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  • Digital Transformation Use of AI Services: IT Role and Impact
    Digital Transformation Use of AI Services: IT Role and Impact Ritu Jyoti, Research Director, Enterprise Storage, Server and Infrastructure Software Recorded: May 17 2018 59 mins
    By 2019, 40% of digital transformation (DX) initiatives will be supported by cognitive/AI capabilities, providing timely critical insights for new operating and monetization models. In this IDC Web Conference, Ritu Jyoti will discuss the infrastructure requirements for AI services, how AI capabilities will be employed across the datacenter – varying from intelligent data services to self-configurable/self-healing/self-optimizing infrastructure – and the associated IT impact.
  • Collaborating And Working Efficiently With Startups
    Collaborating And Working Efficiently With Startups Mette Ahorlu and Margaret Adam Recorded: May 15 2018 55 mins
    The startup community plays an important role in the fast changing technology world and transition to the digital era.

    Enterprises from most industries, technology vendors, IT services companies and consulting companies all want to collaborate with startups to help drive innovation. But this requires not only identifying right startup partners but also overcoming numerous obstacles along the way.

    This webcast will present IDC's conclusion from extensive research into experiences among services companies, technology companies and startups, identifying barriers and sharing ideas for how to overcome the them in order to make collaboration efficient and impactful and avoid wasting valuable time.

    In this webcast – which is suitable for the innovation leads at enterprises, partnering executives, startups and vendors of technology and services - Mette Ahorlu and Margaret Adam from the European Services team and the European Channels and Alliances teams will share their findings, guidance and answer questions from the participants
  • European Smart Cities Investments: Harnessing Forces for Change
    European Smart Cities Investments: Harnessing Forces for Change Chris Pennell, Jan Alexa and Andrea Siviero Recorded: May 9 2018 35 mins
    European cities face significant forces for change such as increasing demand for mobility, seamlessness of service delivery, and the democratization of public services. In response, cities are becoming increasingly smart; they are adopting innovative technology solutions and redesigning business and service delivery models to take a more user-centric approach, while allowing users to have greater input into how their city works.

    This IDC’s webcast with European IDC Smart City experts give an overview of the main trends impacting European cities technology investments, highlighting the main use cases, initiatives, and priorities driving Smart City spending in Europe. It leverages IDC Government Insights extensive industry research and the newly launched IDC Worldwide Smart Cities Spending Guide in which the major smart cities use cases were sized and forecasted by nine global regions.
  • IDC Best Practices Series: Blowing Up the Funnel
    IDC Best Practices Series: Blowing Up the Funnel Kathleen Schaub, Vice President, CMO Advisory and Customer Experience Practice Recorded: May 3 2018 51 mins
    Blowing Up the Funnel: Four Strategies for Marketing and Sales Collaboration

    IDC predicts that by 2020, one in five marketing leaders will abandon the funnel in favor of a customer-centric model. For optimal effectiveness – for content marketing, account-based marketing, and lead management, marketers must understand the connections between the customer's decision-journey and the internal funnel process that drives the sales forecast. Where do you stand? Join IDC Custom Solutions and Kathleen Schaub on Thursday May 3rd for a 1-hour online webcast focusing on tactical, focused and innovative new ways marketing and sales teams can work together effectively to generate new business.
  • The Future of Development: New Rules for Apps Dev & Deploy
    The Future of Development: New Rules for Apps Dev & Deploy Jen Thomson Recorded: May 3 2018 34 mins
    At the heart of any organization's digital transformation there is the need to embrace a different way of running the business, of processing data, reacting to changing market conditions, and of engaging with customers. But, ultimately digital transformation begins with applications that are built to deliver a truly digital-native experience.

    To excel in the next phase of the digital transformation journey CIO's must look to enable modern application development. This requires addressing two critical aspects of the application development and deployment process. Firstly, operational shifts, such as DevOps, automation, and microservices, and secondly, development and deployment decisions that relate to application modernization strategies, cloud deployment, development paradigms and so on.

