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AI - Technology Consumption Management

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  • Machine Learning, Design Thinking, & the Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platform
    Machine Learning, Design Thinking, & the Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platform Hyoun Park Recorded: Sep 26 2017 31 mins
    Note: Moved to Tuesday, September 26th

    Role-Based Expert Enhancement Platforms (REEPs) are the future of embedded Artificial Intelligence.

    Amalgam Insights believes that the key to success for artificial intelligence is embedded AI aligned to role-specific and industry-specific challenges. The goal is to provide focused outputs that enhance the best judgment of subject matter experts. This leads to a core mission of Amalgam Insights: improving the consumption of enterprise technology.

    Based on interviews with dozens of enterprise application platform users, application vendors, and machine learning providers, Amalgam Insights described how lessons from embedded BI and application analytics can be used to create the next-generation of embedded AI and embedded machine learning applications.
  • Eight Telecom Expense Solutions Gartner Missed
    Eight Telecom Expense Solutions Gartner Missed Hyoun Park Recorded: Aug 31 2017 32 mins
    Update: Amalgam Insights' report "8 Hidden Gems for Telecom Expense Management" now available: http://amalgaminsights.com/product/vendor-smartlist-8-hidden-gems-for-telecom-expense-management/

    Recommended Audience of Business managers considering a telecom, network, SaaS, or cloud services audit including:
    Telecom Directors and Managers, Network Directors and Managers, Mobility Directors and Managers, IT Procurement, IT Finance, IT Architects

    Amalgam Insights has been covering the Telecom Expense Management (TEM) market for over a decade. In May of 2017, Gartner released "Market Guide for Telecom Expense Management Services, 2017". In this guide, Amalgam believes that eight key vendors were overlooked that can provide enterprise-grade services and represent billions of dollars in technology spend including:

    * Asignet - A pioneer in Robotic Process Automation
    * Ezwim - The largest standalone TEM in Europe
    * GSG - A SaaS solution partnering with IBM, Unisys, and Verizon
    * ICOMM - A Fortune 1000-focused vendor with 100% referenceable clients
    * Mobichord - A fast-growing technology management platform built on ServiceNow
    * Netplus - A commercial and government-focused vendor with over 4 million lines under management
    * Smartbill - The largest Australian provider with over 500,000 items under management
    * Vcom - One of the Bay Area's best rated places to work with spend management expanding to IoT, data center, & SD-WAN
  • Governing the Future of IT: Technology Consumption Management
    Governing the Future of IT: Technology Consumption Management Hyoun Park Recorded: Jun 29 2017 45 mins
    Recommended Audience: IT finance and budget managers, telecom expense directors and managers, cloud and software sourcing managers.

    AI presents a framework for managing cloud, telecom, and software consumption in a Hybrid IT world. A must-attend for IT executives managing multi-million dollar cloud, telecom, mobility, and/or software budgets.

    In this webinar, Amalgam Insights provides a framework for the CIO and CFO offices to understand the fragmented world of Technology Consumption Management, which you need to understand if you manage:

    * IT Financial Management.
    * Telecom Expense Management
    * Cloud Cost Management
    * Software Lifecycle Management

    This webinar will include descriptions of each of these toolkits, anonymized business examples, and representative vendors to consider at the enterprise level.

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