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  • Panel Discussion: How to apply AI in practice: Challenges & Opportunities
    Panel Discussion: How to apply AI in practice: Challenges & Opportunities
    Pedro Mediano, Research Scientist at Emotech Ltd., Joel Hughes, Director of UK and Europe at Indiegogo Recorded: Jul 25 2017 51 mins
    Starting from the first computers to Apple’s Siri and Google’s AlphaGo, artificial intelligence has come a long way to become the technology of the future. Distinguished ‘AI pragmatist’ and successful AI startup owner, David White leads this panel discussion on the challenges and opportunities resulting from practical applications of AI.

    David is joined by a number of researchers and scientists at the forefront of their respective fields, namely Ahmed Baladi (Partner of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher), Joel Hughes (Director of the UK & Europe at Indeigogo), Zbigniew Bogdan Wojna (Co-founder at TensorFlight Inc.), Wei Cui (Chief Data Scientist at Yixue Education), and Jan Medvesek (Technical Co-founder of Emotech Ltd.).

    The panelists are asked the following questions:
    •Will AI be in another hype cycle?
    •What are the existing applications of AI in our daily lives? What could its potential applications be in specific industries (e.g. Public Health, Education, Law and Finance)?
    •Will Asian markets be the next ‘promised land’ of UK tech startups?
    •What are the legal aspects to consider when operating in international markets (benefits & concerns)?
    •What will the developments of AI be in the next 25 years (challenges & opportunities)?
    •Will AI ever replace humans in the workplace?
  • The future of Artificial Intelligence - Hongbin Zhuang, CEO at Emotech
    The future of Artificial Intelligence - Hongbin Zhuang, CEO at Emotech
    Hongbin Zhuang, CEO at Emotech Recorded: Jul 25 2017 16 mins
    Hongbin Zhuang, CEO of award-winning artificial intelligence startup Emotech, shares his insights into recent AI developments during his speech “Building products in the age of AI”. From PCs to smartphones, technological products have progressively acquired more and more features and personalization functions. When people connect more easily, the technology being used is expected to adapt to the needs of an increasingly dynamic user base. Many innovative products, such as Olly robot, are designed to enhance the way people interact with their environment: the robots can even refine and expand their functions by learning about one’s personality. The development of specific techniques, such as the ‘deep learning model’, will eventually make our daily lives hassle-free.
  • The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Dr Marily Nika
    The Future of Artificial Intelligence - Dr Marily Nika
    Dr Marily Nika Recorded: Jul 25 2017 13 mins
    Dreams and ideas from twenty years ago are all becoming a reality now, as everything evolves at an astounding pace. The future of Artificial Intelligence is a hotly-debated and controversial issue amongst researchers and investors alike. Dr Marily Nika, the winner of the 2015 WISE Influence Award, discusses interesting examples illustrating that technology plays a role in many of the things we do.
  • Blockchain and Greentech
    Blockchain and Greentech
    Dr Langen Shu, CEO at GCL Finance (Group) Holdings Recorded: Jul 25 2017 21 mins
    Blockchain is an innovative and commercially valuable technology that has repeatedly been at the centre of intense debates. Bitcoin is the most well-known example of blockchain implementation within the financial sector. Dr Langen Shu discusses his company’s successful applications of blockchain technology to energy internet, in addition to providing inspiring insights into the functioning of the energy internet market and into related government policies.
  • Opportunities & challenges in the modern industrial revolution: An introduction.
    Opportunities & challenges in the modern industrial revolution: An introduction.
    Eric Van der Kleij, CEO of C4RD Recorded: Jul 25 2017 10 mins
    Eric Van der Kleij, CEO of C4RD and Fintech & Blockchain Advisor to the Department for International Trade, provides expert insight into the opportunities and the challenges resulting from the Industry 4.0 revolution. The Centre for Digital Revolution has a dual role: it advises corporates and startups on how to capitalise on the Industry 4.0 revolution, in addition to providing governments and societies with guidance on how to make the most out of the modern industrial revolution, by means of a digital think tank.
  • Panel Discussion: Innovation in Medtech
    Panel Discussion: Innovation in Medtech
    Pengson Ji (Chairman Ankon Technologies), Jingwei Lou (Chairman Biotecan Biology) Recorded: Jul 25 2017 29 mins
    Innovations in MedTech are playing an important role in China's economic restructuring. MedTech is undoubtedly one of the key sectors expected to be at the forefront of strategic technological progress in the coming years. Revolutionary potential lies in the conception and development of devices such as new imaging equipment and medical robots, in addition to the enhancement of biological 3D printing techniques.

