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Morphisec - Endpoint Threat Prevention

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  • A CISO Perspective: Building a Modern Security Strategy
    A CISO Perspective: Building a Modern Security Strategy
    Tom Bain, VP of Marketing at Morphisec and Adrian Asher, CISO of the London Stock Exchange Group Recorded: Jul 24 2018 60 mins
    Join us for a candid discussion with London Stock Exchange Group CISO Adrian Asher on what it takes to build a modern security strategy. We'll cover industry trends and challenges, architecting a modern stack and how moving target defense helps align security with your business.
  • Dynamic Endpoint Protection for Virtual Environments
    Dynamic Endpoint Protection for Virtual Environments
    Thomas Bain, Vice President, Marketing at Morphisec Recorded: Mar 20 2018 31 mins
    The digital transformation of today's IT environments is forcing IT and Security teams to rethink the fabric, the costs and the risks inherent within virtual environments. Endpoint protection, in virtual, physical or hybrid environments, is becoming a confusing choice for buyers.

    Morphisec offers a truly different level of endpoint protection that fits directly into virtual environments, delivering value that other endpoint solutions cannot to protect organizations from advanced threats within virtual environments.

    Are you part of the IT or IT Security team? Join Morphisec for this session to learn:
    - Best practices for protecting virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environments that do not require cumbersome management resources
    - How an endpoint protection solution can deliver enormous value around business continuity to the IT and Operational teams and truly not impact machine or environment performance
    - A rationale to look at technology specifically architected to function at-scale in the cloud or on-premise that prevent advanced threats
  • Meltdown & Spectre: Where the Real Risks Lie
    Meltdown & Spectre: Where the Real Risks Lie
    Michael Gorelik, Chief Information Officer at Morphisec Recorded: Jan 5 2018 22 mins
    [Security Alert Webinar] Does the threat really stop at information leakage? Many reports currently overlook the real threat that memory structures exposed by these flaws can easily become part of massive successful exploitations in the kill chain.

    Join us for this security alert webinar in which Morphisec experts, headed by CTO Michael Gorelik, cut through the noise surrounding the Meltdown and Spectre CPU vulnerabilities.

    Get insights, including tips on how to protect yourself, and have your questions answered by Morphisec security experts!
  • How Your Enterprise is Targeted - Today's Top Attack Vectors
    How Your Enterprise is Targeted - Today's Top Attack Vectors
    Michael Gorelik, CTO and VP R&D at Morphisec Recorded: Dec 19 2017 43 mins
    Join Michael Gorelik, distinguished threat researcher and Morphisec Chief Technology Officer and Vice President of R&D, for a close look at top cyber threats targeting enterprises today. He will walk through the where, what and how of the leading attack vectors as well as explore ways to protect your company.
    • Learn the primary attack vectors used by cybercriminals to infiltrate an organization
    • Understand how different attack techniques work and what damage they can do
    • Find out what protection methods work and where they fall short
    • Get answers directly from our chief bad-guy researcher during the Q&
  • Morphisec Product Overview and Demo
    Morphisec Product Overview and Demo
    Yuval Danieli, Director of Customer Service Recorded: Dec 14 2017 34 mins
    Cybercriminals change their techniques and tactics at a mind-blowing pace. To protect your organization, you need a technology that stays two steps ahead. Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention was purpose-built to prevent advanced, in-memory attacks and zero-days when and where they happen – at your endpoints and in real time.

    Join Morphisec Customer Service Director Yuval Danieli for a live demo that will explain the nuts and bolts of Morphisec Endpoint Threat Prevention solution.

    -Learn about Moving Target Defense and why it prevents threats others miss
    -Watch as Morphisec blocks advanced attacks simply and effectively
    -See for yourself Morphisec’s ease of use and real-time threat visibility in a live demo
    -Bring your toughest technical questions to the Q&A
  • Petya/NotPetya: The Tip of a Cyber Iceberg
    Petya/NotPetya: The Tip of a Cyber Iceberg
    Arthur Braunstein, VP Sales US; Alon Groisman, Solution Architect Recorded: Jul 7 2017 51 mins
    Inside “Petya”: Why, How and Lessons Learned; Including a live demo of Morphisec stopping "Petya" in its tracks!
    This 40-minute webinar covers:

    “Petya” – A Fact Check
    Ransomware, wiper or state-sponsored attack?
    What made “Petya” so effective?
    “Petya” – Exception or the new rule? How the threat landscape has changed.
    Lessons Learned
    How to Prevent “Petya” and Other Advanced Attacks with Moving Target Defense
    LIVE TECHNICAL DIVE by Alon Groisman, Solution Architect at Morphisec
    The attack in action with a look at how "Petya" uses Eternal Blue/Double Pulsar
    Live demo on how Moving Target Defense prevents “Petya” in different scenarios.
    Closing Q&A

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