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BrightTALK at RSA 2017

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  • Diversity and the Art of Cybersecurity | RSAC Live Panel Diversity and the Art of Cybersecurity | RSAC Live Panel Diana Kelley (IBM), Jennifer Steffens (IOActive), Dug Song (DuoSec), Ayelet Steinitz (Imperva), Larry Whiteside Jr. (Optiv) Recorded: Feb 14 2017 40 mins
    Cybersecurity is an art. It’s a game of virtual hide-and-seek wherein attacker and defender are pitted against each other in an elaborate game of strategy which requires making unexpected connections between things before they happen. The skills needed for this job come from different experiences, perspectives and the ability to put yourself in another person’s shoes, and without a wide range of thinking styles, the solutions that we devise for a security problem are necessarily limited. Cybercriminals don’t think nor play by the rules - so why do we put unnecessary rules on ourselves? In this panel, industry experts and diversity champions discuss why diversity is critical to cybersecurity and explore the concrete steps that the security industry can take to foster diversity today for better solutions.

    The audience will learn:
    - What diversity in the workforce really means (hint: it’s more than gender!)
    - The value of diversity (with examples of successful diversity programs in InfoSec)
    - Tips, tricks and best practices to creating and maintaining a successful, working diversity program

    Diana Kelley, Global Executive Security Advisor, IBM

    - Jennifer Steffens, CEO of IOActive, Inc
    - Dug Song, Co-Founder & CEO, Duo Security
    - Ayelet Steinitz, VP of Business Development, Imperva
    - Larry Whiteside Jr., Co-founder & VP, International Consortium of Minority Cybersecurity Professionals
  • CyberSecurity: Ignorance is not an Excuse | RSAC Live Panel CyberSecurity: Ignorance is not an Excuse | RSAC Live Panel Jeremiah Grossman (Sentinel One), Ian Glazer (Kantara), Uma Karmarkar (Harvard), Sean Martin (ITSP), Michael Landewe (Avanan) Recorded: Feb 14 2017 43 mins
    We live in a society where we have to place warnings on cups that the coffee you’ve just knowingly purchased is hot, yet we hand out smartphones to kids like they’re candy without understanding the risks that these devices pose to our safety. We’ve become so dependent on digital technology that we don’t stop to consider the consequence of our choices.

    A Black Hat survey showed that 28% of people felt that the weakest link in enterprise IT defenses was "end users who violate security policy and are too easily fooled by social engineering attacks.” Whether laziness, optimism or naiveté, it’s in our nature to trust - even when it puts us, our company or society in danger.

    Trust is inherently a human character - we yearn to belong and trust. This panel explores the role of trust in cyber security, in defense and in our everyday lives. Can human be taught to make good decisions with security consequences given our desire to trust? Can we conceptualize trust into machine processable information so that machines can make better decisions on behalf of humans? Can we develop security and defense solutions that work on partial and uncertain information but still protect us in the face of uncertainty?

    We will also explore how the concept of identity plays into trust. Do certain aspects of identities deliver more trust than others? And can we associate assurance level with fine-grained aspects of identity data so that we can more dependable trust decisions?

    All these and more will be explored by our panelists, including a security researcher, an identity expert, a neuro-behavior expert, and a solution provider.

    Sean Martin, CISSP, Editor in Chief, ITSPmagazine

    Jeremiah Grossman, CSO of SentinelOne
    Ian Glazer, Chairman, ID Professionals Working Group, Kantara Initiative
    Uma Karmarkar, Decision Neuroscientist | Assistant Professor at Harvard Business School
    Michael Landewe, Co-Founder of Avanan Cloud Security
  • Internet and the Insecurity of Things | RSAC Live Panel Internet and the Insecurity of Things | RSAC Live Panel Chenxi Wang(Twistlock) Ryan O'Leary(WhiteHat) Josh Corman(AtlanticCouncil) Rich Mason(Critical Infra) Billy Rios(Whitescope) Recorded: Feb 14 2017 38 mins
    The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly changing the way we look at everything. The advantages we gain with smart devices are driving us to new levels of convenience in healthcare, manufacturing and automation, but IoT also presents many security challenges. So how do we efficiently manage thousands of devices? How do we effectively deal with mutual authentication? How do we know what is trustworthy and what is not? And most of all, how do we do this at a massive scale? This panel will explore the IoT challenges that we face and the solutions that we can implement today for a more secure future.

    The audience will learn:
    - How and why IoT is different than our classic, traditional IT environments
    - The current state of security and privacy in IoT and how it will impact individuals, homes, buildings, cities, states, and nations
    - What the future holds for security and privacy in our ever-evolving IoT world
    - The need for standards
    - Medical devices
    - Home automation
    - Connected cars
    - Smart cities

    Chenxi Wang

    Ryan O'Leary, VP Threat Research Center at White Hat Security
    Josh Corman, Director, Cyber Statecraft Initiative at Atlantic Council
    Rich Mason, President & Chief Security Officer, Critical Infrastructure
    Billy Rios, Founder of WhiteScope LLC

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