    Due to factors such as an ageing population and greater personal consumption, China will continue to see the MedTech industry thrive. According to data from the China Medical Pharmaceutical Material Association (CMPMA), the Chinese medical equipment market has grown rapidly from just RMB 14.5 billion in 2004 to RMB 255 billion in 2014, representing a 16-fold increase in the short space of 10 years. The market is expected to exceed RMB 300 billion this year thanks to the effect of the ‘Made in China 2025’ strategy.

    Led by the panel moderator Tina Tan (Editor-in-Chief of Medtech insight), the panelists discussing such transformations are Jingwei Lou (Chairman, Biotecan Biology), Neil White (Head of Life Sciences of Medopadand) and Shibing Xia (Shibing Xia, General Manager at Golden Sunflower Capital Management).
  • Panel discussion on Fintech & Blockchain
    Panel discussion on Fintech & Blockchain
    Genevieve Leveille, Founder & CEO at AgriLedger, Peter Hofmann, Senior Manager at Swisscom, Guido Branca, CEO at BABB Recorded: Jul 25 2017 30 mins
    Eric van der Kleij, appointed as Chief Executive of Tech City by former British Prime Minister, mediates this panel discussion.

    The guests explain what excites them most about FinTech and blockchain, in addition to making informed speculations on what we might expect our world to look like 3 or 5 years from now. They discuss how to face the challenges brought by future financial regulation in a world where blockchain is connected to trust, as well as the kind of roles regulators are playing in different countries, and the responsibilities they must take.

    Last but not least, they discuss the challenges blockchain poses for financial regulators. The panel deals with a series of questions, including Bitcoin pricing, the existence of bubbles in blockchain and the current status of Sino-British FinTech collaborations.

    The panelists discussing about FinTech and blockchain are Genevieve Leveille (Founder & CEO at AgriLedger),Peter Hofmann (Senior Manager at Swisscom), Kirk Wilson (Executive Director for the China Region at China-Britain Business Council), Shaul David, (FinTech Sector Specialist) and Guido Branca (CEO at BABB).
  • Industry 4.0 - Innovation landscape
    Industry 4.0 - Innovation landscape
    Professor G.Q. Max Lu, Vice-Chancellor of University of Surrey Recorded: Jul 24 2017 17 mins
    Education is not only about reading textbooks, but also about learning from brand-new technologies. Firmly believing in this, Professor G.Q. Max Lu, President and Vice Chancellor of the University of Surrey, encourages students to learn and innovate by experiencing cutting-edge technologies within their on-campus research park. In this speech, Professor Lu presents the history of technology commercialization at the University of Surrey. In doing so, he discusses successful cases of technology commercialization, as well as revealing early-stage and upcoming technologies. Furthermore, he draws on his experience and deep knowledge of industry-academia partnerships to discuss the importance of collaborations in technological innovation.
  • Panel Discussion:Investment opportunities under Industry 4.0 & Made in China 202
    Panel Discussion:Investment opportunities under Industry 4.0 & Made in China 202
    Langen Shu, CEO at GCL Finance (Group) Holdings, Shibing Xia, General Manager at Golden Sunflower Capital Management, & more Recorded: Jul 24 2017 36 mins
    “Six years ago, I went to China, I saw no angels,” said Jenny Tooth OBE, Chief Executive at UK Business Angels Association. “It is quite fascinating to see there are so many of them now” Ms. Tooth soon added. China’s angel investments are expanding globally at an unprecedented pace. While relatively new to China, the rise of global entrepreneurship - combined with China’s rapidly growing economy - has resulted into the creation of a new wave of angel investors.

    As China enters Industry 4.0, its primary focus is on updating and automating production lines in order to attain long-term economic prosperity. This echoes the country’s new strategy – Made in China 2025. In 2015 the Chinese government started to implement this new strategy, piloting 50 new ventures in collaboration with 94 scientific research institutes and enterprises. Groundbreaking changes have been witnessed in many emerging industries such as Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Fintech, Big Data, Blockchain, and GreenTech.

    In this panel discussion, Cocoon Networks Founder and CEO John Zai, convenes leading investment experts to discuss the opportunities produced by the Industry 4.0 revolution and by the Made in China 2025 strategy. The panelists are Langen Shu (CEO, GCL Finance Group Holdings), Shibing Xia (General Manager, Golden Sunflower Capital Management), Jenny Tooth OBE (CEO, UK Business Angels Association), and Puneet Raj Bhatia (Fund Manager, London Co-Investment Fund at Funding London).

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