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  • Encryption Lunch and Learn
    Encryption Lunch and Learn
    Alper Kizar, DataMotion; Nathan Ware, Rain Networks Recorded: Jan 22 2019 39 mins
    Resellers, join us on Tuesday, January 22 for a webinar with DataMotion! For nearly 20 years DataMotion has provided users with an easy to use secure email delivery system. With SecureMail Desktop, you can send emails that are encrypted and secure, helping to meet any compliance regulation requirements. The best part is that this can all be done via an easy to install plug-in. During the webinar, we will be discussing the following topics with a Q&A at the end:
    •DataMotion's balance between security and ease of use
    •How DataMotion helps customers stay in compliance with regulations like HIPAA, GLBA, FISMA, and more.
    •Beyond email: SSO, file transfer, inbound communications and APIs
    •DataMotion's Partner Program
  • Happy Holidays from DataMotion
    Happy Holidays from DataMotion
    The DataMotion team Recorded: Dec 17 2018 1 min
    Greetings from DataMotion for a happy holiday!
  • 10 Things to Consider When Implementing a Secure Message Center
    10 Things to Consider When Implementing a Secure Message Center
    Ally Cancino, DataMotion Recorded: Dec 12 2018 6 mins
    Are you considering implementing a secure message center in your business client portal? If you're in the insurance, healthcare, or financial services industry, this is definitely a good choice. In this video/slideshow learn about how secure message centers improve your customer service, increase customer satisfaction, make it easier for your employees to track and maintain message strings, and of course-- stay compliant! If you'd like more detailed information on implementing a secure message center, check out our whitepaper at: http://info.datamotion.com/implementing-secure-message-center-white-paper-1-0
  • DataMotion Secure Form Demonstration
    DataMotion Secure Form Demonstration
    Dave Muchhala Recorded: Nov 26 2018 6 mins
    This short 5 minute video shows how to send a form securing using DataMotion. DataMotion secure online forms are powerful tool your customers and partners can use to conveniently submit sensitive data from their desktop and integrating automatically into your back end systems. With DataMotion secure forms you can deliver electronic forms securely and directly to a customer’s email inbox, bypassing portal logins and expanding the reach of your business.
  • Integrating Secure Message Features Results in Happy Customers
    Integrating Secure Message Features Results in Happy Customers
    DataMotion Recorded: Jul 10 2018 1 min
    Financial services customers want to interact with you securely, in multiple ways - whether through a mobile or enterprise app or on your customer portal. This short video briefly describes how to integrate secure message features and bring everything together for your customer.
  • Moving ePHI Securely at the Speed of Digital Transformation
    Moving ePHI Securely at the Speed of Digital Transformation
    Hugh Gilenson, Director Healthcare Solutions Recorded: Jun 25 2018 57 mins
    How do you accelerate the move to efficient digital workflows containing ePHI and maintain compliance? In this informative webinar we'll discuss enabling healthcare delivery transformation when it requires sharing information. Topics covered include:

    - Digital transformation of legacy workflows across care settings
    - Communicating with patients, providing access and control
    - Maintaining security, privacy and regulatory compliance
  • Simple Facts About Encryption
    Simple Facts About Encryption
    Andy Nieto Recorded: Jun 14 2018 48 mins
    Between Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the FBI we’ve all been hearing the term “encryption” thrown around a lot. But what do you really know about encryption? And as a business, what do you need to know? How does it work, and what are your options?
    In this 60 minute session, Andy Nieto, IT Strategist for DataMotion, provides a clear, simple overview of encryption, and will include plenty of time for questions, Topics include:

    The who, what, where, why, when, and how’s of encryption
    The difference between proprietary and open source encryption
    Encrypting data at rest
    Encrypting data in motion
    Key management
    Mobile devices and encryption
  • HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management
    HIPAA Compliance in the Age of Population Health Management
    Andy Nieto Recorded: Apr 3 2018 6 mins
    This short five minute video reviews what population health management is, why it is needed, the HIPAA implications and how to deal with these workflows efficiently and securely.
  • Tips for Using Encryption to Reduce HIPAA Compliance Risk and Protect Your Data
    Tips for Using Encryption to Reduce HIPAA Compliance Risk and Protect Your Data
    Chris Apgar, CISSP; CEO & President, Apgar & Associates; Andy Nieto, Health IT Strategist, DataMotion Recorded: Feb 6 2018 64 mins
    Learn some practical steps for implementing encryption to reduce your organization’s HIPAA compliance risk.

    In this webinar renowned security and privacy expert, Chris Apgar, CISSP, discusses options for protecting PHI data at rest, what steps to take and how to implement them. Andy Nieto, Health IT Strategist, will cover the role encryption and secure messaging can play in protecting PHI data in motion. Together, they’ll offer best practices you can follow to lower your risk, including:
    •How to get started – assessing your risk
    •What your options are – how to protect PHI
    •What’s the budget – dispelling the cost myth
    •Using encryption appropriately – balancing the need to encrypt
    with getting work done
    •Maintaining ease of use and efficient workflow
    •Mobile devices and encryption

    (Note video voice starts at 40 seconds)
  • Healthcare Holiday Tales
    Healthcare Holiday Tales
    DataMotion Recorded: Dec 13 2017 6 mins
    A fun healthcare twist on a holiday tale reading. For anyone who has received health care from multiple providers, and all those working in the healthcare or technology industries. Happy holidays!

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