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Web Marketing Therapy

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  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art and a science. What yields search engine results pages (SERPs) is based on a number of factors, but there are three main success steps for SEO that every professional needs to know. Learn in this 30 minute "power half hour" the top three ways to get your site visible.
  • Take your web marketing to the next level!

    Web marketing is about utilizing your available resources in channels that bring you results. In this economy, it is more important than ever to make smart decisions about how to invest your web marketing collateral.

    In this informative 30-minute power half-hour tutorial, Lorrie Thomas will walk you through the Three Secrets to Web Marketing Success! In this tutorial, you will learn how to leverage CREDIBILITY, USABILITY, and VISIBILITY to maximize your brand, build your community, and spread the word about your organization!
  • While there are many other sexier components of a successful web-solution, knowning how to construct a good privacy policy is essential to your online business presence--it will educate your website visitors how their information is used, how third parties may be collecting information on your website via cookies, and it will build trust between your business and your customers.

    Register for this free 30-minute free online tutorial today and learn how you can build your own privacy policy to build trust with your website visitors and boost your website's credibility!

    In this tutorial, you will learn:

    1. Best practices for privacy policy development

    2. The specific language and terminology of online privacies

    3. Additional privacy policy writing resources
  • Discover how to use Google Analytics, a FREE data collection tools to track traffic patterns on your website--giving you a full picture of how well your marketing efforts are performing every day. Mastering the science of web analytics will allow you to respond to customer preferences and web browsing patterns more efficiently and more cost-effectively!

    This 30-minute "Power Half Hour" Will Teach You:

    1. The most important pieces of web analytics to monitor

    2. How to read your web analytics to optimize your marketing performace

    3. Geeky cool free web analytics tools to tap to boost your web marketing presence!

    Date/Time: Tuesday, September 8th 12pm PST (3pm EST)
    Duration: 30 minutes WITH Q/A
    Cost: FREE

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