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  • The Account Journey: Stage Automation and Attribution
    The Account Journey: Stage Automation and Attribution
    Grant Grigorian, Co-Founder and CEO of Path to Scale Recorded: Jun 15 2017 36 mins
    In this webinar we'll explore how to design and begin to measure the Account Journey by mapping out the end-to-end marketing and sales processes.

    Specifically, we'll introduce the idea of an "Account Stage" and map out a few variations of an Account Lifecycle Model - ie how do we take a prospect from "Target Account" to "Customer"?

    Once we've established an account lifecycle model driven by the Account Stage, we'll fully automate it by using information about the contacts and sales deals in the account. The Account Stage will serve as the high-level indicator of where the account is in the sales cycle, making it easier to evaluate the health of our sales pipeline overall.

    Mapping out the Account LIfecycle will also improve marketing and sales alignment for Account Based Marketing orchestration and performance measurement.

    We'll conclude the webinar by showing examples of how Account Based Marketing Attribution can be used to analyze the performance of the account lifecycle.

    Note to Audience:
    This webinar is NOT a product demo or a pitch. Instead, our webinars offer an in-depth exploration of challenging topics that our customers and partners are working through - and that we hope to shed some light on.

    Please attend the webinar to learn more about this topic and bring your own questions/comments to make the session more interactive - and more valuable to everyone.

    If you'd like to learn more about Path to Scale products, please visit us our website.
  • Account Based Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling: A Practical Approach
    Account Based Multi-Touch Attribution Modeling: A Practical Approach
    Grant Grigorian, CEO and Co-Founder, Path to Scale Recorded: Apr 6 2017 37 mins
    Multi-touch attribution modeling and analytics are a must for a metrics driven marketing organization - but how should we approach measuring account based marketing strategies? How are account based attribution models different from more traditional models?

    In this webinar we will explore how to think about account based multi-touch marketing attribution and provide practical advice on how to get started. We'll also show example dashboards and business use-cases for the derived metrics.

    Join us to get your questions answered so you can get started with your own modeling!
  • How to Solve Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution in Salesforce
    How to Solve Multi-Touch Marketing Attribution in Salesforce
    Grant Grigorian, CEO at Path to Scale & David Pitta, CMO at BrightTALK Recorded: Dec 7 2016 48 mins
    Every performance marketing professional is struggling to find a reliable campaign attribution strategy. As marketing leaders prepare budgets and forecasts for the new year, many live in agony to accurately measure their multi-touch demand waterfall. These leaders know a full-funnel strategy is required but have limited insight into the lead-to-customer path. Join us for this presentation to learn:

    - How the attribution journey has changed over time and what the future holds
    - Where the marketing stack has failed to deliver ROI metrics
    - What you can do (immediately) to fix attribution in your organization

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