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  • 5 Secrets to Enablement Launches that Salespeople Love
    5 Secrets to Enablement Launches that Salespeople Love
    Rob Pinna, CPO/CMO at CommercialTribe Recorded: Sep 5 2017 46 mins
    Are you tired of launching great new products and initiatives, only to have them ignored by your sales team?

    Any time you need to change the way your existing team is operating—whether it is due to a re-brand or message change, a new sales process, a transition due to a merger or acquisition, during sales kick-off and, of course, when launching a new product—you need a Launch Plan to be successful.

    Join us to discuss a proven blueprint to:

    ●Drive high adoption with both carrots and accountability
    ●Tie launch results directly to business outcomes
    ●Gain executive sponsorship
    ●Mobilize sales managers as force multipliers
    ●Go beyond knowledge transfer to skill-building and behavioral change
    ●Improve your process after every iteration

    Join us as we share secrets to success based on hundreds of customer launches.
  • How to Establish a Sales Manager Effectiveness Program
    How to Establish a Sales Manager Effectiveness Program
    Rob Pinna, Chief Product Officer, CommercialTribe Recorded: Jun 7 2017 46 mins
    While traditionally sales enablement organizations have focused on developing the Seller, few have an answer for how to best enable the Manager.  

    Consider this from CSO Insights: Organizations that invest in manager effectiveness programs achieve 107% revenue attainment versus 88% for those that don’t. That’s a top-line difference of $1.4M for the average 6-person team carrying $1M in quota per rep.  It’s also the difference between making and missing the number.

    So what is a manager effectiveness program?  Join me as I share what we learned in a workshop event held with 10 senior sales leaders. We’ll dive into the two key pillars identified as crucial to manager effectiveness:

    1. Move management processes from ad-hoc to formal
    2. Develop front line managers as coaches

    And explore the specific processes identified as making the biggest top-line difference.


    Rob Pinna, Chief Product Officer, CommercialTribe
    With 30 years of experience in enterprise software, Rob’s passion is solving challenging business problems through customer validation and a lean startup model. He is responsible for leading CommercialTribe’s product and marketing strategies.

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