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  • Security basics: what is malware today?
    Security basics: what is malware today?
    Alexander Eremin, security researcher at Kaspersky Recorded: Jul 3 2019 38 mins
    What do we know about the malware? The term has become widely used, yet not everybody knows what is meant by it.

    In this webinar, Kaspersky security researcher Alexander Eremin will:

    -Explain the basics that are vital for the understanding of modern cybersecurity processes
    -Present the most dangerous types of malware today with case-studies
    -Tell the difference between malware and threats
    -Share the most recent trends and statistics on malware
    -Describe essential elements if the modern threat landscape
    -Provide some basic recommendations on protection for businesses and individuals

    Alexander Eremin is a malware analyst at Kaspersky. Dealing a lot with modern trends and statistics, Alexander sees the latest changes on the threat landscape and regularly provides unique insides on them on security conferences. In academic field, he is known a lector that is capable of describing the most complicated thing in the most simple words and is always happy to answer the audience’s question and eliminate any confusion.
  • The end of cyber-threat intelligence. Сriminals’ developing tactics
    The end of cyber-threat intelligence. Сriminals’ developing tactics
    Vicente Diaz, Security researcher, Kaspersky Recorded: Jul 1 2019 47 mins
    The art of cyber-threat hunting keeps businesses aware of recent or upcoming threats, and enables them to protect the organization from attacks and breaches before it's too late. But what if criminals go totally under the radar? Vicente Diaz, security researcher at Kaspersky, will present the most recent trends in the world of cybercriminals and how they avoid even the most sophisticated threat hunters. Join the webinar to learn how to harvest intelligence when the criminals are completely in the shadows.

    Want to know more about challenges to cyber-threat intelligence? Join our next webinar:
  • How to save $1.7 million on industrial cybersecurity
    How to save $1.7 million on industrial cybersecurity
    Julia Fadzeyeva, Consultant at Forrester, Anton Shipulin, Presales Manager for Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity Recorded: Jun 27 2019 48 mins
    Julia Fadzeyeva, guest speaker from Forrester, will present results from the commissioned Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study, highlighting the benefits of using a dedicated industrial cybersecurity solution and the improved experience this brings to customers.

    Anton Shipulin from Kaspersky will go on to show the technical aspects of implementing Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity and how it meets the needs of modern industrial enterprises.

    The webinar will cover:
    -Why a traditional AV solution is not the best choice for industrial machines;
    -The potential ROI of switching to an industrial cybersecurity product;
    -A Kaspersky case study demonstrating how Kaspersky Industrial CyberSecurity helps protect industrial networks
  • Panel debate: The risks and rewards of transparency in cybersecurity
    Panel debate: The risks and rewards of transparency in cybersecurity
    Anton Shingarev, Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Kevin Limonier, Melinda Crane, Recorded: Jun 19 2019 54 mins
    An international panel of leaders and influencers from across the security landscape will explore how the global ICT industry can best build trust and assurance for their products in the current cybersecurity landscape. Among other things, the panel will discuss the need to prove trustworthiness and the risks and benefits of transparency actions such as code reviews.

    Panellists are:
    • Kevin Limonier, Associate Researcher, Castex Chair of Cyberstrategy;
    • Jan-Peter Kleinhans, Project Director, Stiftung Neue Verantwortung;
    • Anton Shingarev, Vice President of Public Affairs, Kaspersky.

    Moderator: Melinda Crane, Chief Political Correspondent, Deutsche Welle
  • How to Tackle Advanced Threats and Targeted Attacks
    How to Tackle Advanced Threats and Targeted Attacks
    Josh Zelonis - Forrester Research; Jibril Hassan - Kaspersky Recorded: Jun 18 2019 48 mins
    With the growing size and maturity of businesses, the complexity of IT environments increases, expanding the potential attack surface for advanced and targeted attacks. Organizations need a cost-effective way of securing their assets.

    Join Kaspersky’s Webinar “How to Overcome Advanced Threats and Targeted Attacks?” – Part 2 of the Cybersecurity series at 11:00 AM ET on June 18th and learn from Forrester about its Zero Thrust framework that presents an analysis of the maturity and business value of technologies that support Zero Trust threat detection and response. You will also learn from Kaspersky how the combination of its threat detection and response technologies and services can help mature, midsize and large organizations focus on advanced detection and fast response to advanced threats and target attacks that try to circumvent automated preventive technologies.

    Our speakers for the session:

    Josh Zelonis – Guest Speaker and Senior analyst at Forrester Research
    Josh is a senior analyst at Forrester, serving Security & Risk Professionals. He covers security architecture and operations, with a focus on cyberthreat intelligence, detection, and response. In this role, he helps clients continuously adapt their architecture, policies, and processes to evolving threats while also developing robust incident response capabilities that limit the impact of breaches. His research focuses on threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment/management, malware analysis, and incident response.

    Jibril Hassan - Executive Pre-Sales Manager and Threat Management and Defense Soliton Product Champion at Kaspersky.
    Jibril's extensive IT experience spans over 15 years, with information security being the focus in the last 10 years. His technical engineering background includes various roles previously held at DELL-EMC, RSA Security, McAfee and AAM Group.
  • The role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation
    The role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation
    Oleg Glebov, Threat Management and Defense Solution Leader, Alexander Liskin, Heuristic Detection Group Manager Kaspersky Recorded: Jun 11 2019 59 mins
    Experts predict a busy year for cybersecurity threats… a rise in general and accidental malware infections, an increased risk of targeted ransomware attacks and new types of malware and malicious tools all lie ahead.

