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  • The Message Broker Technology You Need for Enterprise Applications
    The Message Broker Technology You Need for Enterprise Applications
    Shawn McAllister Recorded: Jun 15 2018 60 mins
    Find out how you can create an event-distribution mesh across all your environments using Solace messaging technology.Solace is making the world's best message broker available for free, and our messaging as a service offer is now ready for deployment in production environments.
  • Data Distribution for Event-Driven Business
    Data Distribution for Event-Driven Business
    Jonathan Schabowsky Recorded: Jun 13 2018 29 mins
    Watch this important presentation by Jonathan Schabowsky, Senior Architect at Solace, for a fresh perspective on what your IT/OT organization can do to enable seamless and performant data movement across your hybrid cloud.

    Gain new insights into:

    -The forces driving ever great distribution of your enterprise data.
    -The challenges that growing data distribution pose to your IT agility.
    -The enterprise and future proofing requirements that you’ll want keep in mind as you navigate data distribution challenges .
  • Advanced Event Brokers: what are they, and when should you use one?
    Advanced Event Brokers: what are they, and when should you use one?
    Tom Fairbairn Recorded: Jun 5 2018 31 mins
    Solace Systems Architect Tom Fairbairn explains why Advanced Event Brokers are important, and why you should be using them.
  • Enabling Next-Gen Telecom Through Event-Driven Architecture
    Enabling Next-Gen Telecom Through Event-Driven Architecture
    Amit Gothecha Recorded: Nov 3 2017 78 mins
    Today’s communication services providers need to innovate at breakneck pace to satisfy fickle customers who demand more real-time information, and more interactive services, than ever before. They need infrastructure that is not just fast and always available, but flexible so they can quickly and easily incorporate new data sources, cloud services, presentation technologies and IoT devices into their service offerings.

    In this webinar, Solace’s Amit Gothecha will use customer success stories to illustrate how Solace can help service providers become more agile using event-driven architecture (EDA) and microservices, and keep massive amounts of real-time data moving efficiently across hybrid cloud systems that seamlessly connect cutting-edge cloud environments with legacy on-premise infrastructure.
  • Introdução a Solace e Open Data Movement
    Introdução a Solace e Open Data Movement
    Rodrigo Abreu Recorded: Oct 31 2017 40 mins
    Solace é líder global em mensageria e provê uma plataforma que interconecta empresas de ponta-a-ponta usando padrões de mercado. A plataforma de mensageria da Solace é o sistema nervoso para vários casos de uso onde existe o movimento de dados: nuvem híbrida, microserviços, arquiteturas orientadas a eventos, Big Data, Internet das Coisas entre outros. A Solace é uma solução que suporta múltiplos protocolos, linguagens de programação e padrões de troca de mensagens e que funciona tanto em nuvem pública e privada, como também localmente. Essa abrangência torna possível o que chamamos de Open Data Movement.
  • How do you turn your IoT data into business insights?
    How do you turn your IoT data into business insights?
    Magali Boulet and Aurélien Lequertier Recorded: Sep 29 2017 39 mins
    In the IoT world, being able to collect data from all of your devices is key. However, getting ahead of your competitors means being able to analyze that data to make crucial business decisions.
    Sigfox, with its global LPWA (Low Power Wide Area) network, has reinvented connectivity for the IoT. And joining that capability with Solace, the leader in data movement and messaging, brings performance, scalability and reliability when it comes making IoT data part of your Enterprise IT and your business value.

    Join our webinar and see a demo of Sigfox working with Solace to show how Sigfox device data can be propagated to enterprise applications running across different public and private clouds.
  • Making Microservices Event-Driven
    Making Microservices Event-Driven
    Jonathan Schabowsky Recorded: Sep 7 2017 52 mins
    Microservices may be small in size, but they have huge potential, especially when you pair them with the idea of event-driven architecture (EDA). Today developers are using microservices as the building blocks behind all kinds of cloud and enterprise applications, but most still think microservices = REST, which limits you to polling/reactive interactions.

    Join Jonathan Schabowsky of Solace’s Office of the CTO at Solace as he describes how combining EDA and microservices can help you improve all kinds of data flows. He’ll talk about query and command interactions, synchronous and asynchronous communications, and you’ll learn how to make microservices event-driven.
  • Enabling Event-Driven Microservices
    Enabling Event-Driven Microservices
    Jonathan Schabowsky Recorded: Jul 27 2017 9 mins
    Microservices are an incredible tool for modern solutions, especially when paired to today's cloud choices. Come watch this episode of Solace Sayss to learn more about the choices and challenges for microservice architectures
  • How Quants are Winning the Battle for Alpha using AI and Smarter Infrastructure
    How Quants are Winning the Battle for Alpha using AI and Smarter Infrastructure
    Terry Roche from Tabb Group and Keith McAuliffe from Solace Recorded: Jul 11 2017 60 mins
    Data-driven quant strategies have been around for a while now, but recently we’ve seen a boom in the use of next-generation AI technologies and innovative new feeds to capture alpha. Firms are re-imagining how they think about data, their workflow and value proposition. Quants applying the latest machine learning techniques fed by cloud-based and internal data sources are transforming the make up of today's financial services value propositions.

    In this webinar Terry Roche from Tabb Group and Keith McAuliffe from Solace will discuss the new technologies that are enabling these quant-based instruments, algos and funds, and explain how technology choices can smooth your path to a fast, flexible infrastructure to execute on quant strategies.
  • Solace : Messaging with Purpose on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    Solace : Messaging with Purpose on Pivotal Cloud Foundry
    Jonathan Schabowsky Recorded: May 30 2017 53 mins
    Your enterprise and applications need to communicate – to collect information from many sources and get data where and when it needs to be, which increasingly means in real-time. Complicating matters, as you migrate applications to the cloud and implement IoT strategies, they need to connect increasingly diverse endpoints and systems running in diverse public cloud, private cloud and on-premise environments.

    In this webinar, we’ll describe and demonstrate how the Solace Virtual Message Router can give applications and microservices running in Pivotal Cloud Foundry the ability to exchange information using open APIs and protocols like AMQP, JMS, MQTT, Qpid, Paho, REST and WebSockets. Jonathan Schabowsky of Solace’s office of the CTO will show how easily you can enable real-time communications between microservices with the new Solace Messaging Tile for Pivotal Cloud Foundry and how you can integrate Solace into your crucial data movement solution.

    Our Speaker:
    Jonathan Schabowsky is a Sr. Architect in the Office of the CTO at Solace. His expertise includes architecting large-scale, mission critical enterprise systems in various domains, such as for the FAA, satellite ground systems (GOES-R) and healthcare. Recently, Jonathan has been focused on the use of event driven architectures for microservices and their deployments into platform-as-a-services (PaaS) running within public clouds.

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