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  • Next-Gen Cloud: Proving the IT and Business Value of Cloud Migration
    Next-Gen Cloud: Proving the IT and Business Value of Cloud Migration
    Curtis Rissi, Solutions Architect @ Amazon Web Services and Shreyans Parekh, Sr. Product Marketing Manager @ AppDynamics Recorded: Oct 16 2018 42 mins
    In this webinar, AWS and AppDynamics will talk about what Container-as-a-Service (CaaS) and other recent developments in cloud computing can do for you—and where and how to to use them. You’ll learn how to accelerate release cycles and empower your development teams without server or cluster management overhead. We’ll specifically highlight AWS Fargate, a compute engine for Amazon ECS and EKS.

    We’ll also help you better understand the impact of next-gen cloud capabilities on application performance and explain how to baseline application performance pre-migration. Once you have these initial insights, compare them with post-migration metrics across cloud and hybrid cloud environments. Finally, you’ll learn how to take AWS Cloudwatch insights and see those within a full-stack, end-to-end application view.

    Following this session you’ll know how to build an IT and business case for migration to the cloud, demonstrating not just agility and scalability—but revenue impact as well.
  • Application Performance Management 101
    Application Performance Management 101
    Logan Gatts, Engineer, AppDynamics and Slater Bridgman, Business Development, AppDynamics Recorded: Aug 30 2018 52 mins
    If you’re new to the world of application performance management, this is the perfect introduction. Through a demonstration of the AppDynamics core product, you’ll discover how our sophisticated monitoring capabilities can help improve your bottom line.

    Register now and see how the solutions offered by AppDynamics can help further your digital transformation, by:

    - Achieving end-to-end business transaction visibility across web and mobile apps
    - Monitoring your end user experience across the globe through a single pane of glass
    - Getting application and operational analytics with custom dashboards for every audience
    - Instantly analyzing data by platform, device type, and even performance by region

    AppDynamics allows you to understand the connection between your app’s health, user satisfaction, and your business results. You’ll know if something’s wrong in real-time and be able to fix problems quickly, putting you at an advantage over the competition.
  • When is a Deployment Actually Over?
    When is a Deployment Actually Over?
    Ravi Lachhman, Technical Evangelist @ AppDynamics and Aaron Newcomb, Senior Product Marketing Manager @ AppDynamics Recorded: Aug 23 2018 58 mins
    With the rise of DevOps—and the adoption of continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) practices—releases and deployments are happening faster than ever before. But changes must also roll out smoothly—not just frequently.

    In this webinar previously hosted on DevOps.com, you’ll learn when and how to cross the threshold from deployment to the next version. You’ll discover tips for balancing deployment velocity and quality to determine if—and when—a deployment should be considered complete and deemed a success.

    You’ll gain insights into:

    - How to measure the success of your continuous deployment efforts
    - When to make the go/no-go deployment decision for both patch and major releases
    - Why—and how—to use connection draining to maintain a positive user experience

    Register today to discover technical strategies for optimizing delivery speed and stability in the world of continuous deployment!
  • Presenting the business benefits of an Application Performance Management tool
    Presenting the business benefits of an Application Performance Management tool
    Charles Betz, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research; Henry Huang, Sr., TEI Consultant at Forrester Research; Thomas Wyatt Recorded: Aug 23 2018 59 mins
    The application is now often the business, and investing in the right Application Performance Management (APM) solution is imperative to delivering flawless customer experiences. So how can you present a solid business case for this major IT investment?

    AppDynamics commissioned Forrester Consulting to conduct a Total Economic Impact (TEI) study to showcase the cost savings and business benefits of the AppDynamics APM.

    Register and learn from Forrester and AppDynamics:

    - Technology trends in the APM landscape
    - How you can save $1.45 million annually through consolidation of monitoring tools
    - Why APM tools accelerate your digital transformation
  • AppDynamics + Cisco: Driving Transformation Across the Stack
    AppDynamics + Cisco: Driving Transformation Across the Stack
    Steve Long, Regional CTO, AppDynamics Recorded: Aug 14 2018 45 mins
    In today's digital enterprise, it's technology that drives business success. And with the strategic pairing of AppDynamics and Cisco, organizations can now drive their digital transformation forward in ways never before possible. But how?

