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  • Digital Transformation & Usage-Based Models: What it is and How to Capitalize
    Digital Transformation & Usage-Based Models: What it is and How to Capitalize
    Lily Varon, Analyst, Forrester & Michael Beamer, President, Gotransverse Recorded: Jan 31 2019 40 mins
    Over the course of the last couple of years, we have seen the number of companies adopting usage and consumption-based business models continue to grow. As more firms incorporate digital products and services into their product portfolios, will usage- and consumption-based business models become their preferred models? We commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a study to get some answers to that question and more.

    Join our guest, Forrester analyst, Lily Varon, and Gotransverse President, Michael Beamer, as they review the findings of the commissioned study conducted by Forrester, Capitalize on Your Digital Transformation with Usage-Based Models. Forrester surveyed 170 Director+ decision-makers responsible for billing platforms and heard from a wide-range of subject matter experts on the current state of usage and consumption-based pricing. They got deep in the weeds to uncover the motivations, benefits, and the challenges of implementing a usage-based business models.

    Webinar attendees will get a deep dive into the study and answers to their most pressing questions like:

    1. How satisfied are organizations that the business model used is the right model for your business?
    2. What are company's plans for adopting a consumption- or usage-based model?
    3. What challenges are organizations facing/have faced in adopting a usage- or consumption-based billing models?
    4. What are the top potential benefits organizations are seeing from adopting a usage- or consumption-based model?
  • What to Know Before Purchasing a Quote-to-Cash Solution
    What to Know Before Purchasing a Quote-to-Cash Solution
    Brian Rohde, Senior Director of Customer Success & Implementation, goTransverse & Seth Gross, Solution Architect, CloudSense Recorded: Jul 25 2018 53 mins
    Architecting and launching a full quote-to-cash solution is no small feat. The ability to accommodate your customers’ needs in today’s digital landscape requires more than a simple tweaking of your internal processes; it requires total transformation of the way you do business.

    What if someone told you to throw out your requirements? To start fresh? Join Brian Rohde, Senior Director of Customer Success & Implementation at goTransverse and Seth Gross, Solution Architect at CloudSense as they share their advice and lessons learned while on the front lines with customers implementing and evaluating quote-to-cash solutions. Brian and Seth will share behind the scenes interactions and honest opinions on what they wish customers knew when heading into evaluating the future of their quote-to-cash solution.

    Attendees will leave with sound advice on best practices when implementing a quote-to-cash solution including:

    1. How to think different so you don’t rebuild an old wheel out of new technology
    2. How to articulate requirements to best leverage quote-to-cash technologies while meeting business needs
    3. How to satisfy a new generation of buyers with consumption-based pricing models
  • Cloud-Based Billing: The Digital Transformation of Customer Experience
    Cloud-Based Billing: The Digital Transformation of Customer Experience
    Adam Ragauskis, CFO, Edgenet & Andrew Dailey, Managing Director, MGI Research Recorded: Apr 19 2018 48 mins
    In an increasingly fast-paced marketplace, businesses are under pressure to accelerate time-to-market for products and services. Companies need technologies that support agility and flexibility when it comes to getting products out the door quickly, and packaged and priced at a point that customers want to consume.

    Join Adam Ragauskis, CFO at Edgenet, a SaaS company that provides retailers, distributors, and suppliers the ability to manage and improve their product content, and Andrew Dailey of MGI Research as they discuss:

    1. How to transform business with the introduction of new pricing models and product offerings
    2. Why prioritizing an investment in cloud-based usage and activity billing is key
    3. How to launch a successful digital transformation strategy throughout your organization
  • Three Strategies to Innovate Beyond the Payment
    Three Strategies to Innovate Beyond the Payment
    Michael Beamer, President, goTransverse Recorded: Mar 15 2017 32 mins
    Today, consumers are in the driver’s seat. The way they want to consume and pay is changing, forcing companies to move from selling discreet products to selling services. Is your organization set up to take advantage of this shift? 
    In this scenario, innovation begins before the payment. To be innovative in payments, you must be innovative in pricing strategies and to be innovative in pricing, you must be innovative with your business models.
    By adopting new approaches and new technologies, it can be more attainable than you know to develop innovative business models and pricing strategies that give your consumers the ability to buy and pay the way they want, leading to a better customer experience, increased customer lifetime value and ongoing revenue streams. Join the president of goTransverse, Michael Beamer, as he shares three strategies to maximize revenue opportunities beyond the payment. Attendees will walk away with:
    1.Tips to transform your organization from licensed-based to recurring revenue streams.
    2.The value adopting usage-based billing can bring to your organization.
    3.How to capture more revenue streams by giving your customers the ability to buy and pay the way they want.

    Michael Beamer is a 24-year technology and business leader with unique experience helping companies maximize the business impact of technology. He’s been instrumental in the growth and success of companies ranging from pre-revenue startups to Fortune 500 companies. Michael has extensive experience in a wide range of roles from Building and running global development teams to driving record revenue through global sales and marketing programs. Michael lead the effort to develop the IoT strategy and go to market model for one of the world’s top engineering solutions companies. In his current role as President of goTransverse, he is helping the company emerge as the top IoT Monetization solution provider.

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