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  • Combat cyber fraud with security orchestration
    Combat cyber fraud with security orchestration
    Will LaSala, Director Security Solutions, VASCO Recorded: Aug 29 2017 37 mins
    Combat cyber fraud with security orchestration without slowing down your customers

    With everything in the enterprise going all digital, bypassing traditional security mechanisms in favor of instantaneous, user-convenient transactions increases the risk to the business exponentially. Accessing confidential employee files electronically, e-signing contracts, or allowing your customers to transfer money via a mobile app without cumbersome verification steps makes you and your customer prone to cyber fraud.

    So, what is a digital business to do? You can’t very well remove security completely from your strategy. And, as passwords become obsolete, users increasingly want solutions that are invisible as well as convenient.

    Security Orchestration may be the answer to the growing security concerns of your digital enterprise. Join this webcast lead by VASCO Data Security and learn how to keep your digital enterprise secure without slowing down customers or their transactions.

    Topics of discussion will include:
    •The role of Digital Trust and Orchestration in using frictionless security mechanisms such as:
    oBehavioral authentication
    oStep-up authentication for risky behavior
    oBiometric authentication including fingerprint scan or face recognition
    oReal-time monitoring
    oContainer security for mobile apps
    •Using security orchestration to improve user experience
  • Balancing Security and Usability for Mobile Apps
    Balancing Security and Usability for Mobile Apps
    Will LaSala, Director of Services @ VASCO Recorded: Jun 21 2017 41 mins
    Many businesses today are driven to make their mobile apps more convenient and user-friendly, which often comes at the expense of security. Increasingly, cybercriminals exploit this oversight, shifting their focus from PCs to mobile devices and driving up the sophistication and rate of mobile attacks. Mobile malware, jailbroken devices, rogue apps, keylogging, screen capture and other threats are becoming serious disruptors of mobile business.

    As an application publisher, you cannot stop these attacks from happening but you can render them ineffective — while also providing the best possible user experience. Join this webcast from VASCO Data Security and learn how to reduce your mobile apps’ vulnerabilities and maintain a frictionless user experience.

    Topics of discussion will include:

    - The nature and anatomy of mobile attacks
    - The most common mobile app vulnerabilities
    - The key components of holistic mobile app security
    - Using “invisible” security such as behavioral authentication and runtime application self-protection to improve user experience

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