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  • The Future of Retail is Here: Buy Online Pick Up In Store
    The Future of Retail is Here: Buy Online Pick Up In Store
    Stefan Nandzik, VP of Marketing at Signifyd Recorded: Apr 26 2018 34 mins
    Why buy online pick up in store is the key to omnichannel success and how you can crush it with Signifyd.

    Buy online pick up in store is not only here to stay, it’s a must-have for retailers hurtling through their digital transformations. Half of all consumers have used the service, dubbed BOPIS, in the past year and nearly 90 percent have said they’d like to buy online and pick up in store.

    The catch? BOPIS isn’t easy. The service requires pinpoint precision with inventory tracking, a new set of skills for store associates and a commitment to managing the kind of fraud threats that have historically been the responsibility of the online team.

    In this webinar, we’ll explore the reasons BOPIS represents the future of retail and we’ll outline the perils and potential profits the channel presents.

    Register for this webinar to gain valuable insights into:
    + The BOPIS practices and perceptions of 250 retail professionals working for the country’s largest multichannel retailers — as detailed in a Signifyd survey.
    + The key drivers of the BOPIS revolution.
    + The main challenges large retailers are confronting while trying to provide in-store pick up of online orders.
    + Seven steps you can take to build a successful BOPIS program.
  • Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue By Offering Point-of-Sale Financing
    Boost Your Ecommerce Revenue By Offering Point-of-Sale Financing
    Signifyd + Bread Finance Recorded: Apr 5 2018 29 mins
    Retailers that offer point-of-sale financing options, such as Bread, in their online stores have seen a significant lift in both sales and AOV, all without taking on any additional credit or fraud risk. Point-of-sale financing not only widens the spectrum of customers served, but also improves the user experience and makes it easier and quicker—for both the customer and the retailer—to extend and access credit at checkout.

    In this webinar, discover how you can introduce pay-over-time solutions to inform consumers about their larger purchasing power, encourage higher AOVs, improve conversion rates, and lift sales.

    Register for this webinar to gain valuable insights into:

    + Transform the shopping journey and reduce friction at checkout
    + How to increase average order value (AOV) and boost sales
    + How to identify millennial shopping behavior and capturing this audience
    + How to re-engage shoppers and boost conversions by as much as 300%
  • 9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018
    9 Ecommerce Tips for a Successful 2018
    Signifyd, Brightpearl and AmericanEagle.com Recorded: Dec 12 2017 42 mins
    In this webinar, we are joined by Brightpearl and AmericanEagle.com in giving you, merchants, practical tips and best practices that can help your ecommerce business improve and scale in 2018.

    We'll cover:
    + What you can be doing throughout all of your marketing channels to achieve success
    + How can you make it easy for your customers to buy and get their orders right and on time.
    + How you can maximize revenue while taking less risks
  • The Total Economic Impact of Guaranteed Fraud Protection in Ecommerce
    The Total Economic Impact of Guaranteed Fraud Protection in Ecommerce
    Forrester & Signifyd Recorded: Nov 16 2017 42 mins
    Join us along with Forrester as we have an in-depth look at the Total Economic Impact of Guaranteed Fraud Protection.

    The cost of online fraud for e-commerce merchants extends well beyond chargebacks and fraud-related fees. It includes losses from orders declined unnecessarily, slower order processing and loss of customer loyalty.

    If you have not turned to Guaranteed Fraud Protection to minimize your fraud costs and optimize your operations, you are missing a chance to grow revenue without selling more goods.

    During this session, we’ll cover:
    + The top 5 retail fraud and security threats in 2018 - and how to deal with them
    + The full economic impact of Guaranteed Fraud Protection, including how one enterprise retailer achieved a 3.8x ROI
    + How the right fraud solution can mean faster order fulfillment and higher customer satisfaction.
    + How one retailer added $5.9 million to its bottom line by reducing chargebacks and increasing the number of orders shipped.

