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  • How to Build a Global Internet of Things (IoT) Application
    How to Build a Global Internet of Things (IoT) Application
    Evan Cummack and Mehdi Medjaoui Recorded: Jun 26 2018 48 mins
    Everyone is excited about the vision and promise of IoT. In reality, it's prohibitively difficult for most of us to design, build, deploy and manage an IoT solution.

    When compared with software, IoT tools and platforms are fragmented, manufacturing costs are high, and iteration cycles are long. From a go-to-market and wireless connectivity perspective, it's difficult to build once and deploy globally.

    Once an IoT app is deployed, security vulnerabilities and monitoring challenges can quickly derail an entire project.

    *A Better Way to Build for IoT *

    2018 represents an inflection point for 'wide area' IoT connectivity, with operators around the world embracing 3GPP standards for low power IoT devices.

    IoT app developers can now take control of how their software connects around the world, from a central management location.

    Utilizing these tools along with a development process that emphasizes security, identity, and global coverage is the way to build a successful IoT app in 2018.

    Join Evan Cummack, Principal Product Manager at Twilio, for an immersive demonstration moderated by Mehdi Medjaoui, ReadWrite API expert and founder of the APIDays Conference.

    *What’s in it for you?*

    In this immersive webinar, you will learn:
    - How to decide on the best connectivity technology to use for your use case and for your businesses
    - How to ensure your app will connect in the countries you want it to connect in
    - How to route around provider outages or service disruptions before they ever impact your customers
  • Lean-Agile Methodology in a New Era of Product Development
    Lean-Agile Methodology in a New Era of Product Development
    Allen East, Senior Manager, Accenture Recorded: Mar 6 2018 61 mins
    As products become increasingly software-driven and converged, the most successful businesses are those that can innovate quickly. Companies with long product planning phases, high R&D and overhead costs, and limited appetite for change must pivot now, or get left behind.

    To remain competitive, leading companies have embraced Lean-Agile methodologies. They allow teams to rapidly iterate on solutions to customer-centric challenges, and further offer faster time-to-market and lower costs.

    For Lean-Agile to work at scale, organizations must be able to synchronize the various technology delivery frequencies involved in getting a product to market.

    What's needed is an organization-wide approach to Lean-Agile that breaks through traditional silos.

    Join one of Accenture’s top Lean-Agile methodologists, Allen East, on March 6th at 11:00 a.m. PST / 2:00 p.m. EST to learn how you can apply Lean-Agile to lead your organization into a new era of converged product development.

    You will learn:

    - How to get buy-in from senior leadership to adopt or expand Lean-Agile efforts
    - How to identify your value streams, introduce small batch, short work cycles, and reduce waste
    - How to overcome long planning phases, high overhead, and low tolerance for change

    If you cannot attend live, register to receive a recording of the webinar and level up your knowledge.

    Also, learn more about Accenture's software acceleration strategies in this video.
  • Leveraging the Digital Thread for Competitive Advantage & New Sources of Revenue
    Leveraging the Digital Thread for Competitive Advantage & New Sources of Revenue
    Ajay Chavali, Managing Director| John Giubileo, Managing Director| Jeffrey Wheless, Research Senior Principal Recorded: Dec 5 2017 62 mins
    Today, businesses struggle to realize the full promise offered by the emergence of connected devices and the Internet of Things (IoT). To achieve this goal, companies must master the Digital Thread—the flow of data fueling the digital insights behind customer-centric experiences—in their efforts to develop new products and services.

    The high-tech and aerospace industries are leading the way in this realm, as they reinvent how to deal with the deluge of data that flows from the proliferation of connected sensors, devices and components—a massive and pervasive challenge. Please join Accenture’s webcast to understand what this shifting paradigm means for your industry, and how you can effectively leverage data throughout the product lifecycle to drive new sources of revenue, gain competitive advantage, and deliver new digital services and experiences.

    In this webinar you’ll:

    Set yourself up for success by learning how to capture the lion share of value generated by a successfully woven Digital Thread;
    Discover the most effective data ownership models across a supply chain;
    Learn about real examples of how leading companies are introducing new business models, adapting to evolving workforces, and launching new products and services that leverage the power of the IoT.

    Be the first to understand the implications of this shift, and share your opinions/questions with the top thought leaders attending this webcast.
  • How to Win in the Era of Connected & Automated Vehicles
    How to Win in the Era of Connected & Automated Vehicles
    Elliot Katz (Connected and Automated Vehicle Practice, McGuireWoods) | James Dawson (Cisco Jasper) Recorded: Nov 14 2017 34 mins
    How to Win in the New Era of Connected Car, Where Terabytes-Per-Day Matter More Than Miles-Per-Gallon

    Individuals expect their connected car and automated vehicle experiences to be akin to being in their homes or offices. Being a leader in this new ecosystem means tackling — and delivering value from — upwards of 1.5TB of data per day, per vehicle. The opportunity is enormous, but how do we get there? And what will the ride be like?

    Join Elliot Katz, Partner and Chair of the Connected and Automated Vehicle Practice at McGuireWoods, and James Dawson, Global Head of Connected Car at Cisco Jasper, as they reveal:

    · Who the dominant players are in the new connected car & automated vehicle ecosystem, and how it will evolve from here
    · The biggest and fastest-growing opportunities in the ecosystem today
    · How rules and regulations need to change to enable this growth
    · What enterprises and OEMs need to know now to stay ahead and capitalize on the opportunity

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