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Logtrust Big Data Analytics

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  • Real-time Big Data Analytics
    Real-time Big Data Analytics
    Logtrust Recorded: Jul 16 2017 5 mins
    niu Solutions leverages real-time big data analytics through Logtrust’s cloud platform to achieve improved operational efficiencies, log management, predictive analytics, and time to insight. Through Logtrust and key business insights in real-time, niu Solutions continues to:

    - Reduce unnecessary business overhead
    - Decrease problem resolution time by more than 10x
    - Gain competitive advantage with trending and predictive analytics rather than be reactive
    - Achieve ROI due to recurring Opex pricing offered by Logtrust

    Read the attached niu Solutions Customer Success Story.

    Logtrust is a real-time big data analytics platform for business insights, offering Fast Data, Big Data analytics through a solution that enables real-time analytics for operations, fraud, security, marketing, IoT and other aspects of business. Logtrust provides the ability to ingest, store and analyze massive, varied and dynamic data sets at high speed through its flexible cloud, on-premise and hybrid deployments. Please visit https://www.logtrust.com for more information.
  • Logtrust Real-time Big Data Analytics
    Logtrust Real-time Big Data Analytics
    Logtrust Big Data Analytics Recorded: Jul 7 2017 4 mins
    No Code, Low Code Big Data Analytics from Simple Search to Complex Event Processing.

    Logtrust is designed for fast data exploration and interaction with real-time visualizations on complex data streams and historical data at rest such as:

    - Machine behavior during attacks
    - Network traffic flow analytics
    - Firewall events
    - Application performance metrics
    - Real-time threat hunting and cyber security
    - IoT analytics

    Explore Petabytes of data with Logtrust without worrying about storage costs or indexers, analyze billions of events per day with ultra-low latency queries, and experience unique real-time performance on trillions of events with over +150,000 ingest EPS per core, +1,000,000 search EPS per core, and +65,000 complex event processing EPS per core.

    Live Data Exploration
    Logtrust data is always fresh with real-time data updates in their native formats. Slice and dice subsets of data at any point in time for exploration and deep forensics on real-time data streams.

    Powerful Data Exploration & Analytics
    Accelerate time-to-insights and rich visualizations with simple point and click. Empower your team to quickly harness insights and make faster, smarter decisions. Optionally, use a single compact expressive SQL language (LINQ) and create reusable callable queries for more complex event processing operations.
  • Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale
    Real-time IoT Analytics: 4.5 Million Telco Devices Managed at Scale
    Eric Tran-Le, Global Chief Marketing Officer, Logtrust Recorded: Jun 21 2017 60 mins
    With more than 4.5 million digital devices in the field, delivering billions of data streams for TV and Video On-Demand services, this Fortune Global 500 Telco needed to improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) – in real-time. Because every second counts and time-to-insight matters, managing the volume, variety and velocity of data streaming in real-time, and analyzing against historical data needed to be effortless, seamless and lightning fast. Using Logtrust’s Big Data-in-Motion technology, Tran-Le will showcase how the Telco giant analyzes in real-time billions of data for 20 million customers each day, and has reduced call volume, improved QoE/S, and saved millions of dollars a year.

    Key Takeaways:

    • Understanding current IoT data management challenges
    • Overcoming the technology and data scalability wall
    • Analyzing past and present “events of interest” across millions of IoT devices
    • Making sense out of chaos for time-sensitive IoT/Big Data applications for rapid time-to-insight and value

    Eric Tran-le is the Global Chief Marketing Officer at Logtrust, a Big Data-in-Motion as-a-Service solution provider for fast data, big data analytics. He has more than 20+ years’ experience in both product management and operational system engineering for managing private and native cloud applications at scale. Tran-Le is leading real-time threat hunting, security and IoT analytics initiatives at Logtrust. Formerly, Tran-Le was VP Oracle Management Cloud Services, VP Enterprise Cloud Management, and VP Product Management at Oracle, as well as Network Business Unit Manager at Microsoft.
  • Real-time Threat Hunting - 451 Research Trends & Security Analytics
    Real-time Threat Hunting - 451 Research Trends & Security Analytics
    Jason Stamper, Analyst, 451 Research and Eric Tran-le, CMO, Logtrust Recorded: May 18 2017 58 mins
    Every day, organizations are impacted by cyber-attacks. Misleading indicators, complex security incidents, and evolving intruder patterns require new threat intelligence and analytics. With millions of data to analyze, every second counts - augment your security tools with real-time threat hunting capabilities and new research insights.

    Join experts Jason Stamper, Analyst for 451 Research, and Eric Tran-le, CMO for Logtrust, as they affirm how essential real-time threat hunting is for cybersecurity teams, and share new insights and tools for combatting attacks.

    • Learn new trends in machine data analytics from 451 Research
    • Pinpoint cybersecurity attacks and unusual behavior
    • Visualize an attack graph
    • Detect intruder paths and potential vulnerabilities
    • Leverage a single source of truth
  • Democratizing Real-time Analytics with KeyLines: Logtrust's Story
    Democratizing Real-time Analytics with KeyLines: Logtrust's Story
    David Cifuentes, Director, Solutions Engineering, Logtrust and Dan Williams, Product Manager, Cambridge Intelligence Recorded: Mar 28 2017 51 mins
    This webinar reveals how a KeyLines-powered graph visualization application empowers Logtrust’s customers to uncover insights on a massive scale. Attendees will experience live demos that show how an intuitive and interactive graph model can apply to virtually any dataset, and bridge the gap between raw data and valuable insight. Through the KeyLines graph visualization and analysis features, big data analytics firm Logtrust delivers cross-domain, self-service data analytics to its customers and throughout the enterprise. Attendees learn how Logtrust quickly built powerful graph analysis functionality, including:

    - Real-time analytics for security and threat intelligence, IoT device monitoring for quality of service (QoS), and airline flight delays.
    - A simple “drag and drop” interface to construct graphs from tabular data views and define visually-stunning analytic models.
    - Advanced visual analysis techniques including graph layouts, social network analysis algorithms, and filtering.
    - Geospatial analysis using map longitude and latitude attributes
    - Force-directed graph visualizations to reveal “hard to discover” incidents.

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