    Threat intelligence is a key component of any effective security operation. Without exceptional, coordinated threat intelligence, cyber threats simply can’t be reliably identified or stopped.

    Kaspersky is hosting a webinar on the key role of threat intelligence in an effective security operation. The webinar will be presented by Oleg Glebov, solution leader for our Threat Management and Defense portfolio and Alexander Liskin, Kaspersky anti-malware research expert.

    The webinar is aimed at anyone with a professional interest in cybersecurity and threat intelligence, in particular IT security officers, incident response specialists and SOC analysts.

    The webinar will cover the following topics:
    • the current threat landscape – and the methods cybercriminals use to evade detection;
    • the critical role threat data feeds play in protecting you from attack;
    • the increasing importance of proven, established sandboxing – and the capabilities of Kaspersky’s Cloud Sandbox;
    • APT and Financial Threat Intelligence Reporting;
    • how our experts use Threat Lookup for incident investigation;
    • Kaspersky’s Threat Intelligence Services – and how we can help build a comprehensive Incident Response (IR) framework with our Threat Intelligence Portal and Cloud Sandbox.
  • Fraud beyond finance: multi-industrial approach to prevention
    Fraud beyond finance: multi-industrial approach to prevention
    Tim Ayling, Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions, Kaspersky Lab Recorded: Jun 4 2019 29 mins
    When it comes to discussions related to fraud, we think about the finance first. Financial institutions historically have suffered the most being the targets of various criminal schemes, malware, social engineering, money laundering and other fraud vectors.

    However, nowadays we see that organizations across different industries are suffering reputational, financial and other damages caused by fraud. Government agencies, healthcare organizations, retail and e-commerce, loyalty schemes, gaming industry and gambling rooms report cases of account takeover, new account fraud, even money laundering related attacks. Most of them have fraud prevention measures in place to fight or at least to monitor this. But fraud has evolved into a form of organizational crime and attackers offer training and knowledge sharing to help find a way past well-known fraud management solutions.

    At the webinar we are going to cover the most up-to-date threat landscape for different types of businesses and share some real cases of success.
  • Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation
    Redefining Enterprise Security in an Era of Digital Transformation
    Kaspersky Lab and guests Recorded: May 28 2019 68 mins
    In the digital world, effective information security is now a key business success factor. As attackers find new ways to attack digital assets, the ability of the organization to maintain continuity, and the security of the information circulating in it, may be called into question. New attack methods and threat vectors require fundamentally new approaches to corporate protection.

    As part of the World Cyber Security Congress in London on March 27, Kaspersky Lab will be conducting a seminar exploring ways to solve the problem of protection in the digital world, where the risks are so high, and where the only sure defense lies a comprehensive security approach.

    Join us there to:

    • Find out about the threats organizations like yours are currently facing

    • Learn how to build reliable protection in the era of digital transformation

    • See how leading-edge global corporation has built its security on proven technologies

    • Put your questions to our experts

    During the seminar, our Principal Security Researcher in the Global Research and Analysis Team David Emm will talk about contemporary threats in ‘The Top Cyber-threats Facing Your Digital Business’.

    Next, in ‘Cybersecurity as Part of Your Digital Transformation Strategy’, Adam Maskatiya, General Manager, Kaspersky Lab UK & Ireland will outline how to build a cybersecurity system able to respond to highly complex threats.

    The seminar will end in conversation - CTO one of our customer talks about their success story in fighting today’s cyberthreats.
  • Gain immunity against high-profile threats with APT Intelligence Reporting
    Gain immunity against high-profile threats with APT Intelligence Reporting
    Vicente Diaz, Artem Karasev Recorded: May 24 2019 55 mins
    Counteracting modern cyberthreats requires a 360-degree view of the tactics and techniques used by threat actors. While the C&Cs and tools cybercriminals use change frequently, it’s extremely difficult for attackers to change their behavior and methods during an attack execution. Identifying and exposing these patterns quickly helps deploy effective defensive mechanisms in advance, disarming cybercriminals and disrupting the kill chain.

    Kaspersky Lab's APT Intelligence Reporting now tracks 100+ threat actors, uncovering the most sophisticated and dangerous targeted attacks, cyber-espionage campaigns, major malware, ransomware and underground cybercriminal trends in 85 countries. Join our webinar and learn how to use our unique expertise and knowledge to enable bulletproof protection from the most damaging threats.
  • Fraud Prevention - IT ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)
    Fraud Prevention - IT ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)
    Tim Ayling, Global Head of Fraud Prevention Solutions Recorded: May 20 2019 42 mins
    Isn’t it funny how biometrics, a science that has been around for centuries, did not enter the public consciousness until Apple launched Touch ID with the iPhone 5S in September 2013? Now it is seen by many as the solution to our fraud concerns. Of course, this technology, like any other, whilst offering tremendous potential, is not the be-all and end-all of fraud and cybercrime prevention. In this presentation we will look at why Artificial Intelligence and behavioural biometrics, on their own, are not the answer to all your cybersecurity woes.

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