    “We went from 88.9 percent order acceptance to 93.5 percent while also displacing 61 basis points for chargebacks.” — manager of a large U.S. retailer’s e-commerce operations.

    Featuring Guest Speakers:
    + Reggie Lau, TEI Principal Consultant, Forrester
    + Brendan Miller, Principal Analyst, Forrester

    ***This webinar will cover a June 2017 commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Signifyd.
  • The Path to E-commerce Growth
    The Path to E-commerce Growth
    Signifyd | Coalition Technologies | BigCommerce Recorded: Oct 17 2017 49 mins
    Join ecommerce and cybersecurity experts from BigCommerce, Coalition Technologies and Signifyd for an in-depth discussion on the opportunities and pitfalls associated with various methods of growing your business.
  • Expanding to International Markets
    Expanding to International Markets
    Eric Negler, Head of Strategic Partnerships at Signifyd, and Vince Lau, Product Marketing at ThreatMetrix Recorded: Aug 22 2017 35 mins
    Join this webinar to hear stories of how specific digital retailers have successfully entered new international markets and are now realizing increased sales without the downside of risky orders.
  • PYMNTS Global Fraud Index 2017 - Digital Discussion
    PYMNTS Global Fraud Index 2017 - Digital Discussion
    Skye Spear, VP of Partnerships at Signifyd Recorded: Jul 24 2017 50 mins
    “I would not want to be a merchant responsible for managing fraud today,” Spear told Karen Webster in a live online discussion on the topic held last week with an audience of online retailers. “It is a full-time job, 24/7/365, against constantly evolving threats.”

    Ecommerce fraud losses have fallen 34.7% since Q1 2016, helped by machine learning and new services like Guaranteed Fraud Protection. However, merchants across eight major industry segments are still expected to lose $48.2 billion this year. And not all industries have improved. For example, online Department Stores saw fraud losses rise by 146.5% between Q1 2016 and Q1 2017. What’s changing, and what’s next? Hear directly from experts responsible for protecting over 5,000 e-commerce merchants globally.
  • Scaling Fraud Management Like The World's Best Ecommerce Companies
    Scaling Fraud Management Like The World's Best Ecommerce Companies
    Skye Spear, VP of Partnerships at Signifyd Recorded: Jun 26 2017 30 mins
    As ecommerce merchants scale their business to meet rising demand, the manner in which they manage fraud changes dramatically. Join Skye Spear as he walks through real-world examples of ecommerce pioneers who have grown rapidly while reducing fraud losses.

    Skye Spear is the Vice President of Partnerships at Signifyd, the world's largest provider of Guaranteed Fraud Protection. Signifyd eliminates fraud losses with a 100% financial guarantee against fraud, allowing merchants to enter new markets and accept significantly more orders. Skye manages Signifyd's strategic relationships with partners and key ecommerce players. Prior to joining Signifyd, Skye held key positions at Silver Tail Systems and RSA Security.
  • Accept Higher Risk Orders Without Fraud Losses
    Accept Higher Risk Orders Without Fraud Losses
    Eric Negler Recorded: Jun 19 2017 25 mins
    As an ecommerce business you need to turn away certain orders because they appear fraudulent or simply too risky. But what if you didn't? How many additional orders, and how much additional revenue, could you earn if you could accept increasingly riskier orders without fraud losses? Signifyd introduced "Guaranteed Fraud Protection" as a means for merchants to do just that; increase sales by accepting more orders, without fraud losses. Machine learning and domain expertise make this possible. What makes this important is your need to increase sales and enter new markets.

    Join this webinar to understand how fraud liability is shifted away from merchants and how fraud losses are completely eliminated to enable sales growth.

    Eric Negler is the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Signifyd, a company focused on helping merchants realize their full potential by removing fraud as an obstacle to business growth. Eric is responsible for building relationships with strategic partners that provide eCommerce and Payments services/solutions. 

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