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OPAQ Networks

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  • Simplified Endpoint Microsegmentation from the Cloud
    Simplified Endpoint Microsegmentation from the Cloud Tom Cross, CTO, OPAQ Networks Recorded: Apr 4 2018 59 mins
    Many security experts warn of a rising trend of lateralization attacks against organizations of all sizes. In these attacks, east-west movement within an organization’s internal network compromises other systems, with the ultimate goal of gaining administrative control over the entire network. Organizations can prevent lateral attacks by implementing microsegmentation. However, for many organizations, segmenting the network is very complex – traditional firewalls and VLANs make it difficult and costly to manage.

    See how you can easily and flexibly implement software-defined network segmentation from the OPAQ Cloud without using firewalls or VLANs to confront the growing threat of lateralization attacks. In this webcast you’ll:

    - See the latest tools that malicious actors are using to penetrate your network.

    - Learn what leading-edge organizations are doing to gain greater visibility and control over their network assets.

    - Understand what effective strategies are being implemented to segment the network using a software-defined approach.
  • How OPAQ Works: The OPAQ 360 Platform in Action
    How OPAQ Works: The OPAQ 360 Platform in Action OPAQ Networks Recorded: Aug 7 2017 2 mins
    OPAQ Networks empowers organizations with the most comprehensive security-as-a-service that simplifies security management, centralizes policy enforcement, and reduces costs. See how the OPAQ 360 platform works.
  • OPAQ Networks Overview
    OPAQ Networks Overview OPAQ Networks Recorded: Apr 12 2017 1 min
    Simplified, cost-effective security delivered from the cloud is the groundbreaking path more and more organizations are taking – out of need, necessity, and convenience. Whatever your reason, these resources are designed to help you understand how you can move your organization’s networking and security from a state of complexity to a state of simplicity.

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