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  • Hubble vs. JD Edwards Reporting Tools
    Hubble vs. JD Edwards Reporting Tools
    John Brooks Recorded: May 21 2019 33 mins
    Are you frustrated with your current JD Edwards reporting tool? Are you tired of waiting for IT to make updates? Have you had enough of waiting for reports to run in batch?

    If so, join our Product Specialist, John Brooks, for a 30-minute webinar on October 10, to discover why Hubble offers you a better way of reporting against JD Edwards.

    Hubble provides:
    •Hundreds of pre-built templates that allow you to immediately access unlimited amounts of JDE data, any way you like
    •A solution built for end-users so you don't need IT's help to build reports
    •A faster way to build reports, even against larger transactional data volumes
    •JDE integration with your existing security and allows you to drill-down in real-time from summaries to transactions to fix data integrity and reconciliation issues immediately
    You'll see live demonstrations, customer examples, common issues JDE customers experience with OVR and why Hubble is your ultimate alternative.
  • Accelerate Your Month-end Close with GL Wand
    Accelerate Your Month-end Close with GL Wand
    Ugesan Pillai Recorded: May 2 2019 41 mins
    Oracle reporting can be cumbersome and inefficient. Closing month-end, performing ad-hoc analysis, reconciling and other reporting tasks are becoming increasingly difficult. Join us for a webinar demonstrating how GL Wand for Oracle E-Business Suite can alleviate your reporting pains!
  • Turbo Charge your Power BI Dashboards
    Turbo Charge your Power BI Dashboards
    Andrei Stefan Recorded: Apr 25 2019 42 mins
    Using Dynamics 365 with Power BI? Frustrated by slow query response times? Struggling to report against transactional data?

    If so, don’t miss our next webinar: “Turbo Charge your Power BI Dashboards with Atlas”.
    During this webinar, our solutions specialist will show you how Atlas for Dynamics:

    •Provides live, record level reporting against D365 data with access to 45+ additional transactional data entities – opening up a whole new world for Power BI
    •Massively speeds up D365 query response time with incremental caching – see how queries that took hours now refresh in seconds … delivering snappy Power BI visualizations that keep your business users happy
    •Combine multiple data sources to create Power BI dashboards that span D365 and on-premise legacy data
    •Improve your financial and operational reporting with real-time reporting in Excel with drill-down into journals, balances and sub-ledgers
    … and more!
  • Dynamic EPM Reporting in 15 Minutes
    Dynamic EPM Reporting in 15 Minutes
    Dan Phillips Recorded: Mar 28 2019 26 mins
    Do you feel like your group financial data isn't telling a clear story? Are you spending too much time creating dull, static reports and dashboards, and then recreating them each time the data changes?

    I'd like to introduce you to CXO Software. Specifically for executives and the enterprise organisations they manage, CXO Software has demonstrated significant ROI at organisations including Mercedes-Benz, McDonalds, Sage, G4s, and many others.

    Join the CXO VP of North American Sales, Dan Phillips, on 28 March for a 15-minute webinar demonstrating how CXO Software enables you to build dynamic, interactive dashboards and reports directly from your EPM data.
  • MrExcel Webinar: New Year, New Excel Tips
    MrExcel Webinar: New Year, New Excel Tips
    Bill Jelen - a real-life Excel expert. Bill has over 29 years of spreadsheet experience. Recorded: Mar 13 2019 57 mins
    Welcome to a new year with insightsoftware! We will continue to revolutionise your financial reporting through inviting you to some exciting webinars showcasing reporting tips & tricks from a variety of solutions that we offer.

    Kick off 2019 by advancing your Excel skills! Join Bill Jelen a.k.a, MrExcel as he talks about the amazing new features announced for Office 365 editions of Microsoft Excel.

    Finance and accounting professionals or anyone interested in improving their Microsoft Excel skills are encouraged to attend.
  • Prepare and Publish Financial Statements with Ease
    Prepare and Publish Financial Statements with Ease
    Erika Creary, Missy Ojigho Recorded: Oct 11 2018 40 mins
    A core activity of finance teams is to publish financial data that is accurate, complete and entirely auditable. The type of key reports produced for a range of stakeholders may include, the Income Statement, the Balance Sheet and the Cash flow Statement.

    Within the profession it’s often acknowledged that compiling these reports is becoming increasingly difficult due to short timeframes, inefficient tools, countless dependencies, downstream bottlenecks and reconciliation differences. This doesn’t have to be the accepted position.

