking at how to help your agency transition from legacy systems, paper-based processes and inefficient use of employee time – all with an eye toward better serving citizens. An innovative cloud-based approach to identity management accelerates these digital transformation efforts, while saving money and strengthening security.

    Watch this webinar for an engaging discussion on how a cloud-based identity management portal can:
    - Speed up the deployment of new apps and services while simplifying integration
    - Boost employee productivity by expediting user provisioning and deprovisioning
    - Increase citizen satisfaction with your agency’s services by providing users with convenient and secure access to government services
  • Rethinking API Security
    Rethinking API Security Keith Casey, API Problem Solver,Okta Recorded: Mar 6 2018 31 mins
    While APIs created new ways to reach our customers, our development practices haven’t adapted accordingly. The principles which have served us well are insufficient when users can and will connect at any time from any location with any device while still demanding a smooth, consistent experience.

    Instead of hoping for the best or blindly applying the old processes, let’s go back to basics and the well-supported standards to build an experience that keeps our customers happy and still lets our team sleep at night. In this session, we’ll cover the foundations of developing, securing, and managing access to the critical APIs that drive our business.

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