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  • Web Performance Matters: Challenges, Solutions, Best Practices
    Web Performance Matters: Challenges, Solutions, Best Practices
    Anand Guruprasad, Solutions Engineer, Cloudflare | Nithyanand Mehta, Director of Technical Services, Catchpoint Recorded: Nov 22 2018 44 mins
    At Cloudflare, we not only protect 12 million domains against DDoS attacks with our global network but also accelerate their performance. Our 150+ data centers all over the world puts us in a key position to serve content from the edge to the end users, blazingly fast.

    Join this webinar to learn about:

    • How performance affects your revenue
    • What is the right metric to measure and how
    • Challenges in achieving an optimal performance on your web assets
    • How to improve your website’s performance and user-experience
    • Learn from industry experts on best practices for improving web performance
  • An Introduction to Catchpoint Performance Monitoring
    An Introduction to Catchpoint Performance Monitoring
    Craig Lowell, Manager of Global Customer Programs, Catchpoint Recorded: Sep 21 2018 17 mins
    This presentation introduces the nuts and bolts of synthetic, real user, and on-premise monitoring, and explore the visibility into your end users' experience that each of these Catchpoint solutions provide to help detect and fix service delivery issues faster.
  • Creating a Culture of Quality
    Creating a Culture of Quality
    Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchpoint Recorded: Sep 14 2018 29 mins
    Join Catchpoint CEO, Mehdi Daoudi, as he details key considerations backed with personal experience in creating an organizational culture where every team, at every level values a customer-first attitude across their digital service delivery.

    Key Takeaways:

    The equation for determining the quality of performance and how to measure each component

    How to translate the importance of the end user's digital experiences to other teams and stakeholders within an organization

    How to implement a shift in thinking and doing to inspire a culture of quality within the organization
  • Protecting Your Digital Brand by Protecting Your End-User Experience
    Protecting Your Digital Brand by Protecting Your End-User Experience
    Mehdi Daoudi, CEO and Co-Founder of Catchpoint Recorded: Sep 13 2018 44 mins
    Mehdi Daoudi, CEO of Catchpoint, has seen first-hand the negative consequences to businesses in the wake of performance failures that cause end users to flee from their check-out carts, cancel their subscriptions, or take their money to a competitor instead.

    Key Takeaways:

    How to mitigate the risk of a digital transformation and protect your brand and revenue

    Adapting IT toolsets to cover all digital experiences and proactively resolve issues

    Contending with non-traditional performance factors with 24/7 monitoring across all locations
  • Monitoring Your Chaos Experiments
    Monitoring Your Chaos Experiments
    Navya Dwarakanath, Performance Engineer, Catchpoint Recorded: May 30 2018 42 mins
    Chaos Engineering is both adventurous and enlightening. BUT, it also involves answering some very difficult questions:

    - Was your Chaos Experiment successful?
    - What is the ROI of conducting a Chaos Experiment?
    - What is the expected behavior when things break?
    - How do you ensure that what had to break is in fact breaking, and how do you guard yourself against a domino effect?
    - Are your end users being impacted?

    Monitoring prepares you to experiment with your systems and bring on the Chaos by providing you data that enables you to be both insightful and retrospective. Come learn with us about Monitoring your Chaos Experiments!
  • Introduction to Monitoring Business Transactions
    Introduction to Monitoring Business Transactions
    Robert Castley | Senior Performance Engineer | Catchpoint Recorded: May 29 2018 37 mins
    Learn how to monitor transactions that are critical to your company's revenue growth and how those insights can be used to assure optimal performance and best-in-class user experiences.

    When transaction testing is done correctly, you’ll be able to better understand how customers interact with your site. Continuously monitoring those transactions can help Site Reliability and DevOps teams be more proactive and prevent potential service disruptions.
  • Ask Me Anything: WebAssembly (wasm)
    Ask Me Anything: WebAssembly (wasm)
    Bradley Nelson, Google; Eric Prud'hommeaux, W3C; Luke Wagner, Mozilla; Robert Castley, Catchpoint Recorded: May 15 2018 54 mins
    WebAssembly (wasm) Working Group leaders tackle user-generated questions in a panel discussion. Speakers include Working Group members and Chairs from Google and W3C, a Software Engineer from Mozilla, and a Senior Performance Engineer from Catchpoint.
  • I.T. Takes a Village: How Overstock Leverages Catchpoint & OpsGenie
    I.T. Takes a Village: How Overstock Leverages Catchpoint & OpsGenie
    Berkay Mollamustafoglu, OpsGenie | Daren Lord, Overstock | Mehdi Daoudi, Catchpoint Recorded: May 9 2018 45 mins
    Catchpoint and OpsGenie are two tools within the larger IT ecosystem that help many companies, especially ecommerce retailers, provide great customer experiences for their users. But with so many specialized tools out there, it’s very important for these platforms to be able to integrate and ‘play nicely’ with one another. Companies are faced with many options for different tools that all promise optimal performance and dependability. Watch to hear why Overstock chose Catchpoint and OpsGenie, and how they utilize the powerful capabilities of these two tools in tandem.

    Key takeaways:

    - The pivotal role of performance optimization in ecommerce
    - The impact of alerting and OpsGenie's capabilities
    - Catchpoint's ecommerce and business-impacting solutions
    - How OpsGenie and Catchpoint work together for Overstock
  • IoT AMA: Security, Innovation, the Future
    IoT AMA: Security, Innovation, the Future
    Vint Cerf, Google; Andy Stanford-Clark, IBM; Dr. Sarah Cooper, Amazon Web Services Recorded: May 1 2018 59 mins
    IoT - or ‘Internet of Things’ - is changing the way we live and connect to the world around us. While enriching products and interactions, its rise carries far-reaching security concerns for all web technologies and services. Join the foremost experts as they field IoT questions in this panel.
  • How SAP Hybris Delivers E2E Performance
    How SAP Hybris Delivers E2E Performance
    Guru Shetti, Sr. Director of Performance, SAP Hybris Recorded: Apr 23 2018 36 mins
    SAP Hybris’s software powers enterprise businesses across the globe (including SAP itself) – so the user experience for both customers and employees must be fast and available 24/7. To achieve this, their performance team deploys comprehensive testing and monitoring strategies in development and internal/external production environments.

    In this customer webinar, you’ll learn how SAP Hybris delivers end-to-end performance for customers around the world and employees behind the firewall.

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