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  • Improving Departmental Collaboration
    Improving Departmental Collaboration
    Ron Fuschillo, CIO of Renown Health Recorded: Sep 18 2018 29 mins
    Join POPin and special guest Ron Fuschillo, CIO of Renown Health, as we discuss how to improve departmental collaboration.

    Departmental collaboration is a thermometer for your organization’s culture. When your employees feel comfortable working together and communicating effectively, it’s reflective of a healthy culture. When collaboration is strained, there are areas in your organization that need to be improved- whether it’s your meetings, social silos, employee tunnel vision, or more.

    During this special webinar, we will discuss:

    - Ways to recognize the health of your departmental collaboration
    - How to improve the ways your employees communicate
    - Real examples from Renown Health of how to improve collaboration
    between departments
    - Best practices for engaging with your employees

    We hope you’ll join us for this special webinar.
  • Operationalizing Town Hall Meetings
    Operationalizing Town Hall Meetings
    Hayes Drumwright, Founder and CEO of POPin Recorded: Aug 21 2018 37 mins
    Join Founder and CEO of POPin Hayes Drumwright as he talks about the way town hall meetings can impact your organization when done correctly. He'll share customer examples, give you a formula to follow when doing town hall meetings, and explain best practices when it comes to truly hearing your employees and allowing their feedback to impact the direction of your company.
  • Driving Meaningful Improvement to Annual Employee Engagement Scores
    Driving Meaningful Improvement to Annual Employee Engagement Scores
    Dave Husted, Vice President and Julie Mitchell, Director of Enterprise Program Management Office at SCL Health Recorded: Jul 18 2018 31 mins
    Join POPin with guests from SCL Health, Dave Husted, Vice President and Julie Mitchell, Director for a special webinar where we’ll hear how they leveraged POPin to drive meaningful improvements to their annual Press Ganey engagement survey scores.

    Our 30-minute webinar will share real tactics for leaders on conducting meaningful conversations with employees not just to diagnose the cause of low engagement scores but ultimately to surface the real opportunities for improvement. Learn how to listen to employees and take action with their feedback to build trust and create buy-in for the actions you implement. Dave and Julie will guide us through their experiences as leaders and POPin creators.
  • Just in Time Automation
    Just in Time Automation
    Jeff Kunzelman, Chief Technology Officer at POPin Recorded: Jun 22 2017 22 mins
    The classic way of identifying, developing, testing and rolling out new technology relies on management to identify a bottleneck and set a deadline, product management to scope the issue and develop the requirements and then the development time “sprints” through an agile process to deliver the goods. Once the solution was rolled out, the employees suddenly had another process with which they had to comply.

    Now, however, there is a better way. IT and development leaders can crowdsource roadblocks from their audience as well as their teams instead of guessing what to address, which will tell them exactly where technology can automate processes and solutions in order to make it easier for their employees. The result? Solutions employees actually need that are built the best for your organization.

    Join Jeff Kunzelman, Chief Technology Officer at POPin, as he discusses how crowdsolving and automation can revolutionize your business. Specifically, expect to takeaway:

    •Examination of past and current ways of handling development
    •Identification of ways to avoid bottlenecks
    •Examples of successful crowdsourcing
    •Best practices for technology automation
    •Solutions for employee-driven initiatives
    •And more…
  • Management Vs. Employees: How Leaders Can Bridge the Power Gaps
    Management Vs. Employees: How Leaders Can Bridge the Power Gaps
    Hayes Drumwright, CEO & Founder, POPIn Recorded: May 24 2017 57 mins
    This webcast will provide corporate leaders a roadmap for bridging the hierarchical gaps between management and employees to gain company-wide acceptance of transformative strategic initiatives. Serial entrepreneur Hayes Drumwright will demonstrate how to take responsibility for uncovering and fusing the inspiration potential at all levels of your organization and neutralizing the culture of fear and apathy that corrodes the team and organizational commitments of your employees.

    Attendee Take-Aways:
    • How to better implement change in today’s over-complicated, over-structured enterprise

    • Inspire the enterprise employee base to work with the same passion as the founders and executive team toward corporate success

    • Traverse the often confusing array of new social media tools in order to better understand which tool is appropriate to which situation without creating more social noise

    • Ensure a 70% success rate for new initiatives instead of the current 70% failure rate critical to corporate productivity, profitability, and viability
  • Critical Conversations for Business Success
    Critical Conversations for Business Success
    Brian Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer at POPin Recorded: May 17 2017 28 mins
    Brilliant ideas can’t impact your company unless you have buy-in from the teams doing the work. And how can you as a leader get that buy-in? With honest and open conversations. The problem is that telling the truth to the boss is usually career limiting for your employees. In this session, Brian Anderson will address the critical conversations you need to have in order for your business to succeed, and how to make these conversations safe and actionable.

    Key Take-aways:

    •Revolutionary ways to have actionable conversations within your company
    •How to help management and employees communicate effectively
    •Targeted questions to help you crowdsource answers to your hardest questions
    •Ways to drive engagement in your company

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