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Dell EMC Espresso Webinars

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  • PC as a Service
    PC as a Service
    Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 29 2018 5 mins
    Business needs evolve, especially in this time of workforce transformation. Avoiding complexity, keeping workers productive, and staying flexible are more important than ever. That's why the "as a service" model of PC management is becoming so popular. And why a partnership with Dell makes so much sense.

    Dell can simplify it all for you. We've developed a PC as a Service model that reduces the burden and cost of PC management. It's a flexible approach to PC that doesn't force you to comply with a set of fixed requirements.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how Dell PC as a Service allows you to uniquely design a solution to fit your business needs. Highlights include:
    • A single solution combining hardware, software, lifecycle services and financing
    • A broad range of systems designed for the way people really work
    • Your own Services Delivery Manager who acts as a single point of contact
  • PC Management
    PC Management
    Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 29 2018 5 mins
    We know keeping your end users productive is top of mind. That’s why good systems management is so important. But it can be difficult to stay on top of deployment, configuration, compliance and access.

    Dell can simplify it all for you. We’ve developed products and services that will keep your systems running at peak efficiency so you can spend time and labor on the more important and strategic parts of your business.

    Join us for this webinar to learn how Dell simplifies systems management, allowing our customers to save time, money and resources across their entire PC environment. Highlights include:
    • Streaming and automating with Dell Client Command Suite
    • How Intel vPro Out of Band integrates into the solution
    • Powerful new provisioning capabilities
  • PC Lifecycle Management
    PC Lifecycle Management
    Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 29 2018 8 mins
    Employees want the right technology for how and where they work. IT wants security, manageability and to stay within their budget.

    That’s where Dell can help. With solutions like PC as a Service and the broadest portfolio of products available, we can help you turn this challenge into an opportunity. Our options can help keep IT and your employees happy while strengthening security and reliability for your business and the people in it.

    We’ll be covering these topics and more at the on-demand PC Lifecycle Management webinar.
    Highlights include:

    • Balance between supporting end users and IT resources.

    • Reducing the burden and cost of IT management over the complete PC lifecycle.

    • Minimizing manageability hassles and driving down total cost of ownership
  • Workforce Transformation
    Workforce Transformation
    Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 29 2018 11 mins
    The Workplace is transforming. Brought on by the Digital Revolution.
    Today more and more people work outside a traditional office space.
    Work is no longer a destination but an activity. One where users of technology expect more and also where with innovation in workplace technology can enable people more than ever before to be productive, creative and most importantly support workplace and technology wellness in the workplace.
    Highlights include:
    • Key Research insight on trends in the workplace
    • How to enable productivity in the Workplace
    • Dells PC Ecosystems and focus on enabling a Productive, Secure, Manageable workplace
  • Securing your Workplace
    Securing your Workplace
    Dell EMC Recorded: Oct 29 2018 7 mins
    The Workplace is transforming and with this brings both opportunities and challenges. A key challenge is increased security threats for people working outside the office and therefore beyond secure systems within a traditional office. Being more mobile PC users are open to any number of security threats many of which the user are not even aware of that are happening right under their nose. The webinar focus insights for all PC users against data loss and other related security threats.
    Highlights include:
    • Key Research insights on how to secure your workplace
    • What to watch out for in terms of practical tips
    • How Dells approach can enable your Security Transformation
  • VDI with VxRail for VMware Horizon
    VDI with VxRail for VMware Horizon
    Keith Keogh - Lead VMware Solution Architect- VDI Ready Solutions Recorded: Dec 19 2017 60 mins
    Please join us for the Dell EMC webcast on our new solution - VDI Complete with VxRail for VMware Horizon. In this session, you will learn how to maximize your opportunity with desktop and application virtualization through VMware Horizon® on Dell EMC VxRail™ hyper-converged infrastructure appliances. Learn how this industry-leading VDI solution helps you deliver faster time to deployment, radically simplified infrastructure management, and better performance at the edge to your customers, and more profitability to your bottom line. This webcast will be presented in English. We look forward to seeing you.
  • Tips and Tricks to Rock your Isilon World
    Tips and Tricks to Rock your Isilon World
    Rash Vyas & Scott Owens Recorded: Dec 7 2017 27 mins
    Join Dell EMC technical Isilon experts to learn our top tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Isilon implementation. Based on working with customers around the world, our Isilon technical experts will share insights and best practices across configuration, operation and management of Isilon environments. The webinar also includes an ‘Ask-The-Expert’ segment.
  • GDPR – how technology can help meet the requirements
    GDPR – how technology can help meet the requirements
    Daniel Olkowski, Systems Engineer, Dell EMC Recorded: Nov 30 2017 48 mins
    GDPR Directive is the legal regulation that will be implemented in all European Union in May 2018.

    There are many questions regarding GDPR:
    •What will be the requirements from technology point of view?
    •Can technology meet all the potential GDPR requirements?
    •What shall be the best approach?
    Join us for this short 30 minute webinar, where we will discuss all the above aspects.

    We will talk about:
    •How technology can help meet GDPR requirements
    •Best practices
  • Dell Precision Workstations – For Professional Creators
    Dell Precision Workstations – For Professional Creators
    Emad Sallam, CS Product Manager – Commercial ME Recorded: Nov 28 2017 46 mins
    We understand the importance of time and workflow for all professional creations, as well as graphic and data intensive tasks. With this in mind, we built systems with the most innovative performance technologies, and worked with our software partners to test and certify all Dell Precisions so that we maximize performance and minimize downtime. Dell’s current Precision portfolio is our thinnest, lightest and best looking line-up ever. We used premium materials, unique designs and brilliant displays. Dell Precision also delivers powerful performance with professional processors and
    graphics, massive memory and expansive storage options along with the best optimization software which delivers up to 121% improvement in application performance.
  • Flexible Consumption Models for HCI Transition
    Flexible Consumption Models for HCI Transition
    Kevin Green, EMEA BD Manager Open Scale Payment Solutions at Dell Financial Services Recorded: Nov 23 2017 27 mins
    When asked about the challenges of HCI adoption, IDC found that 25% of customers were concerned about cost or were unsure regarding the projected ROI. Dell Financial Services developed the Cloud Flex for HCI program with that in mind. The primary goal is to allow you to move to hyperconverged infrastructure without making a long term commitment.
    Join us for this webinar to learn how companies across many verticals are using Dell financial services to help them in their HC.I transition

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