    Join Excel4apps On Thursday 11th October at 13:00 GMT for a look into how our tools can help you Prepare and Publish Financial Statements with Ease. We’ll be sharing our views on the challenges in this area and what we believe is the best solution for making this painful process smoother, involving fewer discrepancies and overall better able to pass internal and external scrutiny.

    Register now and join us!
  • Period End Consolidation with Excel4apps
    Period End Consolidation with Excel4apps
    Erika Creary, Missy Ojigho Recorded: Sep 13 2018 47 mins
    This Webinar is for anyone in finance who uses Oracle and is frustrated with the time it takes to handle consolidations.

    The path to prepare consolidated financial reports is often plagued with complexity. It’s susceptible to error due to added manual intervention.

    For organizations using native Oracle tools such as Financial Consolidation Hub or Global Consolidation System, these introduce efficiency to establish a set of consolidated balances. However, they do not present a flexible report solution to publish these balances. Often finance professionals resort to manual preparation of subsidiary consolidated financial reports directly in Excel. Manual preparation of financial reports introduces process inefficiency as balance adjustments in the Ledger impact report output and therefore re-invoke the repetitive time consuming steps of data import and report format.

    If you’d like to discover a few of the ways that you can reduce the time it takes to handle Consolidation, join this webinar! We’ll discuss some of the inherent problems around Consolidation, some of the frustrations that are common to finance teams, and insight into how to reduce these problems and frustrations.

    Join us Thursday, 13th September at 13:00 GMT.
  • Reconciling Balance Sheets with Excel4apps
    Reconciling Balance Sheets with Excel4apps
    Erika Creary, Missy Ojigho Recorded: Aug 16 2018 42 mins
    The balance sheet reconciliation is a key element of ‘closing the books’. It has long been an important control to ensure the accuracy of your financial statements, which in turn highlights the financial condition of your organisation. Reconciliations can identify mistakes and misappropriations and help to ensure that internal controls are being adhered to. Stringent review and scrutiny of balance sheet accounts during the period close cycle provides key stakeholders, management and auditors with assurance that internal controls are being applied and are working effectively.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss Balance Sheet Reconciliation – the good and the bad.

    Join us to look at contributing factors to poor balance sheet reconciliations and how Excel4apps can help you to create a robust, efficient and seamless process.

    We’ll explore:

    - Time lost to repetitive and manual manipulation of data exported into Excel
    - Frustrating dependency on IT to execute ad-hoc report customisation
    - Audit risks due to not identifying potential fraudulent, improper or material transactions quickly.

    And more…
  • Ways to Accelerate Closing, Adjusting, Correcting & Recurring Journal Entries
    Ways to Accelerate Closing, Adjusting, Correcting & Recurring Journal Entries
    Erika Creary, Missy Ojigho Recorded: Jul 12 2018 46 mins
    Many of our Oracle customers have found that existing journal tools lack the ability to effectively validate financial data prior to uploading it into the General Ledger. There is also frustration at poor capability with multiple ledger journals, lack of automation and difficulty loading supporting documentation.

    This and other topics are discussed in our upcoming Webinar, Ways to Accelerate Closing, Adjusting, Correcting & Recurring Journal Entries.

    Join us Thursday 12th July at 13:00 GMT to explore:

    - Risk of Reporting Inaccurate Financial Statements
    - Inflexible or Inefficient Tools and Manual Processes
    - Journal Capture Deficiencies and Bottlenecks

    ...And learn how these problems can be solved.

    Part of the Bigger Picture

    This webinar is part of our Series: 5 Areas to Accelerate Period End Close. This series will cover one aspect of the Period End close each month, giving you valuable tips on making the process faster and easier. Watch our BrightTALK channel for upcoming webinars in this series.
  • Ways to Accelerate Subledger Close
    Ways to Accelerate Subledger Close
    Malcolm Hewlett, David Rincon Recorded: Jun 14 2018 44 mins
    The period-end close cycle is a myriad of steps that include transaction processing, journal entry capture, and financial statement preparation. At its core, the close cycle must achieve proper cut-off of financial activities each month in a timely manner starting with the Subledgers. Close cycle delays at the Subledger level ultimately impact process efficiency upstream for the General Ledger close and preparation of the financial statements.

    In this webinar, we’ll discuss some of the common frustrations with Subledger Close and how the Excel4apps solutions can solve these problems easily and cost effectively.

    Please register here to learn some practical ways of making the Subledger Close a simpler process.

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