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  • Collaboration in 2018: Key Trends Driving Enterprise Adoption
    Collaboration in 2018: Key Trends Driving Enterprise Adoption
    Robert Cruz, Senior Director of Information Governance, Actiance & Ken Snyder, Business Development, Cisco Recorded: Apr 25 2018 56 mins
    Enterprise collaboration apps and services continue their rapid growth with many firms adopting rich-media workspaces such as Cisco Spark, Jabber, and UC networks to drive productivity gains and foster greater teamwork.

    However, new, rich collaborative technologies must also satisfy the demands of compliance and legal stakeholders to ensure that new information risks are not created.

    Watch this webinar, “Collaboration in 2018: Key Trends Driving Enterprise Adoption”, as we discuss:

    • The trends driving firms to adopt Cisco Spark, messaging workspaces, and UC
    • How firms are proactively tackling compliance risks
    • How Actiance helps to unleash new collaborative technologies while staying in control of information risks
  • Navigating the Journey to Become a Social Business
    Navigating the Journey to Become a Social Business
    Amy Mcilwain, Financial Industry Principal, Hootsuite Recorded: Apr 18 2018 58 mins
    The rapid adoption of mobile and social communications is disrupting many businesses, challenging enterprises to engage customers from any location, on any device and at any time. This creates an opportunity for competitive advantage for those who can harness social across the customer journey.

    For regulated firms, leveraging social and mobile communications offers the same benefits, but must be balanced with the compliance and security controls to ensure that you can protect your brand and avoid regulatory mishaps.

    Watch this webinar “Navigating the Social Business Journey,” as Actiance and Hootsuite discuss:

    • How organizations are digitally transforming in highly regulated industries
    • Actionable strategies to unify your customer’s journey from attainment to close to retention
    • Approaches to managing compliance risk while safeguarding social channels
  • Top 5 Information Governance Predictions for 2018
    Top 5 Information Governance Predictions for 2018
    Barclay Blair, Founder of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI) Recorded: Apr 12 2018 56 mins
    Information Governance is about managing sensitive or high value information – regardless of whether it lives in the cloud, on a mobile device or a social media network.

    So, how will new communications channels and locations impact governance priorities in 2018?

    Watch this Webinar with Barclay Blair, Founder of the Information Governance Initiative (IGI), as we discussed findings from the most recent IGI Survey, including:

    • The most common IG projects companies initiated in 2017
    • The Top 5 Information Governance Predictions for 2018
    • How Actiance helps you meet your information governance objectives
  • 5 Steps to Migrate from CA Data Protection to Actiance Alcatraz
    5 Steps to Migrate from CA Data Protection to Actiance Alcatraz
    John Pepe and Christopher Amatulli, Technically Creative Recorded: Apr 10 2018 46 mins
    As CA brings its Data Protection (formerly Orchestria) product to end-of-life, it naturally raises questions among customers.

    In response to this news, Actiance has launched its “CA Data Protection/Orchestria Safe Landing program” which provides a smooth, cost-effective path for customers to migrate from CA Data Protection/Orchestria to Actiance Alcatraz while continuing to meet compliance policy obligations.

    Watch this Webinar with our partner Technically Creative, CA Data Protection experts, for an interactive webinar where you will learn:

    • Best Practices in migrating safely from CA Data Protection while preserving important historical data
    • How Actiance can help you meet your supervisory obligations with confidence
    • How our Health Check workshop can help you to accurately scope your migration

    Join CA Data Protection experts John Pepe and Christopher Amatulli from Technically Creative, who will share their unique insights into how you can continue to enforce your critical supervisory review policies.
  • Osterman Research Report: Assessing the Total Cost of Veritas Enterprise Vault
    Osterman Research Report: Assessing the Total Cost of Veritas Enterprise Vault
    Michael Osterman, Osterman Research Recorded: Dec 13 2017 57 mins
    Many organizations are evaluating cloud-based archiving solutions by performing comparative cost analyses against legacy on-premises systems. However, constructing a true comparative analysis can be difficult because the software, hardware, storage, and infrastructure costs of on-premises systems are often distributed across multiple IT cost centers or are simply difficult to estimate.

    Join Actiance and Michael Osterman of Osterman Research as we discuss the results of an Osterman survey on the actual costs of maintaining and operating a Veritas Enterprise Vault environment versus a cloud-based archiving solution.

    During this webinar, you will learn about:

    – Real world cost experiences in managing on-premise archives

    – How the survey results have led to the development of a TCO model to help you determine your own cost comparison

    – How the Actiance Platform offers a significantly lower cost of ownership while providing an architecture to support your archiving needs
  • Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365
    Best Practices for Migrating to Office 365
    Robert Cruz, Senior Director of Information Governance, Actiance & Justin Frech, Systems Engineer, VerQu Recorded: Dec 12 2017 40 mins
    Prior to 2010, email messaging and archiving technologies were primarily deployed behind the firewall, with accompanying investments in storage, hardware, infrastructure, and IT resources. Since then, employee communications volume and variety have continued to explode –along with the cost and management hassle. Unfortunately, this time period has also witnessed an explosion of users utilizing their own devices, unsanctioned communications channels, and personal storage locations to get their jobs done.