    This webcast discusses the new rules for apps dev and deploy, and looks to uncover:
    - How European organizations are transitioning from 2nd Platform waterfall development shops to agile, 3rd Platform/cloud-native development shops
    - Where European organizations are on this journey
    - The transition in KPIs and metrics to support modern development
  • Behind the scenes of Digital Transformation: which role will EU Industries play?
    Behind the scenes of Digital Transformation: which role will EU Industries play? Andrea Minonne, Gabriele Roberti and Thomas Vavra Recorded: Apr 18 2018 36 mins
    The two European Vertical Markets Surveys 2017 analyze how IDC’s 3rd platform technologies are helping businesses to embrace innovation and renovate their IT strategies in Western Europe and Central and Eastern Europe. The 4 pillars (Big Data, Cloud, Mobile, and Social Media) are enablers that allow businesses to drive digital transformation forward. Despite being more mature technologies, they play a pivotal role in bringing innovation in a digital enterprise and enabling next generation technologies such as AR/VR, Robotics, or Artificial Intelligence.
    In this IDC Web Conference Andrea Minonne, Gabriele Roberti and Thomas Vavra from the Customer Insight and Analysis team will discuss how these technologies are evolving and are transforming industries across Europe. Key topics include adoption of public and private Cloud solutions, mobile devices, Big Data and analytics, social media for business purposes and digital transformation awareness.
  • How can Governments’ Master Digital Transformation?
    How can Governments’ Master Digital Transformation? Chris Pennell, Research Director, IDC Government Insights Recorded: Mar 28 2018 37 mins
    During this webinar, IDC Government Insights' Research Director, Chris Pennell will discuss:

    •Which key areas governments must master to be successful at Digital Transformation: relationships, operations and information? How far along are European governments in their mastery of the dimensions that underpin these core areas?
    •How European governments are adopting 3rd platform technologies?
    •What are the governments’ business priorities that are driving digital investments and related security concerns?
  • European Multicloud Infrastructure Readiness – Data and Learnings
    European Multicloud Infrastructure Readiness – Data and Learnings Giorgio Nebuloni, Michael Ceroici Recorded: Mar 27 2018 44 mins
    Cloud is radically changing the way we do business, making #cloudfirst strategies an essential mandate for European organizations. As part of this movement, Multicloud is an imperative that many organizations are striving for. Multicloud can enable significant IT cost savings, greater control over compliance and data security, and provide enhanced functionality through the selection of advanced IT cloud services.

    While Multicloud brings a multitude of advantages for organizations, the solutions are not straightforward. The toolbox is diverse, and successful strategies need to address areas such as cloud cost monitoring, cloud compliancy (GDPR) policies, and holistic connectivity strategies into multiple cloud environments. IT Buyers also need to take different approaches to Multicloud based on existing infrastructure, internal skillsets, existing procurement strategies, and company size and location. Multicloud challenges extend to vendors and services providers, who need to adapt their consumption models and compliance policies to a rapidly changing market.

    How can buyers discover where they sit in the Multicloud Readiness process, and where to go next? How can vendors and service providers best guide buyers towards building successful Multicloud infrastructure? What are the Multicloud adoption rates in Europe and what learnings can be found from organizations making the journey?

    Please join Giorgio Nebuloni and team on March 27th, 2018, where these questions along with key findings from IDC’s Multicloud Readiness Survey will be presented. Essential guidance to European buyers and vendors will also be provided through IDC’s Multicloud Readiness Framework, as organizations plan their Multicloud strategies for 2018 and onwards.
  • Big Data & Analytics: Building the Intelligent Enterprise
    Big Data & Analytics: Building the Intelligent Enterprise Helena Schwenk and Philip Carnelley Recorded: Mar 27 2018 29 mins
    Learn on what the future holds for the European market for Big Data and Analytics in 2018 and beyond, together with insight into the top industry use cases driving adoption. Join us for this 30-minute webinar to discover and learn from IDC's insights on:
    •How the big data and analytics landscape is evolving driven by key technological forces
    •How the push towards digital transformation is prompting forward thinking companies to take a proactive data driven approach
    •How the regulatory backdrop in Europe is shaping and influencing big data and analytics initiatives
    •Top tips and recommendations for scaling your big data and analytics across the organization.
  • IoT Security: Why the IoT Supply Chain of Trust Matters
    IoT Security: Why the IoT Supply Chain of Trust Matters Angela Salmeron, Romain Fouchereau Recorded: Mar 22 2018 31 mins
    As IoT crosses the chasm and goes from hype to reality, security and data privacy (top IoT challenges) need to be addressed by the industry and government organizations for once and all.

    The stakes are high but tackling the problem is far from simple. Mainly, because IoT is a complicated stack made up of untrusted sourced components.

    Join us on this IDC webcast in which we will address the “IoT Supply Chain of Trust” as the cornerstone to IoT Security today. This webcast will cover the following topics:

    What’s the weakest link in an IoT solution?
    Security and accountability in IoT vendor ecosystems
    Supply chain of trust and Blockchain
    GDPR and government regulations: security by design
    IDC’s recommendations

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