    In this webinar, you’ll learn how AppDynamics real-time data platform is being correlated with Cisco’s data platforms to give you the richest end-to-end view across the stack, allowing for faster remediation and automation

    You’ll gain insights into:

    - New challenges of cross-domain failures in the enterprise
    - The future of IT intelligence across the software and infrastructure industries
    - How Cisco solutions like ACI, CloudCenter and Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM) will be integrated with AppDynamics and Cisco
  • Critical KPIs for Successful Cloud Migration
    Critical KPIs for Successful Cloud Migration
    Tim Grieser, Research Vice President, IDC and John Rakowski, Director of Technology Strategy, AppDynamics Recorded: Jul 31 2018 63 mins
    85% of enterprises worldwide have a cloud-first strategy to accelerate agility, scalability, and innovation-at-speed. IDC surveyed 600 global enterprise decision makers to learn how they made informed choices around cloud migration.

    Register for this webinar to hear the findings IDC discovered about the critical KPIs for migration success. Hear from our guest speaker, Tim Grieser, Research Vice President from IDC to learn:

    - Decision criteria and types of applications being migrated
    - Why container technologies are important in enterprise application strategy
    - The critical application and business KPIs to focus on during planning, pilot and ongoing management in the cloud
  • Five Key Cloud Migration Success Factors
    Five Key Cloud Migration Success Factors
    Justin Vaughan-Brown, Director, Technology Strategy, AppDynamics Recorded: Jul 24 2018 27 mins
    The more you understand the numerous cloud migration considerations, the more likely your enterprise will take advantage of its scalability, agility, and cost reduction benefits.

    Register for this 30-minute webinar to learn how to minimize the risks and set yourself up for success.

    You’ll also learn:

    - Which applications to migrate first
    - How to monitor and minimize the impact on users before, during, and after
    - What training your IT staff needs to effectively build and operate cloud environments
  • How to Drive Better SAP Performance with ABAP Visibility
    How to Drive Better SAP Performance with ABAP Visibility
    Jonah Kowall, VP Market Development and Insights, AppDynamics and Paul Urfi, Sr Sales Enablement, AppDynamics Recorded: Jun 27 2018 44 mins
    When SAP performance suffers, business suffers. This industry-first solution offers ABAP code-level visibility and instrumentation, giving you real-time performance monitoring and diagnostics across mission-critical environments.

    See how AppDynamics for SAP can unify monitoring and deliver code-level visibility across your SAP environments. In this webinar, you will see a live demo of SAP performance monitoring and learn how AppDynamics:

    * Visualizes SAP components and dependencies in real time
    * Establishes dynamic baselines for key SAP transactions
    * Diagnoses SAP issues down to a single ABAP statement
    * Assists with cloud migrations and SAP S/4HANA transitions
  • How to Create Seamless Digital Experiences in Financial Services
    How to Create Seamless Digital Experiences in Financial Services
    Rick Kickert, Global Sr. Director of Business iQ, AppDynamics and Amod Gupta, Director Product Management, AppDynamics Recorded: Jun 20 2018 44 mins
    With the rise of digital and mobile technologies across the financial services industry, traditional services are becoming commoditized. As a result, businesses must provide customers with seamless digital experiences in order to maintain customer loyalty and gain market share. Companies also need a clear line of sight into how application performance and customer experience are impacting revenue in real time.

    Register for the webinar and find out how to:

    - Analyze and optimize customer experience for your most critical customer journeys
    - Gain insight into key customer segments and answer questions in real time
    - Measure business KPIs like conversions and abandonment and understand the impact application performance is having on your bottom line
  • Beyond the stack trace: A new approach to debugging
    Beyond the stack trace: A new approach to debugging
    AJ Jindal, Product Manager of Mobile & IoT, AppDynamics Recorded: May 17 2018 27 mins
    Mobile app crashes lose you revenue, loyalty, and potential customers due to poor user ratings at the App Store or Play Store.

    But stack traces, the traditional debugging method, can leave you with more questions than answers. Learn how to keep your apps healthy and customers happy by fixing crashing apps more quickly, and for good.

    This invaluable lesson on debugging apps will teach you how to:
    - Access a full context of user behavior, application flow, and code execution
    - Reduce your Mean Time to Identification of a crash issue
    - Eliminate costly trial and error, replicating, or not finding the issue at all

    ​The health of your apps is too important to your business to pass up these valuable tips. Register now.

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