    Now, as messaging systems move to Office 365 many are asking: Is the move to Office 365 also the right time to gain control over other employee communications channels, and if yes, what’s the best way to do it successfully?

    To answer this and other questions, join Actiance and VerQu as we explore:

    •Best practices in moving employee communications to Office 365
    •Steps to consider before beginning the migration process
    •How to assess regulatory compliance and eDiscovery implications when migrating to Office 365

    We will conclude with a discussion of how Actiance can help organizations harness Office365, while gaining control over the latest communication channels to ensure that companies meet regulatory compliance and eDiscovery demands.
  • From Supervision to Surveillance
    From Supervision to Surveillance
    Mitch Atkins, Founder and Principal at FirstMark Regulatory Solutions Recorded: Dec 7 2017 58 mins
    Is your day spent plowing through endless piles of messages, while policy violations may lie hidden in your data? How can you make daily review easier while – at the same time – ensure you are addressing topics that are of greatest interest to regulators?

    Today, compliance officers of financial services firms are challenged by information like never before. Data volume is doubling every 18 months and new forms of electronic communication emerge regularly, making supervisory review workloads untenable. At the same time, SEC/FINRA/IIROC regulatory scrutiny over supervisory compliance practices has never been higher, with stiff regulatory fines appearing in the news almost daily. Clearly, conducting review of today’s communications with tools designed 10+ years ago for email is not sustainable.

    Join us and our special guest, Mitch Atkins, founder and Principal at FirstMark Regulatory Solutions, for a discussion of the issues impacting supervisory review, and how firms can re-focus efforts on the identification and mitigation of complex compliance risk. In this webcast you’ll learn:

    •Common compliance risks faced by broker-dealers and their impact on FINRA priorities in 2016;
    •How the growth of non-email is impacting compliance review;
    •Emerging best practices in managing review volumes and conducting compliance surveillance
  • Best Practices for Legacy Archive Migration
    Best Practices for Legacy Archive Migration
    Robert Desteno, CEO, Archive360 & Bill Tolson, Actiance Recorded: Dec 6 2017 59 mins
    Since the late 1990’s, corporate email archives have become a necessity for many organizations, especially for those in regulated industries or those faced with ongoing eDiscovery requirements.

    Email archives were seen as the only workable solution to capture, secure, manage and make searchable, those emails and attachments that government agencies requested or the courts demanded through eDiscovery requests.

    Prior to 2010, stand-alone, on-premise email archives were the go-to solution to ensure regulatory compliance and reduce eDiscovery risk. Cloud-based email archiving solutions were later introduced and have experienced phenomenal growth over the last several years. The adoption of cloud-based email archives has raised the question: Should you migrate your existing on-premise email archive data to the cloud, and if yes, what’s the best way to do it successfully?

    To answer this and other questions, Join Robert Desteno, CEO from Archive360 and Bill Tolson from Actiance as they explore this and other topics including:

    •The advantages of migrating to a cloud archive
    •Steps to consider before beginning the migration process
    •Best practices to ensure a successful migration
  • The Top 5 Myths of Archiving
    The Top 5 Myths of Archiving
    Bill Tolson, Archive 360 & Gopal Ramanujam, Actiance Recorded: Aug 15 2017 53 mins
    Suffice it to say that traditional email archiving is a mature technology category. However, more firms are looking at archiving today for the first time as their ‘keep everything forever’ strategies have failed. Others are motivated by a move to Office365, while some are looking for new approaches to address the growing challenges of social media, instant messaging, and rich media communications channels that are growing organically inside their firms.

    Whatever the driver, archiving remains misunderstood by many – both within IT and across business units. Join us and our guest Bill Tolson from Archive360 as we explore and attempt to clarify the top 5 archiving myths:

    • Archiving is primarily for email storage;
    • Archiving is only necessary for regulated firms;
    • Archiving leads to the risk of over-preservation;
    • Cloud archiving is more expensive and less secure than traditional on-premises archiving;
    • End-users don’t benefit from Archiving

    We’ll wrap up with a brief overview of how Actiance and Archive360 are enabling organizations to address these myths and achieve their information governance objectives.
  • Next Generation Collaboration with Cisco Jabber
    Next Generation Collaboration with Cisco Jabber
    Karin Wuhrmann, Product Management, Cisco Jabber & Jasmine Wu, Product Management, Actiance Recorded: Aug 9 2017 35 mins
    In recent years, with hyper-growth of the global workforce, mobility, BYOD, and accelerated cloud adoption, collaboration has been taken to a new level with significant challenges. Cisco Jabber has witnessed this transformation from ground up and has evolved to become a solution that aims to fulfill the workstyles of the future, today.  Next generation collaboration requires seamless virtual collaboration experiences that focus on individual and team collaboration, and Cisco Jabber’s vision has accomplished this and much more.  Now, the challenge is providing Cisco Jabber compliance in your enterprise company.

    In addition, enterprises must also ensure next generation communications complies with strict corporate, legal and regulatory requirements.

    Watch this webinar to learn:

    •Cisco Jabber and the unified communications landscape
    •Jabber and its differentiation in UC and collaboration
    •How Actiance can help in security & compliance

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