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  • Performance Management for Cloud-based applications
    Performance Management for Cloud-based applications Nicolas Leszczynski, Senior APM Solution Specialist Riverbed Recorded: Apr 19 2017 39 mins
    Cloud. Elastic computing. Containers. Microservices. Shared Libraries. These technologies are being adopted at almost exponential rates since they greatly simplify application design, development, deployment and manageability.

    Unfortunately, that surface-level simplicity comes with the price of dramatically more complex under-the-covers behaviors and relationships. Application topology is often transient, nebulous, and unpredictably interrelated with countless other applications and services. This has posed a serious challenge for performance management, since many tools and techniques are still rooted to static physical concepts like tiers, servers, and JVMs.

    There’s also been an expansion of the consumption of APM data, as LOB management and application owners look for more KPIs to help them improve the bottom line of the business. APM isn’t just a tool for developers and troubleshooters anymore.

    Learn How Riverbed Solutions can help you not only overcome these cloud applications performance management challenges, but also extract business-relevant information buried deep in these mind-boggling complex architectures

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